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Feuds of Special Services Continued with Act of Terrorism in Dagestan

Feuds of Special Services Continued with Act of Terrorism in Dagestan

On Tuesday explosion in one of the route taxis in Dagestan transported 15 people thundered. As a result of explosion, as mass-media informs, one woman died, wounds were received by eight passengers. According to one of the versions sounded by official representatives, the dead woman was ostensibly a die-hard, according to another version - she, ostensibly, transported ammunition which detonated casually.


According to call centre of Kazbeksky ROVD, explosion happened in one hundred meters from a militian post approximately at 11:20 a.m. in the route taxi following from Khasavyurt in Dylym - regional center of the Kazbekovsky area. "According to our data, an explosive fixed on a belt of a girl-die-hard came into action", - the operative person on duty informed. Capacity of an explosive made up nearby 100-150 gram in a trotyl equivalent, the type of the device was not defined.


Eight passengers of "Gazel" with fragmental wounds were delivered to the regional hospital of the Kazbekovsky area. The chief doctor of central hospital of the Kazbekovsky area informed, that five victims received out-patient medical aid and three were hospitalized - one woman was forwarded to Makhachkala. Nothing threatens their life.


As the chief doctor informed, personality of the dead woman hadn't been identified yet. "Personality of the woman who undermined herself is being establishing, however it would be difficult to do as explosion has literally broken off her into pieces", - they explained in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not excluded that the woman was going to blow up not only passengers but also the militiamen who were on post of Road Patrol Service, but for some reason the explosive came into action earlier.


In this connection militiamen assumed later that "most likely that the woman simply transported ammunition, possibly - under someone's request". According to the chief of Hasavjurtovsky Interdistrict Investigatory department of investigatory committee of investigatory management of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Dagestan Sajdulla Batdalov, a version that the explosion was arranged by the die-hard is not the basic one. "It is not excluded that explosion happened because of casual handling with ammunition", - Batdalov said. Therefore on the fact of explosion in the route taxi a case was brought before a court on two clauses of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - "illegal arms and explosive traffic" and "careless causing of moderate harm to the health as a result of carelessness".


One more factor, proving that woman transported an explosive was not going to arrange act of terrorism in the route taxi is that she was on a back seat of "Gazel", they say in Office of Public Prosecutor of Dagestan. The basic impact of explosion fell to the backs of seats behind which she was. In the taxi itself only glasses were broken. And "if the woman had the purpose to make act of terrorism she would choose more convenient position".


At last, there is the third version of the event which was proposed by direct eyewitnesses of strange explosion and some militiamen on post of Road Patrol Service. As they said, there were road accidents which often happened with "Gazel" because of poor stability of the car on the road. The minibus turned over. Some people received wounds. One of the women died. After a while to a place of accident employees of FSB arrived who undermined a corpse having tied the dead woman with "Shakhid's belt".


"It is necessary to note that it happened in the fifth anniversary of Nord-Ost", - political scientist Ruslan Saidov said.


"The version about road accident and the subsequent intervention of security officers looks the most real, - he considers. - It's a firm style of FSB which usually invents acts of terrorism within the limits of "strategy of intensity" carried out on Northern Caucasus and already in all the Russian Federation and even behind its borders".


"Just, - Saidov explained, - to the great surprise of the Iranian party, mythical attempt at Putin in Teheran has been prevented. Earlier FSB told about 300 acts of terrorism ostensibly prevented recently in Russia, thus "having rescued" the chapters of the states who gathered on the summits in Sochi and Samara and also madam Matvienko who was attempted by "international Islamic terrorists".


Ruslan Saidov also does not exclude completely another version - that the woman died really could be Shakhid:


"If it was so, then the failure of act of terrorism is not surprising. Not every Shakhid woman has iron nerves and owns skills of handling of explosive in perfection which besides most likely was rather far from technical perfection. Therefore explosion could take place prematurely and the placement of an explosive the most unsuccessful. However, the aim of act of terrorism, probably, was explosion as those - to maintain intensity. For this purpose big number of victims is not necessary.


