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The Choice of the Russian

The Choice of the Russian

- For 500 years Russia was a source of raw material, slavish labour and a market for imported articles. For 70 years the USSR was an independent state. For already 20 years Russia is again a colony.


- Local population divides on two categories in the colony: puppets with servants and all the others. All the others in general are not required as those. In the independent state all population is required and the numerous it is, the better.


- In Russia before the Great October Revolution 85 percent of population was illiterate and 90 percent of population was not treated as people.


- After Gorbachev's treachery, foreign special services brought Yeltsin to power, he should serve as a ram to destroy the sovereignty of the USSR and to restore colonial economy and colonial form of management in Russia.

Question which every Russian citizen should ask:

1 Whom would I be if there was no USSR?

2 What I am?

3. What will be with me?

4. What to do?


Comments to the questions


1 Whom would I be, if there was no USSR? A strange phenomenon is being observed in our territory after Gorbachev's treachery. Wherever to look - everywhere «blue blood», the descendant of the one «suffered from Bolshevik mode». Though by October, 1917 only a couple of millions could be found, besides a part of them died during the war against own people on the side of foreign interventionists and who was alive spread all over the world. So only peasants, working people, decent intelligents and their children could have remained in the RSFSR. Accordingly when Gorbachev-Yeltsin's crud started kissing wrinkled ass of Margaret Thatcher, there remained living in the USSR only descendants of those who 500 years ago were cattle, cannon folder and alien in own country.


In historical prospect 70 years is very short period. During those instants the Soviet people managed to do the following:


A) To finish with colonizers and their puppets;

B) To create armed forces and the arms allowing to protect their sources of raw materials from hostile "well-wishers";

C) To give population confidence in the future.


Thus, there were created conditions to start settling own life. If not the Bolsheviks, those who today finds fault would not be what they are today. Today they can go to clean pushes and serve Zurabovs, Gaydars and Sobchaks by cars having diploma in higher education in their pockets. Without the Great October Revolution they would today wash Aleksandrov Lebedevs' cars in bast shoes.


Those do not have enough imagination can look at life of the natives of the republic of South Africa, Nigeria or the USA. These are the countries slightly conceding Russia on the natural riches. People there go to work barefoot. In truth they are not regarded as people. As well as the Russians today. It doesn't follow from the fact that the Russians are white and Africans black that the West applies some other colonial approach to the Russians. In the 90th the Russians were fooled badly in the best traditions of colonization of the African continent.

2 What I am? There are two answers: - a puppet, a servant of a puppet or a servant of the colonizer - extra subman.

3. What will be with me? Puppets, colonizers and their servants - are future Nicholas II, future «white», «future vlasovets» and future «best representatives of the Russian people». So, "victims of red terror". Or, to be more clear, former Nicholas II, Kolchaks, kulaks, industrialists, landowners are- today's Putins, Abramovichs, Millers, Lebedevs, Luzhkovs, Mironovs... Extra - are submen.

If you learned to read at the Soviet government or studied in the educational institutions created at the Soviet government, it doesn't mean that it's necessary to someone today. Now you only interfere. The countries of NATO have enough servants such as the Poles, Estonians, Bulgarians, Hungarians and other rag-tag. Plus Georgians and Mexican. That is the whole cohort of those who hate us is being aimed at Russia, they think that the Russian dirty dogs should seriously share their territory and treasures. As it already happened in 1941.

Why the Russians think that they were at war only with Germany. In reality the USSR was a sweet spot to a whole pack of Bulgarians, Roumanians, Hungarians, Italians, Belgian, French, Dutch, Norwegians and others. That is from the children of those whom Bolsheviks harmed in 1918-1922. Have you forgotten about the Czechs who were already near the Urals? Or Englishmen in Murmansk? Or French in Odessa?

There is such a trick among «civilized nations» - demonization. An example - Iraq. In the minds of the Western inhabitant (to be more precise in the head as soon as there is no mind there) an image of unworthy, odious, barbarisch people is being created. Accordingly on "civilized measures" "civilized measures" couldn't be applied to such a nation.

Simple example. During last week (08/09/07 - 15/09/07) on all European channels a destiny of a girl in Portugal is being discussed. Europe is very distressed. During that very week the same Europeans killed tens of children in Iraq. But this fact don't distressed them a little. Actually why to take examples in Iraq? If 200 people are dismissed on closing enterprise in the West-European country, the problem is being solved by the head of the state, it is discussed by all mass-media and etc. And all these at the fact that dismissed people receive at least 50 000 - 100 000 Euro of the dismissal wage. Yeltsin-Putin's clan dismissed tens millions people. People started to give children feed-stuff. They on the West don't care a wit about it. We are submen for them.

4. What to do? Start thinking. It's necessary first to stop thinking. Stop thinking that "politicians should be busy with policy". Policy - it's a thing that should go n the first place in the list of the priorities of a citizen and what he should do every day. Such point of view on things differs the Western citizen from the Russian aborigine. The Western inhabitants perfectly understands the way his bread is oiled and very closely observes every attempts to get from him something. The Russian lives according to a principle "a master will come and will judge us". He is for some reason sure that somebody else should and want to watch his interests every day. Once tsars were taking care of them, then Yeltsin's daughter and now Abramovich.

What the interests of the Russians consist in? Russia simply needs to be an independent state. The Russians need simply to nationalize land and all its interiors. The Russians need simply to provide system of management - like Norse one - when the profits from resources are being divided uniformly among all the citizens.

There is today in Russia the system similar to the one in the Saudi Arabia when the most part of the profits is being divided among 14 000 of "princes" appointed by Englishmenв» and the part of the rest means goes to the rest of the population. Well, Norway is an independent state and Saudi Arabia - practically colony of the USR and Britain.
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