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President Dima: "It's Really Bad..."

President Dima: "It's Really Bad..."
Oleg Sultanov 18.08.2010

The head of the Russian Federation held a meeting on the questions of social and economic development of Republic Dagestan on August, 11th in Sochi.

Once the great son of Dagestan, brilliant writer Rasul Gamzatov noticed that "If to ask the people who it is, the people will show as the document ... politician ..." One young American professor-political scientist with whom we quite correctly argued about pros and contras in carrying out of social policy by managements of Russia and the USA just a couple of days ago reminded me about this phrase of wise avar.

"Debate" over a beer came to the end with a dead heat; we with Dave meaningly decided not to go deep into a jungle of problems of internal policy of our countries. But, saying goodbye, the American a bit venomously told me to get familiar with shorthand report of meeting on Dagestan placed on a site of the president of the Russian Federation, to get familiar with it through a prism of R.Gamzatov's saying.

Dave went to Arlington, while I, having returned to Richmond, "saddled" computer and stayed on the Kremlin site for a couple of hours. Now I will share with readers impressions of this Internet - "walk".

... So, if to listen to the Dagestan poet-philosopher, our main identification "document" for the whole planet is Dmitry Anatolevich Medvedev - the president of all Russians including the ones living in Republic Dagestan. For discussion of the development of this subject of the Russian Federation he called on Kremlin - Sochi "carpet" his plenipotentiary in the North Caucasus A.Khloponin and the president of Dagestan M.Magomedov.

Well, he did "correctly", unless he should call subordinates to Moscow, where on August, 11th any action should have been carried out in gas masks; he obviously feels fear to carry meeting in Makhachkala also - they often shoot and blow up there... While here in Sochi - a perfect fit, there are no either suffocating ashes or firing; the quietest place for auscultation of reports and giving of valuable instructions.

I will begin review with own conclusions made after reports of Khloponin and Magomedov about today's social and economic "development" of the native land of Rasul Gamzatov. What we have in Dagestan today.

- Average salary of state employees is 7 thousand roubles;

- Pitiable situation with investments, in general there are no investments;

- Operative conditions is the most complicated, splash of terrorist activity is at hand, expansion of geography of terrorist actions, pressure upon businessmen through racket which became a source of financing of criminal activity. Here you are - abnormal functioning of economy, business. Flight of capital from the republic. Insufficient and inefficient work of law enforcement bodies. Increase in number of victims among peace population, double increase in quantity of dead employees of law enforcement, decrease of crime detention rate of terrorist nature;

- Financing of 9 schools and 6 establishments of public health services is not being carried out;

- The Irganajsk HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION has been put in operation but the state has not executed its obligations to inhabitants of the republic which should be moved to a new residence on 2,3 billion roubles;

- The republic does not have possibility to generate high-grade mortgage fund which could provide guarantees for large-scale projects, while the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation demands mortgage security for rendering guarantees under these projects. The republic is ready to give on gage 50 thousand hectares of fine fields. But ... mine fields.

Very "joyful" picture of state of things in Dagestan, isn't so? But the president of the republic anticipated real report with the words addressed to D.Medvedev: "... I wish to thank you on behalf of Daghestanis for constant attention to republic problems!"

Experienced functional bureaucrat A.Khloponin was more constrained on thankful emotions, his report was more alike a plan of actions on operative liquidation of present brothel in Dagestan.

But I was amazed with D.Medvedev's reaction to what he heard from the officials. He is said about beggarly salary of Daghestanis and the president in answer: "It's really bad. We should introduce new system of payment both in educational sphere and in public health services ..."

He is told about financing problems and he complains: "Nothing's done. It is necessary to move somewhere ...".

Where, Dmitry Anatolevich, we should move, may be on elections to "struggle" with present prime minister for a post of the head of the Russian Federation?

The president of Russia is explained that the Ministry of Finance of his country refuses to take land studded by mines on gage and our "publicly elected" is indignant: "What do you mean by saying that we do not take? Unique value being taken as deposit is land all over the world. The question is, of course, in its estimation, in its attraction ..."

I, if I were the head of Dagestan, would ask Medvedev, if he personally would be attracted by lands full of trotyl?

A.Khloponin very tactfully hinted that a number of target programs across the North Caucasus is being realized rather weakly and Dmitry Anatolevich ascertained at once that money within the limits of big programs "is smeared" somehow. (It is necessary to understand - plundered? - O.S.) That is why if, ostensibly, there's need "... we will pinch off a piece from the federal program "South of Russia" and will make separate program".

Why does our president use terminology of a petty thief? It's sad.

It is sad when the prime minister instead of carrying out of organizational work makes PR on the earth, on water, in heavens and the president without ceremony recognises that corruption in Russia is invincible and budgetary money "are smeared" no matter if we want it or not. I will add, Dmitry Anatolevich, some words: money escape in the pockets of the official subordinate to you and Putin.

And now - to the beginning of the text. So, who are we, Russians?


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