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Sunday War Took Lives of Not Less Than Fifty People

Sunday War Took Lives of Not Less Than Fifty People

In the past weekend confrontation between Turkish army and Iraqi Kurds grew into the open collision. TV companies all over the world broadcast the first video pictures from a place of fights on the Turkish-Iraqi border. Early in the morning on Sunday insurgents of the Kurdish working party made an attack on the military escort deployed in frontier territory from Turkish side. 15 Turkish militarians died, another 16 were wounded and 10 were registered as missing. At least 14 people got hurt also in Turkey as a result of undermining on a mine of passenger minibus. Incident took place in province Khakkyary. The mine had been put directly under a road cloth. Usually such tactics are used by insurgents of the Kurdish working party who organizes attacks on representatives of security forces. Now in a province where there was a collision, a scale operation on search and neutralizations of the ones who has made attack is being carried out. According to the Joint Staff of Turkey, 32 insurgents are killed. Bombing attacks were made on 63 targets.


Let's remind: on the last Wednesday official Ankara made a decision to carry out military operation on the territory of Northern Iraq. The contingent by number up to 60 thousand people has been already concentrated on the border.


The president of a puppet government of Iraq Jalal Talabani appealed the insurgents of the Kurdish working party to lay down arm or to leave the country, not to provoke Turkish intrusion into northern regions of the country.


"We asked the Kurdish working party (KWP) to stop extremist activity and to become civil or political organization. However, if they do not agree, they should leave Iraq and not create problems to us. Let them come back to their countries and to do there what they want", - J.Talabani who, by the way, himself is Kurd by nationality, said.


Meanwhile even the puppet parliament of Iraq accepted resolution in which intention of Turkey to begin military operation in Iraqi Kurdistan was resolutely condemned.


- I do not think that for today Turkey has war in Iraq, - political scientist Ruslan Saidov noted. - Impacts on terrorist bases has been made by Turkish army earlier and all pathos of today's estimations is connected with the fact that Iraq as though the sovereign state which ahs made a decision to follow "way of correction" and here Turkey strikes on Kurds who is just one of the forces supporting the USA in such important matter as "democratization" of Iraq. That is we observe as one fiction generates others fictions. All problem is that Kurds supports NATO in Iraq and at the same time in neighbouring Turkey, by the way NATO"s country, blow up transport and kill militarians of one of NATO armies. Well, on a background of the fact that in a number of the leading countries of NATO, including the USA, the political decision to recognize Turkey guilty of genocide of Armenians has been accepted, position of Ankara becomes quite clear. Massacre of Armenians 100 years ago is one thing and the charge in genocide is - absolutely another, till this day only hitlerite Germany was accused in genocide with all consequences following from it including territorial partition, semicentenial occupation and so forth. In Armenia they already openly speak about serious territory claims on the Republic of Turkey, by the way, Kurds put forward similar claims. Turkey defends. At that the western powers, first of all the USA and the Great Britain during the history repeatedly carried out real genocide of peoples after which the whole nations disappeared and territories became desolated. The USA and the Great Britain are at open war against sovereign in the past Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, the special troops of the Great Britain already today openly interfere on the territory of sovereign Iran and kill there those whom they don't like. Meanwhile it does not cause serious reaction of "world community".


The British special troops several times crossed the border with Iran during the last months. It occurs within the limits of not declared frontier war with groups "Al Quds" entering the structure of "Guards of Islamic Revolution", British Sunday Times referring to sources in the Ministry of Defence of the Great Britain writes on Sunday.


The British command is sure that Iran uses termination of operations in the south of Iraq to increase deliveries of the weapon to the local armed groupings. The last can use it for making impacts on the airport in Basra, base of the British armies.


For the last month the British special troops participated in six armed conflicts in which 17 smugglers died and the weapon, an explosive and rockets were captured.


The British coordinate their actions on Iraqi border with the troops of the Australian and American special forces. They patrol the borders and bushwhack smugglers.


Official London never recognized intrusions of its armies on the territory of Iran. Last week Minister of Defence of the Great Britain Bob Ainswors declared that the ministry cannot tell anything either about the lost British militarians, or about grasped Iranians or Iraqi.


- Situation of relationship of Turkey with Kurds and non-existing de jure Kurdistan reflects glassy position of the Russian Federation in relation to a number of its subjects, - political scientist Anatoly Baranov noted.


- Turkey cannot recognize the Kurds in the same way as Russia cannot recognize the Chechen independence, at that Kurds and the Chechen Republic exist irrespective of the fact how they are treated in Moscow or Ankara. Thus for many years the USSR privately supported the Kurdish working party, the Kurds twice in XX century got independence - both times it was connected with the USSR. Firstly in the 20th years there was created Red Kurdistan (Kurdish National Division with center in Lachin) in Transcaucasia, but in the 30-th Red Kurdistan was liquidated. In 1946 in the Iranian Kurdistan, in a zone of control of the Soviet armies the Kurdish republic Mehabadskaja was created, but in 1947 after withdrawal of the Soviet armies from Iran shah mode sunk the republic Mehabadskaja in blood. On the other hand, within at least last 20 years separatism on Caucasus was supported and fed from Turkey - it's enough to recollect that Shamil Basayev received initial popularity owing to stealing of Tu-154 from the Caucasian Minvody to Turkey, whence he was sent to the Chechen Republic and not at all to the hands of the Russian law-enforcement bodies. It's obvious today that Kurdish problem should be solved this or that way and it couldn't be solved by repressive methods. However, Turkey can't loose Kurdistan as well as even super-popular Putin can't declare the Chechen Republic independent. During at least five centuries Russia and Turkey were in a condition of open or latent opposition and today it's not ended, though this latent opposition weakens both sides and enables the third side to control over an event. Confrontation places under a threat existence both of Russia and Turkey in historical prospect, but thus actually neither of them wouldn't stop its existence and mutual weakening of two former powers would proceed placing both sides on the third-rate position in the world arena which doesn't correspond to the real power of both sides.
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