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Trade Union “Protection” in Kurgan Carries Out Week Action of Protest

Trade Union “Protection” in Kurgan Carries Out Week Action of Protest
Victor Vodennikov 24.11.2007

Exactly at midday on November, 22nd workers with posters on their breasts appeared simultaneously on several crowded crossroads of a city and on V.I.Lenin Square in Kurgan. In such a way Kurgan trade union "Protection" started week protest action against lawlessness and mockeries at workers on the industrial enterprises of "sovereign-democratic" Russia.


Reaction of authority to the actions of workers was expected - attempt of "dolly-in" of militian officials, escorting of workers "to the car" accompanied by two militiamen with the sheep-dog on the leash. "Who is the organizer, who paid to you?" - militian mayor was trying to investigate... Well, our working men are also hard to conquer.


First we planned to carry out picket of protest on November, 20th on V.I.Lenin Square. As it is should be done under the law we made an application in the Government of Kurgan area beforehand. Learned by numerous refusals of regional officials to trade union "Protection" under various pretexts in that application we foresaw everything up to a trifle. And all the same received the answer from the Government of the area: "... The Government of the area has already received a notice that on November, 20th, 2007 at the given time a picket of one of the political parties will take place on V.I.Lenin Square".


Well, we come on November, 20th to the square to learn who was appointed to occupy our place as it was already in spring? We see - a group of young people monotonously and boringly picket "For Putin". We were insulted - when there would be picket for us, workers? If we are the most offended?! And if so, we decided - a week of the working protest in Kurgan started.


From now and up to December, 2nd a working picket of "Protection" go to the streets of the city in the most crowded places daily. According to the 54th Federal Law ABOUT ASSEMBLIES, PICKETS, DEMONSTRATIONS AND MEETINGS for picketing by one participant submission of the notice and reception of sanction is not necessary. If do not want to permit us to carry out one picket in 25 persons - we will carry out simultaneously 25 pickets by one person. We carry them out every day from 12 a.m. till 13 p.m.


Why and against what we protest?


Working trade union "Protection" is created and has been working for the fifth year in Kurgan. Unscrupulous persecution of workers not wishing to be the dumb cattle working for pennies and cursing on newly appeared "owners" of enterprises don't stop for the fifth year. Surgut-Tyumen grouping which has subjugated all power of our area for four years already is holding its paws on a throat of economy of our region. Result of work - the highest in Uralsk federal district tariffs for the electric power and warmth do not let industrial enterprises to develop, have smashed agriculture, evert pockets of the inhabitants.


What new "owners" of our power have constructed during these years? Nothing. Only infinite re-structurings, grandiose plans and projects. They pay to themselves millions while to the worker - a little so that he won't die from famine. As a result - uniform labour collective on Kurgan thermoelectric power station is destroyed, scattered on "a fly-by-night operations". The equipment is strewing, tens highly skilled workers and engineers have retired because of the beggarly salary and brutal attitude of management.


All "reforming" of Kurgan electric power industry ended in squandering of means and infringement of labour rights of hired workers. In particular, the scheme of division of uniform enterprises of power "by kinds of activity" introduced has struck a crushing blow on guarantees of employment and financial position of former personnel workers of power station. Thus any independent actions of workers to protect the labour rights are perceived by representatives of employers as "revolt" which should be suppressed by every dirty methods. Labour trade union "Protection" is the only one who stands on the way of the criminal business, who protects the rights of the workers and all inhabitants of Kurgan. The answer - repressions. From round the corner, using mean methods.


Since February, 1st, 2007 workers of the enterprise "Kurganenergoremont", members of trade union "Protection" lost their lawful workplaces on Kurgan thermal power station. Three ten of highly skilled workers with experience of tens years are thrown out by Surgut brigade out of the gates - their enterprise ostensibly has not won the tender on repair and service of energy equipment of Kurgan thermoelectric power station. But it is a lie! The true reason is - class hatred of newly appeared bourgeoisie to workers that kowtow on them. That they dared to protect themselves from disorder, from industrial fascism!


We addressed for help the governor - there was neither answer, nor help!

We addressed the Office of Public Prosecutor up to General inclusive - it's useless!

We addressed Chubays - silence!

We notify authority on lawful pickets of protest - we were refused, they threaten us with punishment.


This click fabricated criminal case on our leader Vladimir Mirskoj ostensibly for the insult of the former prison security guard taken by them on police service. Their witnesses - direct subordinates of the hired policeman - gave "truthful" evidences on oath during two months in two courts. Mister dexterously estimated the honour of the officer in bank notes and set sights on getting hundred thousand roubles from a worker. It didn't happen, the court completely justified the working leader of "Protection".


"Owners" of enterprises of power have not calmed down - all summer long they write denunciations to the Office of Public Prosecutor on the heads of trade union "Protection" with the requirement to bring a suite against "for slander". They also submitted the claim under same clause on three million to arbitration court. The servants employed by them (also from former jailers) go all out trying to use old acquaintances on work for punishment of working leaders. They don't succeed - everywhere normal people tell the crums where to get off.


It appeared, to their surprise when they found in law enforcement bodies people who knew the price of honour of the real officer which can't be measured by money. And all this disgrace is being made at full inactivity of authorities, state inspection of work in Kurgan area, actually at their silent partnership. What, there is nobody to check a click that went too far? Now we see that there is nobody! All of them are together! They created a police state for us and now as the jeer hanged out banners on each crossroads:


"RUSSIA - THERE IS EVERYTHING TO BE PROUD!" What it could be proud of? Of our lawlessness? Of our humiliation? Of our poverty? To be proud of the fact that hard-working muzhik cannot support his family, that free people are being transformed by a click into working cattle? We, workers, don't need such authority! IT'S NOT OURS! Enough lies and cynicism, we are sick and tired!


We address to city dwellers of Kurgan: we protect also you, support workers of trade union "Protection" in struggle for the right to live as people.
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