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Russia Is on the Second Place Per the Number of Suicides


Half of the cases of a violent death on our planet falls at suicides. According to World Health Organization, the total number of death from suicide makes up about 800 thousand people annually. The age of more than half of self-murders is - from 15 up to 44 years. Under forecasts of experts, by 2020 the number of self-murders can increase in one and a half time. In this connection WHO declared the 10th of September the Global Day of Suicide Prevention. Suicide is a global and tragic problem for world healthcare.


All over the world after taking decision to commit suicide die more people, than as a result of wars and violent murders taken together. Developed countries are ahead on prevalence of cases of suicide. Lead belongs to the countries of the Eastern Europe. The lowest parameters - in Latin America and the Islamic countries.


The greatest growth of a number of suicides is in the USA - 76 percent - it's registered during the period from 2003 up to 2004 among girls in the age from 10 up to 14 years. If in 2003 the girls of this age category committed 56 suicides, in 2004 there were 94 of them (less than one suicide for 100 thousand citizens). In the whole in 2004 suicides were the main death reason of young Americans - all in all there were 4599 of them.


People who decide to commit suicide use every possible methods, thus WHO exemplify 80 ways to do it. The majority of self-murders prefer the death tested by centuries through hanging.


Meanwhile according to official data of WHO Russia is on the second place of "a self-destructive rating" - for 15 years Lithuania has been occupying the first place. The previous leaders on suicides - Hungary and Finland - managed to lower the mortality rate coefficient owing to suicides only due to national programs. There is no such program in Russia now and it's not being planned in the nearest future.


1100 people committed suicides last year in 3-million people Lithuania. The record was set in 2000 when the number of self-murderers reached 1500 people.


However, if Russia according to statistics "gives way" to Lithuania per capita, than in the number of regions it's even higher than Lithuanian one.


As the correspondent of "New Region" transfers, weekly in the Chelyabinsk area 18-20 people from the Southern Urals voluntary say goodbye to life weekly in the Chelyabinsk area. For comparison: during the same period 6 - 7 people die in fire conditions, 5 - 6 in road and transport incidents. We shall note that in the past year 1 thousand 233 cases were fixed in the Chelyabinsk area, in current to year - already more than 500. That is 0,15% of world number of suicides are committed in only one Chelyabinsk areas.


In 2007 the number of suicides in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation increased more than on a quarter. The chief of the management of the Principal Military Prosecutor general-mayor of Justice Alexander Devyatko gave the data.


The most popular way of suicide both among men and women of all age groups. It is applied by more than 80% of self-murderers, among men younger than 19 years up to 90% of cases of suicide occur through hanging. Parameters slightly decrease with the increase of an age.




The way of committing suicide occupying the second place on popularity among men (from 5,4% among young men younger than 19 years; up to 4,5% among men senior than 60). Among women firearm could be met much rare: only in "younger" group arms were used by 1,2% of suicides-women, in elder group this parameter does not exceed 0,5%.




The third on popularity way of committing suicide among young boys and girls from 15 up to 19 years (2,3% and 7,4% accordingly) as well as among women senior than 60 (4,6%). In general women three times more often than men use such way to commit a suicide.




It couldn't be met in "juvenile" statistics for 2005 but in middle (20-59 years) and senior (more than 60 years) age groups it's the third on popularity way of committing suicide among men (3,3% and 3,5%) and the fifth - among women (2,8% and 2,4%).



Poisoning - in a greater degree is a "female" way of committing suicide. Men choose it only in the fourth, fifth or even sixth turn. Women have it steady on the second place, with that difference that girls younger than 19 years in a greater degree use medical products (7,9%) while women of middle and senior age - chemical and poisonous substances (8,3% and 12,9%).
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