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The Fourth Discussion "Left Movement in Russia and Elections 2007-2008": Create "Goal Tree"

The Fourth Discussion "Left Movement in Russia and Elections 2007-2008": Create "Goal Tree"
Anton Votrechev 18.10.2007

The fourth discussion within the limits of a round table on a theme "Left Movement in Russia and Elections 2007-2008" took place. The following people participated in it: professor A.V.Buzgalin, first secretary of RCP-CPSU A.A.Prigarin, second secretary of the Central Committee RKSM Darya Mitina, an analyst of the Center of new policy Andrey Karelin, the leader of movement "Young Left" Alexey Nezhivoj, the co-chairman of Movement "Russia - Common Sense" Nikolay Moskovchenko, the active worker of youth movement "HURRAH" Egor Seleznev, the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov conducted discussion. He let the new participators of discussion its base moments. In particular that an attempt to create general legal political platform for the discussions using elections 2007 - 2008 is being proposed for the discussion:


- I emphasize that it's not private but general platform where even opponents from one left flank can meet each other frequently. I consider that it's not late to create such a platform - it's a question of survival for small left groups as in 2008 there will be no place to go if two-party system ER-KPRF will be established. Carrying out pickets in support of PSS we saw that applications to organize pickets could be easily satisfied, if the goals stated professionally and clearly. Moreover, it is possible to speak about some political franchajzinge - we are ready to give to other left organizations a brand PSS for realization of own goals on pickets, for example, against dot building. We shall easily incur the organization. The necessity to create first of all debatable and then, maybe, also organizational platform has arisen because of the fact that the Staff of protest actions of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has actually lost its functions at approach of elections, the mask has fallen - as soon as functionaries-zyuganov followers aspiring to get to the Duma gained political capital. Meanwhile we continue general movement, discussions and are ready to co-operate on the most democratic principles.


- It seems to me, - Andrey Karelin objected, - that its debatable component for the given platform is the most important as there cannot be anything more important for the given period.


- We should discuss here vectors of development of policy in the Russian Federation, predict important for us events because there is no at the moment on the left floor analytics upcasted in the future. However change of a configuration of political space is very important for us and it is impossible to be here behind its borders and behind the borders of already quite generated left discus. The motto stated as the heading of FORUM.msk - "Who Owns Information, Owns the World" is the most correct one. Now the left - have to wait, to prepare professionally, to work out skills, at the time when oil capitalism is overgoing the phase of stabilization. 


Non-party Dmitry Dukalov noted that the left forces today cannot co-operate because there are no common aims and tasks, they do not know what they want, but the state ambitions of leaders of the parties such as Zyuganov interefere most of all.


Alexey Nezhivoj recollected the reasons of failures of the Youth Left Front, as such organizations as the Russian Working Party and Social Opposition and then the Communist Party of the Russian Federation announced war to the Youth Left Front:


- the Communist Party of the Russian Federation counts on an active of pensioners, it doesn't need such complex network structures as the Youth Left Front or the Left Front.

Egor Seleznev complained that the youth from the regions is apolitical and is aimed first of all on job placement, they it's not interested in the ideology of the left.

Darya Mitina agreed with Baranov's statement that extrasystemic left are being separated by the state from political process:


- Here the comrade Prigarin is right - the supertask for such left is struggle against «Edinaya Russia». It is necessary to carry out a number of joint actions against Edinaya Russia. Meanwhile performances of PSS and its competitor "Fair Russia" on this theme - are toothless. Whom is interested in the support of large families, feminism to? These are system tasks, they are - not for the left. It is necessary to develop strategy for the nearest 3 months and to work together.

-         Здесь прав тов. Пригарин - суперзадача для таких левых это борьба с «Единой Россией». Нужно провести ряд совместных акций на антиедроссовской волне. Нопока выступления ПСС да и ее конкурентки «СР» на эту тему - беззубы. Кому интересна поддержка многодетных семей, феминизм? Это системные задачи, они - не для левых. Нужно выработать стратегию на 3 ближайших месяца и совместно работать.

Alexander Buzgalin continues and develops the thought:

- A methodic has been already existing for coordination and classification of the left forces: to make up a register of the existing organizations, evaluate the real potential (if at least 3 persons who have been staying in the party for 3 years still remain in the party and work, it's very strong organization, believe me), discover reference points - on the questions of illegal migration, nationalization of base branches of the economy. It will become clear then, who is left and who is simply a fellow traveler. Then - it's necessary to unite not on the goals but on the actions. To form goal tree and actions corresponding to them - let every group be busy with its own goal.        

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