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A Man in Pollo-Neck

A Man in Pollo-Neck
A. Nebaranov 23.11.2007

Yesterday Vladimir Putin met his supporters in Luzhniki. Almost five thousand people came from all Russia in organized order. Putin was very fine in a stylish jacket and dark pollo-neck instead of ceremonial tie. He reminded someone... Well, yes - Khodorkovsky who once even to Putin's reception went in pollo-neck, that, obviously, helped to sign the verdict. Only one person in Russia can be in pollo-neck on the official action.


By the way, it became known there that presidential elections of Russia would be appointed on March, 2nd, 2008. Council of Federation will approve it on November, 26th, it is already solved. By whom? It's clear by whom, only one person in pollo-neck can solve such questions.


By the way, the secret of Putin's love to unbuttoned collars and sweaters is quite clear: fighters have buff necks and buttoned shirt with a tie constantly disturbs, irritates. It is possible to bear, to get used - no. But it's just a lyrical digression.


In 15-minutes speech Putin told about forthcoming parliamentary elections, economic future of the country and about present problems. As news agencies calculated, the performance was interrupted by applause one and a half ten times, i.e. on the average once a minute. Stalin was interrupted once in 2-3 minutes, as a result he had time to finish each separate idea. Later such rules remained for performances of other heads of the state. Apparently, the task of 15-minutes Putin's speech was not the content but how it was perceived by the country - stood up, clapped, sat down, stood up, clapped... Here you are the way - two claps, three stamps.


The present and future president subjected opponents of "Edinaya Russia" to sharp criticism. Thus, he noted, that (citation) "today we are being taught by those who some 10-15 years ago supervised key positions in the government and federal assembly. These are those who in 90th years occupying high posts acted to the detriment of society and state, serving interests of oligarchical structures and squandering national property".


15 years ago key positions were occupied by representatives of Union of Right Forces and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, partly by "Yabloko". That is, certainly, it is possible to say that the Communist Party always was in opposition but during three callings of the Duma it occupied key enough position of chairman of the body and in 1998 year as a matter of fact formed the government. And in lists of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on elections of 2003 there were whole 6 representatives from JUKOS and nobody knows how mane from other oligarchical structures, for example, a chapter of bank "Neftyanoj" Igor Linshits who is now in federal search.


However, if to look attentively, the part of representatives of those structures moved gradually from Union of Right Forces and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to "parties in power" - to "Edinaya Russia" and "Fair Russia", but it if to look attentively. And there was no such command... Stood up, clapped.


The president also expressed his opinion in connection to some street actions. He said (citation): "Now they will go to the streets - took an example from the western experts, got trained in the neighbouring republics. And now try here. Nothing will come out of it".


It is necessary to understand that it is - the direct instruction to law enforcement bodies not to pay attention further to the clause 31st of the Constitution of the Russian Federation which says: "Citizens of the Russian Federation have the right to gather peacefully without the weapon, to carry out assemblies, meetings and demonstrations, processions and picketing".


Opposition has already called the supporters to go on streets if the results of voting would look as if forged. Probably, the president (he is the head of the state so that to know) already knows that the results of the elections on which he would head the list of the main "party in power" obligatory would provoke questions of the populace. That's why he warn beforehand: in the nearest months the Constitution of the Russian Federation will have limited circulation around the country. Whoever would doubt... Stood up, clapped.


Vladimir Putin said: "Those who resist to us, don't want our plan to become true as they have different aims and other views on Russia. They need the weak, sick state. They need disorganized and disoriented society so that to fix own affairs behind its back, to receive gingerbreads for our account. Unfortunately, there are still inside the country the ones behave as jackals near to foreign embassies, counting on support of foreign funds and governments instead of the support of own people".


Stood up, clapped. What is the "plan" the president talked about? It's not important, there is no time to explain. Everything's simple - are you for "ours" or for "their"? And do not behave like jackal for real. Clapped, sat down.


The president also informed: «Today Russia returned to the first ten of the largest economies of the world. And it is far not a limit. Independent experts both in our country and abroad are absolutely precisely convinced: if the present rate of development of the country will proceed, rates of economy gain will remain, then within 10 years Russia is capable to enter the five of leading, largest economies of the world".


And if the rates will not remain? If within the nearest 10 years prices for oil and gas will not grow unprecedented hitherto in history rates? Or the following question - whether there was on the president of our remarkably developing country during his performance at least one thread made in Russia? Whereas when the heads of our country were completely dressed up in special studio of Administrative Department of the CPSU Central Committee there was a goal before them to catch up and leave behind America because all other countries were already "caught up and left behind". Stood up, clapped, sat down.


Putin also said: "Exclusive importance of these elections is also that they will pass some months prior to elections of new head of the state. If there will be a victory in December, then there will be the one in March of next year - on presidential elections of the country. It is necessary to keep continuity of a rate on stable, steady development of the country and to guarantee the growth of well-being and safety of fatherland against political risks".


In translation into ordinary language the guarantor of the Constitution said that he wouldn't allow any other political force to come to power in the country except for the one which he himself heads.


It is curious, that in the Constitution there is such an item: "At inauguration the President of the Russian Federation objures to people: "I swear at realization of powers of the President of the Russian Federation to respect and protect the rights and freedom of a person and citizen, to observe and protect the Constitution of the Russian Federation, to protect the sovereignty and independence, safety and integrity of the state, truly to serve people".


Clause 19 of the same Constitution says: "The state guarantees equality of the rights and freedom of a person and citizen irrespective of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, property and official position, residence, attitude to religion, believes, accessory to public associations and also other circumstances". That is not-belonging to "Edinaya Russia" assumes that thus the citizen does not lose suffrages. That is he has the right to choose if he is "pro" further fulfillment of "Putin's plan" about which it's known only that Putin has it or "contra" - at that the citizen is not obliged to explain to anybody why he is against.


Though stability - is also good. The prices grow stably. And the salary - stably does not grow. Stability - is Putin. He has a plan. To behave as jackals - is bad. To be pro Putin - is good.


Have you understood, shim? Stand up! Clap! Sit down!
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