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American Aviarocket Impact across Iran Is Planned for Spring


As mass-media inform, application of the president Ahmadinedjad that Iran has 3 thousand functioning centrifuges on enrichment of uranium thrilled the world: there's a fear that Israel would answer it with bombardments of nuclear objects of the country. Military sources in Washington declared that such significant amount of centrifuges can be "the tipping point" which would provoke the Israeli aviaimpact. The Pentagon would not like to carry out military operation against Iran, however, according to the officials, Israel - is "another pair of shoes".


Already before the application of the president Ahmadinedjad an official of the American defensive department informed British Times: "When they receive nearby three thousand functioning centrifuges, Israel will undertake something. The Pentagon is ready to wait longer". According to the American experts, 3 thousand centrifuges operating for a long time enough can produce within a year such quantity of enriched uranium which will be enough for a nuclear bomb.


Israel reacted by formal notice that it would not bear nuclear Iran. "Conversations never stopped and would never stop rockets", - Minister of Defence Ehud Barakh declared after negotiations with Security Cabinet. The American and European allies believe that Iran uses civil nuclear program as covering for the development of weapon. Teheran speaks that it wants only to produce electricity.


Alarms in relation to intentions of Israel got heated in view of recent aviaimpact on prospective nuclear object in Syria. In 1981 Israel destroyed Iraqi nuclear reactor of Saddam Hussein and Israel considers Iran as the only nuclear state in the region (not recognizing its nuclear status officially) meaning the most serious threat for its safety. Ahmadinedjad called for erasing Israel from a world map.


Efraim Inbar from the Center of strategic researches Begina-Sadata in Tel Aviv declared that 3 thousand centrifuges mark ability of the main enemy of Israel to make a nuclear stuffing for a warhead. "I will not be surprised, if we shall undertake something in case international community will leave us alone, - he declared. - I believe we are ready to it. For Israel it is a critical technological moment".


Teheran speaks that it plans to expand its program of enrichment up to 54 thousand centrifuges in Natanza, in the Central Iran that will allow to carry out enrichment of uranium commercially. Ahmadinedjad, making public speech on meeting, declared, that sanctions of the United Nations could not stop enrichment of uranium. "The world should know that this country will not recede on a jot from its nuclear rights. If they think that they can achieve from this country concessions, they are strongly mistaken", - he declared. In the past the Iranian leader declared that Iran successfully installed 3 thousand centrifuges in a factory of enrichment of uranium, however, in his yesterday speech he for the first time let to know that all of them were in working condition.


Recently IAEA estimated the number of centrifuges in 2 thousand and it was considered that 650 more were passing tests. "Next week we shall publish a report, - representative of IAEA declared. - Until then we shall not give any comments". Haver Solana, the commissioner of the European Union on foreign policy, also soon should present a report on readiness of Iran to refuse from enrichment of uranium in exchange for political and trading stimulus.


Meanwhile, the deputy minister of defense of Saudi Arabia called the Arabian states of Persian Gulf to increase fighting capacity of armed forces to provide stability in the region and also to protect oil deposits from possible attacks. "Threats which we should take into account demand from us to develop armed forces, to provide safety of energy sources and to support stability of the region", - prince Abd ar-Rakhman bin Abd al-Aziz declared acting on a meeting with ministers of defense entering Gulf Cooperation Council.


The Saudi prince did not specify what threat he meant, however, many commentators consider that Abd ar-Rakhman spoke about Iran. The Secretary General of the Council Abd ар-Rakhman al-Aziz also declared that new threats demanded from the countries of Persian Gulf to cooperate more closely in defensive sphere, Saudi news agency SPA marks. Gulf Cooperation Council includes Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.


Let's note that formation of the antiIranian coalition in Persian Gulf is equitable to the interests of the USA. Not so long ago the region was visited by admiral William Fallon, the chapter of the Central command of army of the USA and the chief of armies in the Near East and in Central Asia who was convincing the leaders of the Arabian countries to rally around of the USA to rebut Iran.


Let's remind that Saudi Arabia, the main contender of Islamic republic, has got 72 planes "Eurofighter Typhoon". The Air Forces of Saudi Arabia have 134 planes "Eurofighter Tornado" and similar quantity of F-15, the general number of warplanes of the kingdom exceeds 350 (only Israel and Egypt have more). Then the message from Teheran - about purchase in China of 24 planes J-10 made on the Israeli technology - was received.


Making comments on the growth of intensity around Iran, political scientist Ruslan Saidov declared that "the USA use fear of Israel in front of nuclear Iran. The Americans also use fear of Saudi Arabia and other states of Persian Gulf before Shiite expansionism which after Southern Iraq can capture Bahrain and the Saudi East province, occupied mainly by Shiites.


Thus, the USA form favorable environment in the region for drawing aviarocket impact across Iran which, probably, is planned for spring. Meanwhile, the Americans should draw attention to the whilst stable Iran, to the Turkish-Kurdish conflict and, the main thing, to Pakistan, the situation in which becomes aggravated more and more, that threatens with loss of the control above nuclear weapon Islamabad has".


"The Pakistan nuclear weapon can simply disappear, - Ruslan Saidov is afraid. - But nobody knows where it "will come up". May be in Israel, may be in Russia and may be in the USA".
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