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Benefit to Military Pensioners – on Their Own Account

Benefit to Military Pensioners – on Their Own Account

That the scheme of leg-pulling of a person has been perfected is seen from the Internet ballyhoo to the increase of pensions to the militarians and also on the promised payment of the difference in provision of pensions. Which was not considered in 1994 - 1998. All that was promised by the Decree of the President from the 20th of October, 2007. There is a known category of people which create PR from obvious questions and if the whole group of PR managers is working for you ...


It is possible, for example, knowing that tomorrow the Sun will necessarily rise to turn it into own merit, having won a lot of percents of rating from mentally unhealthy citizens, with displaced logic under indefatigable influence of "Empire of Lie». Type, for example in Google «Increase of pensions to the militarians» and RIA of News, RBC and other agencies will please people with messages that fair but far from worldly vanities President has heard a voice of a crying military pensioner and at once reacted. They were careful to mention that the cost of a question (to return what was stolen and used many times) was 40 billion roubles. They will report that since the 1st of December pensions will be increased on 15%.


Firstly, similar questions were received by Putin both in the past and in the year before the last message. What a problem for a fair man and the governor. You learned that once people who protected and kept to you the country so that you could reign and collect billion petrodollars offended - publish the Decree at once. So that pensioners did not stand in court turns, didn't suffer indignity, did not die not having waited those extra charges. Ridiculous pensions, ridiculous extra charges we are being presented by people who have billions. All this is given as the highest achievement. This is a handwriting of bad men.

At that during the previous 10 years 15% of those pensioners having overgone humiliation with the help of the court received the difference. At that they had to feed up a lot of businessmen-intermediaries who got profit from the situation.

Of course when the profit ends, it's possible to sign the Decree. Actually it's also methods. To create situation for the businessmen to get profit and when it ends - to say - poor me! - how bad it is, it's time to improve. As to the second ballyhoo, that is 15% from the 1st of December - is also PR.

Here you are the phrase: "Money allowance to military men and pensions to military pensioners will be increase from the 1st of December, 2007". It was declared at the session of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin by the Minister of Public Health and Social Development Tatyana Golikova. "In addition to Your decree about allowance to the military pensioners of 1994-95 the government plans to increase money allowance on 15% and correspondingly to increase pensions to military men also on 15%", - Golikova said at the session of the president of Russia.

A happy impression is being created and the desire appears to kiss both Putin and Golikova. Only it's all for the fools. This increase has been already planned in the budget of the current year (if to remember - in April on 10%, then in December - on 15% so that to calm down militarians reacted to the past year leap of inflation (though it's clear as a day that under the guise of increase of pensions, taking away is being planned. It's such a maneuver. It's described in old books). Now this planned tiny increase of tiny pensions should play the role of increasing of a rating on an empty place.

What is «the price of a question» of this 15% increase to your common oligarch pocket? Oh, how tired you, still president Putin, are of this ballast under the name of pensioners. If to take you all and at a stroke... Only headache from them. It's true, isn't it?
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