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News Number 1: People, I Listen to You!

News Number 1: People, I Listen to You!

So, Vladimir Putin carried out "direct line" with people of Russia. Certainly, it will be news number one for the nearest couple of days and even then the comments, forecasts and conclusions will be still made. We can't follow close the heels of TV, what is the reason to read interpretation when it is possible to watch it personally? But still we believe that it is news number 1 and it is necessary to make comments on it. It's already the sixth "direct line" of Putin. The first took place on the 24th of December, 2001. On the last teleconference of the president which passed on the 25th of October, 2006, Putin was asked 2 million 334 hundred 43 questions including 2 million 236 hundred 312 question on the phone, 97 731 - though Internet. It's not possible not only to answer but even to read such quantity of questions even during 7years-long presidential term.


Carrying out of "direct lines" with the Russians is extremely important, it allows to find out the basic problems which excite citizens of the country. It was declared directly by the president Vladimir Putin when he summed up today's dialogue with people. It is true that on representation such interrogation, perhaps, has no equal. No one sociological service could digest 2,5 million respondents. Who digests than questions to Putin? Probably, nobody - the fact that millions citizens wish to ask Putin about something is the most important, while who could master what they want to ask?


"Such dialogue forces the country leaders to concentrate attention on the vital problems of citizens and development of the Russian Federation", - Putin said. We shall leave this application on his conscience. If the president of Russia during 3 hours is capable to isolate the most important from 2,5 million questions, he is god.


However, he gave a number of important answers undoubtedly.

There will be no default in Russia.


"No, there will be no default. Default is - inability of the state to pay on external debts, or inability of the Central Bank to provide necessary volume of currency. We do not have such external debts, we paid off with everybody. The balance between external debt to gross national product of the country is the best one in the Europe", - Putin said.


"Putin's Plan" can be referred to the category of political technologies.


"If in conditions of pre-election struggle into the parliament, someone decided to personify plan and to connect it with a name of the present president, it is possible to refer it to the category of political technologies, but the plan itself - it's really concrete, actual to the country. I am sure that if we would realize it gradually, we would achieve serious results", - Putin said.

"In its essence, it's the result of work of experts on all levels - in the parliament, in the government of the RF. This plan is stated in the last messages of the president of the RF, of your faithful servant to Federal Council", - Putin said.


In November the question of the country amnesty will be solved.


This question is chronic, it was raised repeatedly, it was put before the government and the State Duma, Putin noted. As he said, a number of decisions is accepted, but it does not give an opportunity to people now quickly to execute sites and houses, especially it concerns inheritances. It turns out, that the house can be received at once, but not the country site. In November decisions will be finally made, citizens can solve the question by means of so-called land survey. Those who does not want this bumf, can do it without survey, without any delays, the president said.


Putin promised in the near future return debts to the military men in resignation.


"The question with military pensions was raised repeatedly, - Putin recognized. - There was an indexation of a monetary contentment of militarians in 1994-1995, it was necessary to make also indexation of pensions, but it was not done. I shall not say under what pretext, but it was unfair. Validity should triumph".


"To put an end to bureaucratic obstacles, I shall act simply and shall make cardinal decision, - Putin promised. - In the near future I shall sign the decree which will oblige the government to solve this problem till the end of this year. We need 40 billions roubles on it. We have money".


Putin promised to give sick people medicines.


"We really faced certain failures in the field of maintenance with medicines. But several years ago there were no such medicines in a chemist's network. We directed enormous means to solve that problem, such means were never directed by the state earlier", - V.Putin noted.


Putin reminded that since 2008 the program of Additional Pharmacological Support would be divided into 2 parts: a part of exempts would receive medicines delivered in drugstores after competitions carried out on regional level, another part - would be allocated in the separate program on which means would go directly from the federal budget. It is a question, in particular, of sick of hemophilia, diabetes, a cancer of blood and several more heavy diseases, from next year they would receive expensive medicines under separate clause of the budget.


Putin doesn't approve political erotica.


"It's, in my opinion, such political erotica which, maybe, can give pleasure to someone but could hardly lead to positive result", - the president noted having cited Iraq as an example.


"It's a small country which can hardly protect itself and which possesses huge oil stocks. Also what happens there - we all can see perfectly well. They learned to shoot, but fail to put things right. And it's hardly possible because to be at war with people is absolutely prospectless thing, - Putin declared. - It's possible to eliminate some tyrannical modes, for example, a mode of Sadam Husein, but to be at war with people is a hopeless task".


Vladimir Putin watches football.

The command won owing to command spirit and high professionalism of the main trainer at support of all country, - Putin declared. It was visible, it was appreciable". Putin said, that he watched the match Russia - England "with one eye" as he was preparing for "Direct Line".


From editorial board. 

Let's remind: "Carrying out of "direct lines" with the Russians is extremely important, it allows to find out basic problems which excite citizens of the country", - Vladimir Putin declared. Probably, those problems which we indicated were not the most important, but in general a level of problems lifted in conversation of the president with people was as such. It, actually, couldn't be different. People - it consists from different people and on the average the level of questions should be approximately as on average seminar of the 1-2 course. Purely by statistics.


A lot of people in the country are still on the drink celebrating a victory over England in football match (the war with it we usually lose nevertheless) and it's no doubt the question of a rise in price for food stuffs this part of population can not be of any interest by definition. While budgetary proficiency does not interesting to it on a sober head. Though, certainly, Putin is a genius of luck. To answer questions of the country in the Day of Victory in football match - is a pure pleasure.


And still - why there will be no default? Why Putin is so sure about it? And whether this firm Putin's belief is not simply latent propaganda of "Edinaya Russia"?


It's all clear with Putin's plan - it was smoked not by Putin, it was smoked by others and Putin felt a little bit awkward about it.


A question with country amnesty will be solved in November. Well. But why this question has not been solved yet? What did interfere with it? And, as Putin didn' say HOW it would be solved, then, probably, by December the decision wouldn't satisfy us but it would be too late...


The matter with pensioners, in general, is on the same stage as with amnesty, only here money should be allocated. And what prevented to solve the problem earlier? And if military pensioners would not get at, if it would be the next fan of Ktulhu?


The same with medicines. With that difference that not everybody will live to see next year when it will be possible to receive money for medicines from the separate clause of the budget. Meanwhile they will have enough time to vote.


Nobody approves political erotica, when it's in the Iraqi stylistics. Here the president is with people. Iraqi, probably, now also think that it would be better if Saddam Hussein ruled further...


It's also clear about football: ole-ole-ole-ole! Russia - ahead!


Putin has provided football to people, it's fact!

Anatoly Baranov, political scientist

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