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Technical Vocational School for Oligarch

Technical Vocational School for Oligarch
Sergey Komkov 04.09.2010

Not experienced in court life inhabitant after reading the comments of the official Russian press of the results of so-called "State Council" which took place on August, 31st could get impression that someone in the Kremlin got interested in the problems of professional training in Russia. In fact it's not so as it's presented by official TV-channels.

The matter is not that Nikita Belykh who was later as a result of not simple backstage Kremlin games appointed governor of Kirov region exposed the president Medvedev in stealing of his ideas. The more so the matter is not that this revelation became at once the subject for discussion of representative assembly. As the main Kremlin "expert" Dvorkovich, obviously, as well as Belykh didn't go into details at the session of anniversary "State Council" into what's happening but was amusing himself with Internet observing next "morsel" on its pages.

Everything is much more serious. At last some of the "state officials" have understood that the sources of the Russian economic crisis are not connected with "mortgage crisis" in the USA. Despite of jokes of our homebrew "experts" America overcame quite difficult economic situation and pressed Europe by its weight. Russia - followed. It showed thus that the American model of economy hasn't exhausted its possibilities. The only thing that it needs for further prosperity - natural resources and new vital spaces. The Kremlin management has been proposing all these to America not for the first year. For Russia for already long time reminds huge cemeterial territory. Annually it loses more than a million of its population. The end of this funeral train is not seen yet. Lest we are lulled by fairy-tales about baby boom.

Firstly, it will be a while and a lot of governors will change each other till these newly born children will reach age of reasonable producers of real material benefits. Secondly, most likely, they in general will never pass this way. Because their today's mums and fathers simply have nothing to feed them and no money to give them education and bringing up. For the state developing active campaign for birth rate growth hasn't provided any social guarantees of realization of this program. So-called "parent capital" shouldn't be in general taken into consideration as it can't cover even a share of expenses for education of born children in usual high school. Not speaking already about institutes and universities.

So, the source of our troubles - not in America but in unreasonable policy of our own leaders.

In the course of wild privatization of natural resources and basic means of production which started in the mid-nineties of last century and proceeds now the country actually lost all economic base created by efforts of its population throughout 70 years.

All it at once appeared in hands of a very small group of people close to power or people being in power. Nobody beat around the bush. Objects of welfare were put up for sale: hospitals, sanatoria, kindergartens, camps and even schools.

System of vocational training also suffered at that moment. All Technical Vocational Schools were recognized by newly appeared "owners" of life not profile actives. Their mass closing started.

It's quite explainable from the point of view of that very "favourites" who put before themselves only one task - maximum extraction of momentary profit. Enterprises started working "to death". New "owners of life" even didn't ask a question: what will be tomorrow? What for? Today they were satisfied and free. They used gratuitous money to buy themselves country houses, yachts, TV channels and whole soccer teams. While the state heads who, strangely enough, were appointed by people drugged by huge promises very quickly turned from servants of people to its undivided owners distributing infinite riches not belonging to them.

Everything has its end. Already in the first years of the twenty first century it became abundantly clear that economic system of Russia was worn out to a limit. World economic crisis which brought many troubles to the western countries but even pushed them to further progress struck the economy of our state a crushing blow. Thus it is possible to say absolutely confidently that we knocked out ourselves.

Now, as if having come to from the knockout and having understood that there's nothing else to steal, at last the management of Russia started to pretend that it tries to change current situation somehow. Only it doesn't know how to do it in reality. For, no one take into account different types of analysts such as Dvorkovich and Co. While political puppeteers such Surkov have already gone bankrupt long time ago and fail to invent something cleverer, than "sovereign democracy" or yakimonko's sexual sit-round gatherings on Seliger.

Well, it's not strange. As the level of real knowledge of Dvorkovich, Surkov, Shuvalov and other court servants is limited by general discussions that "it would be not bad to do something... well, as they have it there - on the West". So they also make the president to go to different western "parties" where everybody openly laugh at him. Where he as "complete idiot" listens to tall tales.  

Though "telling of tall tales" takes place not only during visits of the president to our "friends" in the West. Our own homebrew "oligarchs" learned to do it masterfully. Those ones who completely ruined national economy are wondering now around the country as hungry wolves in search of new sacrifices.

They find! Main "owner of eggs Faberge" Victor Vekselberg found for himself a new feeding trough in the form of the project "Skolkovo". It's still quite in the air if there will be there something or not. While real 60 billion roubles (in other words 2 billion dollars) are already provided for it from the state treasury. The major part of them - be sure! - will obligatory settle in a pocket of mister Vekselberg. Because I don't believe in philanthropy of our homebrew "oligarchs"! Here, wherever you turn - everywhere larceny! There will be no science in Skolkovo. There will be ordinary "offshore" with all the consequences which come with it for ordinary tax bearer

Still let's return to the problem of professional education. If it is necessary or not to reanimate it? Even a person who understands nothing either in economy, or in education will say: certainly! The only question is who and how should do it?

It was a surprise for me to hear at this "historical" session speech of Mister Prokhorov. That one who, as you remember, created a lot of troubles for the Russian economy and went to Courchevel with the whole brigade of little girls of "easy virtue" to discuss problems of the economy.

France can't come to its senses till now after so "deep" discussion.

So, now, it turns out that Mister Prokhorov is the main person responsible for vocational training! He, as it appears from the report, "has deeply analysed" situation and has already defined how many trades in the country should remain to satisfy his - Prokhorov's - needs. I do not know about others but, I think, the trade of "women of easy virtue" won't be reduced for sure.

I do not know who and for what merits made scandalous oligarch a member of "State Council". It is a theme of separate investigation. But reaction of the chief official of the country is especially touching. The president of the great country as a small child who've been just got from a cradle takes instructions of "a nasty boy" as its face value. Moreover, he suggests to finance development of system of vocational training in the country of completely gone bankrupt municipal authority together with business. With that very business which no more than ten years ago destroyed it completely.

What is it? Ordinary nonsense? Amnesia? Or something more serious? If it's really so difficult to understand that only the state is capable to provide performance of the major function on preparation of rising generation for active creative activity? Including in economic and industrial spheres. Certainly, under condition if the state will be supervised by wise enough people. While business should promote this process only by one - by fair payment of all due incomes into the state treasury.

But... Our business continues to hide, as before, its incomes in the western offshore. Here it only creates visibility of active social activity costs two a penny. Even if, having chipped in together, Misters Vekselberg, Prokhorov, Potanin, Abramovich and Baturin will revive at least one Technical Vocational School, it's necessary to direct them there.

So that they knew how much it costs now - worker's bread. As encouragement they should be at least occasionally be directed for "training" to that very enterprises which they so skillfully took...


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