If to stand on the version of real act of terrorism and not of improvisation of FSB, then behind it, possibly, is local jamaat "Sheriat". However, here finally everything runs into special services. Amir of jamaat "Sheriat" Rasul Makasharipov killed in summer, 2005 was the agent of special services. Convicted for participation in "Dagestan Campaign" of 1999 under management of amir Khattab and Shamil Basayev, Makasharipov after a while was released and soon appeared in the Chechen Republic.

It follows from his explanations given to the investigation service of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria that he was released after he signed the consent to cooperate with federal special services as confidential employee. It, according to Makasharipov, was a tactical ploy to receive freedom and to join in jihad again.


Basayev and Abu-Hafs al-Urdani approved actions of Makasharipov and gave him instruction to continue cooperation with FSB to use it in their purposes. After that amir of jamaat "Sheriat" began to copy famous Azef as if tracing. With only difference that he was double agent, meanwhile Azef wasn't.


Makasharipov travelled across Dagestan in the car with special numbers with special coupons and documents of covering accompanied by employees of special services, security officers allocated some kind of a quota for acts of terrorism. Makasharipov brought to their consideration the list of planned acts of terrorism and diversions coordinated with Basayev and Abu-Hafs. That list usually was exposed to updating, some positions were excluded from it, others, on the contrary, were brought into it.


Thus special officers supervising jamaat "Sheriat" not once included Makasharipov in the list as future victim of other special officers and also militiamen. As a rule it was commercial competitors or apparatus enemies of the supervisors. 


Example of Rasul Makasharipov is, most likely, a rule, than its exception. So, similar case took place with Abdulla (Vladimir) Hodov. Being enlisted by FSB and introduced in Shamil Basayev's environment Hodov confessed it to Basayev and received from him instruction to continue cooperation with security officers as double agent. Within the limits of such activity Hodov, in particular, agreed with special services about granting to terrorists a window to Beslan under command of triple (also Arabian) agents Umarov and Evloev-Magas that led to hostage taking in the school №1.


By the way, at night from the first to the second September Umarov, Evloev and some other especially valuable agents were showed out without notice from the school by the special offices along the window created especially for that purpose.


One more important detail: Khava Baraeva was the instigator of the Shakhidism in the Chechen Republic, sister of Arbi Baraev - known Islamite and kidnapper declared in 1997 by Aslan Maskhadov outside the law. When the second Russian-Chechen war began, Baraev with the certificate of the employee of FSB freely passed through federal block-posts, repeatedly visited Moscow, lived there for long, met employees of the Kremlin administration in attempt to prevent Ahmat Kadyrov's appointment the chapter of administration of the Chechen Republic.


Examples of double and triple agents - nowadays lates Baraev, Makasharipov, Hodov and nowadays well Umarov and Evloev evidently confirm the thesis of an article of the director of Federal service on the control over drugs traffic Victor Cherkesov about war of special services. It's not only the matter of last sensational letter of Cherkesov in "Businessman" but also about earlier publication in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" from December, 2004.


Then Victor Cherkesov practically openly accused FSB in the fact that its employees under the banner of jamaat "Yarmuk' attacked the management of Federal Service on Drugs Traffic in Nalchik having killed four policemen.


Cherkesov was not absolutely wrong in his suspicions. Since then a war of special services on Northern Caucasus did not stop for a minute. It proceeds even now. Organized criminal-commercial communities of security officers, cops and militarians and their agency, including amirs Dokka Umarov among whom after the death of Rappani Khalilov did not remain the one who was not the agent unless naive and weak-willed chairman of the Supreme Sheriat Court Anzor Astemirov are at war.


One of the last victims in war of special services not so long ago became the employee of FSB Alihan Kalimatov who seriously and overhastily decided to finish with kidnappings in Ingushetia. Meanwhile another employee - confidential being at the same time amir Rustamat Mahauri organized in the same Ingushetia a series of murders of civilians of different nationalities, is alive and on freedom where he provides "strategy of intensity".


Now, in connection with an aggravation of war of special services at a federal level, arrival of a trialed in the special officers' feud armed gang from Caucasus to Moscow - is, obviously, just a question of time".
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