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Events in Pakistan Can Become a Prologue to the Nuclear War

Events in Pakistan Can Become a Prologue to the Nuclear War

Collisions between the lawyers protesting against introduction of the state of emergence and the police which have blocked courts all over the country take place in Pakistan, Associated Press informs. The largest collisions take place in Lahore in the east of the country where nearby 2 thousand lawyers have gathered in a courthouse. The police applies batons and tear gas to storm the building and disperse demonstrators, nearby 250 people are arrested. Protesting scan slogans about cancellation of the state of emergence and throw stones in policemen. Minor collisions take place in Karachi and Multan.


Earlier today the Pakistan opposition declared arrest of about 650 supporters.


Also on Monday with the beginning of trading on the largest stock exchange of Karachi in Pakistan sharp falling was noted. Cumulative cost of the shares depreciated by 11:00 a.m. on 4,7%. Simultaneously with depreciation of the shares the rate of the Pakistan national currency in relation to US dollar and euro also falls.

On the last Saturday the President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf suspended the Constitution and entered the state of emergence in the country. The USA and the European Union declared that they started "studying a situation".

On diplomatic channels Washington has already warned Islamabad that the last can lose significant part of economic help which USA render now to Pakistan.


- Unfortunately our forecasts concerning instability in Pakistan started to become true directly in front of our eyes, - political scientist Ruslan Saidov noted. - And the main circumstance making events in Pakistan the phenomenon of world politics is presence of the nuclear weapon and the means of its delivery received by means of the West in the country. At that refusal of the West and first of all of Washington to support Pervez Musharraf in his attempts to stay in power on bayonets of militarians can mean that nuclear potential of Pakistan can be found out in the hands of hardly foreseeable powers and even to be divided between different groupings. Refusal of the USA from rendering of economic help to Pakistan will lead first of all to weakening of pro-American heads of the state. I believe, it will lead to falling the lowest without that rating of the USA in the Islamic world as well as in the countries of the third world as a whole. If it's not an irresponsible policy than what is it? The USA today are extremely passed over dismantle of nuclear reactor in Jonben (DPRK), enrichment of uranium in Iran meanwhile the destiny of launchers with rockets Babur (Hatf VII) with range of flight of 700 km and capability to carry nuclear heads being directed on India mostly seem not to worry them.


According to the official information, rocket Babur (Hatf VII) has been developed by the Pakistan scientists and designers. They managed to increase range of flight of Hatf VII by 200 kilometers in comparison with previous pre-production models. Tests under this program have begun in 2005. Only during the last 6 months it was checked up twice. The purpose of the last tests consisted in the check of all its systems.


Military management of Pakistan marks that Babur (Hatf VII) possesses increased maneuverability and can strike small-size targets. It is known that the rocket is equipped by system of prompting allowing to make flight at small heights with copying of lay of the land. Speed of Hatf VII makes 880 km/h. The Pakistan militarians approve that owing to the applied technologies the rocket can't be fixed by radars. In opinion of the experts, Hatf VII is intended for the start from submarines, ships and mobile ground launchers.


When Pakistan carried out its first in the history of the country successful start of that cruise missile capable to carry nuclear charge, it became obvious to all world that it's the first state of the Islamic world which now not only possessed nuclear weapon but also a modern means of its delivery - much more reliable and real, rather than retorts of North-Korean ballistic missiles. "Babur" as a whole reminds on its design the American cruise missiles of a type "Tomahawk" having related control system based on high-accuracy inertial system of prompting with correction on the lay of the land, subsonic speed, etc. At that Islamabad managed to escape especially strict control from the part of international supervising organizations.


- The Pakistan nuclear potential is estimated by experts at 60-70 units, - political scientist Anatoly Baranov noted, - though there are bases to believe that meanwhile the most part of them is in non-combat condition. The Pakistan nuclear program already has history - on January, 24th, 1972 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto precisely indicated a problem on reception by Pakistan of own "Islamic nuclear bomb". Construction of the Center of nuclear researches in Islamabad didn't kept waiting and then, after rendering of help by the USA in 1960 - light-water reactor with power of 5MW which started functioning in 1965 appeared. The contracts on construction in Islamic Republic Pakistan of the atomic power station with reactors on "heavy water" and factories on its production were signed in 1970 with Canada and then in February, 1976 with France. The basic part of the nuclear program of Pakistan was concentrated on the constructed factory on enrichment of the uranium which used technology and project of centrifuges of the European consortium URENCO (the Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands), that's all nuclear program of Pakistan entirely and completely was based on technological and financial help from the West. As a result - on the 28th and 30th of May, 1998 during two days there were 6 underground explosions carried out on the ground Chagai in the province Baluchistan: on the 28th of May - uranium charge of 25-30 kt; plutonium charge of 12kt; three uranium chargers less than 1kt; on the 30th of May - plutonium charge of 12 kt . By all appearances during 9 years which passed after such large-scale tests Pakistan managed to augment its nuclear potential.


Nuclear Piles:

- settl. Islamabad - light-water research reactor, 9 МW;

- settl. Karachi - heavy-water reactor, 137 MW;

- settl. Rawalpindi - two light-water research reactor, 9 и 30 МW;

- settl. Chasma - two light-water research reactor each 310 МW;

- settl. Khushab - heavy-water reactor, 50 МW.

Factories on Enrichment of Uranium:

settl. Kakhuta,

settl. Sikhala,

settl. Golra

Experimental Factory on Plutonium PINTECH Processing:

settl. Rawalpindi

Factories on Production of Heavy Water:

settl. Karachi,

settl. Multan,

settl. Kshutab,

settl. Chasma

Pakistani Factories of Ammunition:

settl. Wakh

Nuclear Ground:

Settl. Chagai (Baluchistan)

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