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Glitter of "Edinaya Russia" and Poverty of Russia

Glitter of  "Edinaya Russia" and Poverty of Russia
Oleg Sultanov, Oleg Trempoltsev 09.10.2007

The last year of presidency of mister Putin, according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, will soon come to the end and many high-ranking officials, businessmen, deputies are very nervous being afraid of uncertainty - who will become "the father of the nation" in March, 2008? To change constitutional law or break it so that to let in the head of the state remain worshipped by "Edianaya Russia" head, transatlantic friends of the Kremlin as well as European do not recommend categorically.


To adhere to requirements of the Constitution? But in this case for some layers of inhabitants of Russia theoretically such conditions could appear when it will be necessary (to keep freedom) to leave prestigious, well paid work and, not making out "roundabout" to leave for the PERMANENT RESIDENCE abroad, having grasped the household. However, you shouldn't worry, mister chiefs of the country: fatal October (of 2007) congress of |Edinaya Russia" evidently showed soothing-stable prospect for you; everything will be ok for you, without any problem. If, of course, people won't create them in extra order...


Certainly, not everything in the country is as good, as one wishes, some sides of our today's life demand resolute updating, first of all in social sphere. But it is also explainable. The matter is that our Constitution is created after a fashion of Constitutional law of France, meanwhile we live under the programs developed by experts from Harward and controllable by the International currency fund. Here, perhaps, the basic discrepancy in our life.


In clause 2 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation the Russian state is specified as social one, meanwhile for some reason every winter thousands people called as "vagabonds" freeze in wells, cellars or simply in snowdrifts. Tens thousands inhabitants of "social" state perish from home-made vodka made on poisonous methyl spirit. The population of the country annually decreases for one million people, 25% of died are being buried without personal identification. A lot of children from problem families are being sold abroad as having serious illnesses which are ostensibly impossible to cure in Russia, hundreds thousand homeless, watchless children are still wandering all over our dieing off country. Various programs of moving of these children from children's homes in families, of establishment of patronage guarding are accepted. And nobody care whence and why they appear, these homeless children.


The first vice-premier of the government who has concentrated attention on settlement of social programs, promises that demographic problems will be solved by 2025, reduction of population of Russia will stop. Meanwhile the Agency of national safety of the USA reports to its government and president that Russia (within today's borders) will disappear to 2015.


It is not possible to say that the developed situation disturbs nobody. In March of this year the Orthodox Church summoned XI World Russian National Council devoted to a theme "Riches and Poverty: Historical Challenges of Russia". Here you what the archbishop Cyril, metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad: "The paradox consists in the fact that in Russia rich with natural resources, rich with talents and intellects we observe deep poverty of millions people near to the offending luxury of the few... Overcoming of a scandalous inequality in Russia - is first of all a question of survival of our country. In other countries of the world in conditions of similar discrepancy social disorders and even revolutions take place. We cannot keep making the same historical mistakes. In the beginning of XX century carelessness cost us a lot".


This is, in our opinion, the main criterion according to which the Russians should define who should come to the State Duma in December, 2007, who should become our president in March of the next year. Any social disorders in our, for the present still nuclear, power will lead to landing of sea infantry of NATO in our rocket-nuclear bases and termination of existence of Russia as uniform state.


People whom we talked to on this theme said: it is not enough, the candidate to the president should know subtleties of political and economic life of the country, of the world politics. Whether it is so important? Let's look back on the passed way. Kasyanov, whom everybody considered "Yeltsin's inheritance", so to say, without the right of replacement was the prime-minister during four years. On representation of the government the State Duma passed new Land Code which deprived the townspeople of the property right for country sites and peasants - an opportunity to receive ostensibly given to them land allotments. The new law on pension coverage according to which a person who worked 47 years began to receive pension of 3,5 thousand roubles passed. The 122-nd Federal Law about monetization of privileges sharply worsened position of a significant part of veterans, invalids, pensioners was accepted. In the State Duma "Edinstvo" united with "Fatherland - All Russia" and created the monster as the CPSU mechanically stamping all projects of laws offered by the government.


Many people sighed with relief when the first four years ended, they were waiting: vigorous, business, adhering to principles head of the government would come, he would occupy himself with the rise of industry and agriculture. Together with the Minister of Finance he would solve at last a problem of "black money", using value-added tax on the profit of enterprises and organizations would stop an impetuous rise of prices on the goods of the first necessity and municipal services. He would pass through the Duma the law on step surtax which would limit appetites of the heads of power, leisure, commercial, industrial structures and would compel them not to get received incomes in own pockets but use for reconstruction and updating of enterprises. That is he would at last step by step whelm a gap  between the rich and the poor being guided by experience of the industrially-developed countries of the Western Europe.


However, as one of the journalists noticed witty, V. Putin established in February, 2004 an absolute record in nomination «Selection and Placement of Cadres» having appointed а chairman of the government of the Russian Federation M.Fradkov by the time known to the few. Then the policy of further ruin of industry and agriculture, transformation of Russia into a raw appendage of the West changed very little. Mister Fradkov sighed grievously at sessions of the government and asked for resignation after three years of stay on the post. What was his reason for coming, what did he want to do remains unknown for the majority of people in our country.


Again a record in the same nomination. V.Zubkov - the head of the service of financial monitoring is appointed on a post of the prime minister by the president. The best prime minister for the expired three decades as he was characterized by Zhirinovsky. Than what did the service of financial monitoring distinguish itself by? By the fact that its head worked once together with the present president?


We see that position of those who, tooth-and-nail, dug a gap between the rich and the poor, rejected offers on resolute struggle against «black money», about the value-added tax on profit, about step surtax became stronger in the new government. Those who finished agriculture with excessive taxes and credits under draconian percent. Proceeding from the structure of the government it is possible to assume that, according to the instructions of IMF, the gap between the rich and the poor will become deeper up-tempo - obviously, with the use of new technologies. Realization of the basic regulations of the Housing code and transfer of apartment houses to a private property, sale of control share holding of Sberbank to private persons, sale of wood and water riches according to the accepted codes will become its targets.


Appointment of V.Zubkov the prime minister and acquisition of the government which is in reality is headed by Kudrin shows how much assured today powers are in indifference of inhabitants of Russia. The following postulate proves to be true as never: each people have such government which it deserves. Two months remain up to elections in the State Duma. But already today mister Gryzlov confidently speaks about the forthcoming constitutional majority of "Edinaya Russia" in the parliament of the country. We learned nothing either from destruction of 300-years monarchy, or sad experience of the CPSU - parties which have "monolithic unity" on elections and skill to gag were brought to perfection. And that was that finally brought to disorder of the Soviet Union.


We envy well-being of the countries of the Western Europe and we do not wish to see that it is based on the fact that two-three strong parties struggle for the authority. Ruling party and the government are under the rigid control of opposition, judicial authority and mass media. May be, it's high time for us also to learn something?

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