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Luzhkov's Deputy Received Possibility to Hide Abroad

Luzhkov's Deputy Received Possibility to Hide Abroad

Deputy mayor of Moscow Alexander Ryabinin in relation to whom bribery case was brought hides abroad, the head of the Investigating Committee at the Office of Public Prosecutor of RF Alexander Bastrykin said in the interview to "The Russian Newspaper".

First criminal case under article 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (abuse of official powers) against Ryabinin was opened on March, 23 of the current year. However, on March, 29 Public Prosecutor of Moscow cancelled the decree on bringing the case. According to the Office of Public Prosecutor, "pre-investigative check was not complete, there was not enough data indicating on committing a crime by Ryabinin on the moment of bringing the case". Investigating authority appealed the decision of the Public Prosecutor.

"According to the results of additional check criminal case in connection to the bribe taken by official of the subject of RF is opened in relation to Ryabinin, now it's on the stage of investigation", - Bastrykin said having noted that to the moment "the suspect managed to leave the territory of the country successfully".


From editorial board: That is speaking simple language deputy mayor of Moscow was given opportunity to escape and now they pretend that they don't know where he is and that it's impossible to ask his extradition. It's clear that evidences which Ryabinin could give are not desirable.

By the way, what Ryabinin could say? Only one thing - that his case is not a casus, that it's not an exception from a rule but is the rule. Everybody takes bribes in administration - from the bottom to the top. Those who don't take bribes, never raise up.

Let's think - how much compulsory emigration of Ryabinin could cost? It means that he has enough means to leave suddenly the country and to live abroad not begging at that from door to door. It means other also have such means. It's interesting, whence? In fact the level of incomes and property condition of officials of Moscow governments is regularly being declared.

Here you are, Yury Luzhkov writes in "The Russian Newspaper" to explain why he is adherer of the highway Moscow - Petersburg through Khimkinsky forest: "At last building highway on Molzhaninovka we have to say god buy to 200 thousand square meters of habitation planned to be built. 3-4 thousand families remain for long time (may be even forever) without bettering of housing conditions or even without own habitation. When you calculate not in meters but in human destinies, the cost of the question is more evident".

Thus he says nothing that these 3-4 thousand people buy these apartments, they don't get them free - it's interesting, why they can't buy them somewhere else? Whether it's possible to buy apartments in Moscow only in one place?

He also doesn't mention the name of his wife though building of these square meters on Molzhaninovka interests first of all her. Whether Luzhkov and his wife has different purses?

Though formally he as if supported Putin...

In general it's clear where capital government gets money for going abroad - to have a rest and in emergency situations. It's clear why almost everything has been bought out in London by them, their official incomes are enough only to eat in official canteens at preferential price but not to buy the property abroad.

Everybody knows it perfectly well. What of it? There's such an impression that we have the same situation as it used to be in ancient India, where Brahman only shaved hair for a thing committing which simple Hindu was punished by death. For example, I would receive for such things 15 years of imprisonment on Kolyma, while vice-mayor was compelled to immigrate to not the worst climate zone. Or some other would have to step down at a great pace, while the mayor of Moscow was only not congratulated by the president personally on the City Day.

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk


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