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Vladimir Putin Dated Personnel Replacements to Ramadan and Jewish New Year

Vladimir Putin Dated Personnel Replacements to Ramadan and Jewish New Year
Roeva Natalya 13.09.2007

Victor Alekseevich Zubkov in an armchair of prime-minister is a far not casual person. He is an old friend of Vladimir Putin, they were together in 1990th years in the mayoralty of St.-Petersburg at Anatoly Sobchak. Even earlier, at the end of 1980th years, being on party work in Leningrad region, Zubkov helped Vladimir Putin, Nikolay Patrushev and Vladimir Yakunin to receive sites in well-known country cooperative society "Ozero".


Since then between Putin and Zubkov there is a strong man's friendship. So, according to the magazine "Profile", in October, 2003 Victor Zubkov was one of the few invited to the birthday party of Vladimir Putin, he even took part in snuffing out candles on a cake.


Besides the president Zubkov is also rather close to his close colleagues: to the assistant of the chapter of administration of the president Igor Sechin, the assistant of the president Victor Ivanov, Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdjukov who is his son-in-law and the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov. In 1999 Gryzlov even was the chapter of Zubkov's headquarters when the last unsuccessfully stood for governors of Leningrad region.


Making comments on Michael Fradkov's resignation and Victor Zubkov's appointment to mass-media in a view of operation "Successor-2008", political scientists stated different, at times opposite points of view. So, the president of the Fund of effective policy close to the Kremlin Gleb Pavlovsky is assured that new prime-minister will be the candidate for the president which will be supported by the head of the state but believes that depending on the results of parliamentary elections Vladimir Putin can correct the pre-election plan. "For sure, new prime-minister will be the candidate," - Pavlovsky said. "But Putin will keep discretion to make final decision according to the results of the parliamentary elections".


In opinion of the deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Ryzhkov, the sense of the event is obvious: "The 12th of September - remember this date, will for certain become history as day of the beginning of operation "Successor-№2". In Ryzhkov's opinion, the new prime minister becomes the one who will be put forward later by Putin on a post of the president of the country.


Different point of view was stated by the critic and political scientist Marat Gelman: "The most important is - who will be in structure of the new government. This operation has no attitude to presidential elections, more likely - to parliamentary".


Political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky, the founder of the Institute of National Strategy, noted that "Vladimir Putin misinformed everybody. First of all, he lovely deceived Sergey Ivanov and Vladislav Surkov who were today in the morning sure that Ivanov was already the prime-minister". According to Belkovsky, "Zubkov is equidistant from the basic groups of influence and in this sense equally suits to brothers Kovalchuks, Igor Sechin, Sergey Chemezov and Alexey Kudrin. That is Zubkov is much more alike consensus, than Sergey Ivanov or Dmitry Medvedev".


However, the political scientist considers, "it's too early to say, whether Zubkov will be the successor of the president. It's quite probable that after elections to Duma there will be next change of the government".


At the same time, "Zubkov, - Belkovsky sneers, - suits to a post of the prime-minister even because he can be considered as Vladimir Putin's teacher - one from the five. Other teachers were Anatoly Sobchak, Boris Yeltsin, Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich".


Sergey Ivanenko, the vice-president of a party "Yabloko", is convinced that Zubkov is a successor: "New prime-minister of Russia as a result will appear that candidate for president which will be supported by operating head of the state. It's, obviously, the pre-election decision and, I think, new prime-minister will be the successor as Vladimir Putin used to be eight years ago".


In Institute of problems of globalization and among members of Editorial board of "FORUM.msk" there are no unequivocal opinion concerning Victor Zubkov's political prospects. Michael Delyagin, the director of the Institute of problems of globalization, chairman of editorial board of «FORUM.msk» says: "It is Putin's signature style - nobody could take Zubkov's nominee seriously until he was appointed".


In opinion of Delyagin, "there are two variants: Zubkov has been appointed to occupy the place temporally staying on a post and the new president could appoint a new person. But in this case it is not clear why Fradkov didn't suit for the role? Probably, someone kinked that Fradkov began to increase political influence, to become independent political figure and a threat for someone. But this diagnosis has the name schizophrenia.


The second variant - Zubkov is the successor which was promised by Putin to us".


Political scientist Anton Surikov believes that "those who consider Victor Zubkov as a decorative figure behind whose back the country will be reigned by "the Political bureau" led by Vladimir Putin are deeply wrong".


"If Zubkov becomes the successor and then automatically the president, soon he will start to control by himself and personnel obligations which will be taken by him before Putin, will hold on no more than two-three years", - the political scientist considers.


The chapter of the office of the Institute of problems of globalization in Turkey, political scientist Ruslan Saidov noted:


"Professional miracles were, obviously, dated by Vladimir Putin to Ramadan on which I congratulate all Moslems of Russia and the CIS countries and to the Jewish New year on which I warmly congratulate brothers-Jews.


The last made me to draw analogy with another cheerful Jewish holiday - Purim which all progressive mankind will celebrate almost simultaneously with Victor Zubkov's appointment the new president of Russia.


To the ones who have not forgotten Purim's plot, I shall tell that in my vision as the appendix to present events Vladimir Putin - is the tsar Artakserks, might-have-been prime-minister Sergey Ivanov - is a military leader-anti-semite Aman and Igor Sechin - is a wise man Mordyhay and tsarina Esfir in one person who by collective efforts won villain Aman. What role the new prime-minister and, probably, future successor Victor Zubkov could play I have not thought up yet but it won't essentially affect the basic outline of a plot".


The head of the office of the Institute of problems of globalization in the Ukraine, political scientist Vladimir Filin said: "Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Igor Ivanovich Sechin carried out brilliant special action on disinformation of the opponents among which appeared to be not only I -a stranger for the Russian authority, but also Sergey Ivanov and Vladislav Surkov.


The fortune, it seemed, was so close. The colleagues on a political trade invited me for the nearest days off in the structure of a group of political scientists of the Ukraine, Belarus and Caucasus to Moscow to remove disagreements and to reach consensus in friendly discussion. At that, in case of achievement of this consensus the meeting with Sergey Ivanov who as it was informed confidentially "absolutely for sure, for 100 percent" would become high-grade prime-minister was promised.


Unfortunately, now I, obviously, will fail to meet Sergey Borisovich, but that is life".
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