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Miners Died in the Mine in Lugansk Area

Miners Died in the Mine in Lugansk Area

According to preliminary data, four miners died, four more were injured as a result of the wreck of species on mine in Lugansk area of the Ukraine. At 3:45 p.m. on Sunday on the depth of 717 meters the wreck of species took place in one of the units of the mine named after 50th anniversary of the USSR. At that moment 11 people were in lava. Three miners took out on a surface by themselves, there were injuries revealed. 4 more miners are preliminary considered as victims, three of them have been already found without vital signs, searches for the fourth are being continued. 3 miners came to the hospital and one more addressed medical persons for help independently.


The preliminary information about the victims and dead was already confirmed by the Central Administrative Board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Lugansk area and regional branch of the State militarized mine-rescue service. Search and rescue works on mine proceed.


- I can add a little to the given information unless the fact that the wreck of a roof of species happened on conjugation of the 12-th western lava with the 12-th western ventilation hole, - political scientist Vladimir Filin told by phone from Kiev. - Earlier 500 miners were evacuated because of fumigation on the mine named after Frunze of the state enterprise Rovenkiantratsit of the same Lugansk area. It's hardly a question of simple coincidence, there are too many tragedies on the mines in three regions of a planet: in the Ukraine, Russia and China. I cannot tell for sure what happens in China, but in the Ukraine and Russia the reasons are very similar - neglect of lives of people for the sake of profit and hopelessness of life in miner's settlements where you climb under the ground on those conditions that are offered or can lay down and die from famine - there is no other work. I am surprised by another matter - despite of obvious infringements of working conditions, there are no significant actions of miners, though, as long as I remember that were the miners who were very active at the time of the breakup of the USSR, they were to Moscow trying to demand something. Apparently they achieved little.

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