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Kalinigrad: Destruction of the Routine Produces Us Severe Demands

Kalinigrad: Destruction of the Routine Produces Us Severe Demands
Deljagin Michael 04.10.2007

Events in Kalinigrad are being thoroughly concealed by official mass-media as well as preceding "consumer's crisises" of Putin's time. Sharp increase of prices on the number of goods of prime necessity, waves of the most wild rumours, demonstrative helplessness and inappropriateness of regional authorities, suspicions in the agreements to redistribution of the market - all these already happened in other regions, in particular during the time of famous «salt» crisis.

As soon as supply of the Kalinigrad area, being situated inside the territory of the European Union, is fulfilled from the part of Russia centralized, opportunities to manipulate by local markets are greatly higher than, let us say, somewhere in Nonblack Soil Zone. Fear before irregularity being provoked by Putin's leaving pushes the democracy on the most wild actions - probably some of the clans of the ruling bureaucracy was trying in that way to get under its control corresponding channels of supply. A bear is really a very clumsy animal at least in politics. Or may be the matter is in ordinary greed of monopolistic in its essence business controlled by bureaucrats.

However it's impossible to exclude that we face simple rehearsal of future events. As soon as the change of the president in 2008, no matter how dummy it was, will pinch somebody's interests. And as soon as no one from democratic clans knows which interests exactly will be pinched - everybody are afraid. And the one who is afraid usually run on.

Destruction of the routine - is the only instrument to push populace to the historical creation. Only using this way is possible to involve it in the political struggle. It's impossible to exclude that some bureaucratic clans are ready to activate population after presidential elections to protect own interests - events in Kalinigrad are only a rehearsal of already forgotten technologies of the times of gorbachev's agony. 

Not mythical extremists, nor "Other Russia", nor national block and not even a herd of different "putin-followers" - putism will be tear into pieces and trampled by true putin-followers even not because of greed or lucre but because of simple fear before future. That is the destiny of all totalitarian sects which confuse themselves with statehood.   

The aim of healthy forces of the society - to prepare parallel structures of authority so that to pick it up from the ground, so that no accidental and awkward people come to power in 2009 as it happened in 1991.

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