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Results of Elections Is – Well Made Homework on “Churov’s Geometry”

Results of Elections Is – Well Made Homework on “Churov’s Geometry”
Baranov Anatoly 03.12.2007

Results of elections under the version of the Central Electoral Commission after processing of more than 30 % of bulletins look the same as data of "surveys" in September, as data of "exit-pools" and in general as well made homework. There is no sense to discuss them, it's the same as to discuss multiplication table or the list of advantageous tickets of VAAAAF.

1. Political Party "Agrarian Party of Russia" - 2.50%
2. All-Russian Political Party "Civilian Power" - 1.06%
3. Political Party "Democratic Party of Russia" - 0.13%
4. Political Party "Communist Party of the Russian Federation" - 11.51%
5. Political Party "Union of RIGHT FORCES" - 1.06%
6. Political Party "Party of Social Justice" - 0.22%
7. Political Party "Liberal - Democratic Party of Russia" - 9.41%
9. Political Pary "Patriots of Russia" - 0.90%
10. All-Russian Political Party "EDINAYA RUSSIA" - 63.19%
11. Political Party "United Russian Democratic Party "YABLOKO" - 1.44%


Reality corrects a bit a picture of the world given us in perception of Mr. Churova. So, very few can say that the overwhelming majority of their friends were going to vote for "Edinaya Russia". But it's clear at a household level that if the majority of friends did not vote for ER, then it's not clear whence it got 63 percent. While at a level of the Central Electoral Commission everything is clear. Because it is possible to use EG where it's possible to draw only one straight line through one point parallel to the given one. At the same time it's possible to use Lobachevski geometry where though one point is possible to draw infinitely many lines parallel to the given. So, it's not possible following EG but it's ok following Lobachevski (or Churov). 


So people and the Kremlin cheaps live in two different spaces which cross only in one point. For example, in a point of elections. So, people glance into the Kremlin cheaps' space through this point and wonder: all as one stand for "Edinaya Russia" and each spot knows by heart what is the essence of "Putin's Plan". When it back to its space glance, everything is equal on the contrary. And the matter is that spaces are absolutely different and where a head is in one, there is, excuse me, an ass in the other.


For the first time in history of Ingushetia the population almost demonstratively refused to participate in elections. Polling districts all over the republic were empty, Ingushetia.ru informs. Film crews of the State TV and Radio Company "Ingushetia" directed to report about elections were compelled to address for help local administrations and militia so that those gathered people in one heap and gave appearance of presence of citizens on polling districts. Inhabitants of Ingushetia made authorities understand that they did not trust it. But it (authority) was also not interested in election preferences of the population. "Figures of voted" which it was necessary to submit to republican electoral committee each two hours, irrespective of real presence had been given from the top in advance to all territorial and selective commissions. Figures of voices which should be brought in reports on results of voting in which "Edinaya Russia" should receive from 89 up to 97 percent had been also prepared.


In Moscow almost the third part of voters voted on absentee ballots. Moscow - is such a big city that not everyone could reach his polling district, so they had to vote on another's. Public prosecutors requested with a mark "urgently" lists of inhabitants of a capital which received absentee ballots in the territorial commissions located in areas Airport, Belovaya, Sokol, Savalobsky and Khorosevsky. But one and a half hour later the same Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow sent to all mass-media press-release in which it declared that meanwhile it found no infringements at granting of absentee ballots. Besides it affirms in press release that the board of the capital Office of Public Prosecutor did not accept decisions to carry out urgent checks of legality of granting of absentee ballots in the territorial electoral commissions. Meanwhile on the eve the public committee "For Fair Elections" told about cases when forms of absentee ballots for elections to Duma were first stolen and then multiplied. The number of such false forms can reach up to hundred thousand. At that there were revealed at once several such cases, according to the Chapter of the Committee Nikolay Goncharov. As "Kommersant" writes, on the eve of the Duma elections mass granting of absentee ballots takes place. According to the experts, their number has already exceeded the one in 2003 four times.


"Yabloko" informs that in a number of regions mass voting on absentee ballots takes place: 1989 - Chelyabinsk, Moscow - sites 53, 1001 (Kursk station), 1995, 215, 346 (Domodedovo), 1750 - the Rostov area. It is noticed that on a number of polling districts absentee ballots are not withdrawn after voting, that is there is an opportunity to vote on the same ballot once again. On preliminary data, in comparison with last Duma elections the quantity of absentee ballots given increased four times.


Meanwhile the chapter of the Central Electoral Commission Vladimir Churov assures that only small percent of voters will vote on absentee ballots. And all the matters is in different geometries which are used in different establishments.

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