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Surkov As Image of Civil Society in Russia

Surkov As Image of Civil Society in Russia

The session of working group on problems of civil society headed by the adviser of the president of the USA Michael McFaul and Vladislav Surkov from the Russian part will take place today. Michael McFaul already suggested to bring a question about freedom of meetings in the summons of forthcoming session of the working group. There was inconvenient situation yesterday at a meeting of McFaul and Burns with legal experts:

- Where's Lev Ponomarev?

- He is occupied now, he washes toilet...

"American side suggests to make the problem of sticking to the norms of freedom of meetings in Russia a theme of the following session of the working group", - American diplomatic source informed "Gazeta.ru".

In fact administration of the USA is satisfied with development of relations with Russia, despite of espionage scandal, disagreements on a problem of territorial integrity of Georgia and concern about situation with human rights. It was declared by the State Secretary of the USA Hillary Clinton during her acting at the Washington council on the international relations with speech about priorities of foreign policy of the USA. At the same time the state secretary underlined that relation with Russia which became warmer lately don't assume hushing up of questions which are treated differently by these two countries.

"We will continue to bring up questions, for example, about occupation of Georgia", - she underlined.

That is the question of observance of human rights in Russia for the USA is not of the first importance, so to say... Less important, than pullout of the Russian troops from Abkhazia which is possible to wait just till hell freezes over. Well, if to compare this theme to the theme of "refill", it's simply not the theme for conversation. The West appreciates that Russia has become high-grade "raw empire", i.e. raw appendage of the before mentioned West, it's not bold and is really weak enough not to represent threat for anyone except countries equal to it.

The West is quite satisfied with worthless country managing by Putin clan - the Russian Federation is not yet collapsing, it fulfills foreign trade obligations and it's enough. Errors in management and other-wordly corruption, actually, even satisfy our "new friends" in the west very much. So nobody on the West would help the Russian opposition and it's silly to hope for it.

Though not everything's ok with external attributes of democratic society in Russia. We live in the open world and the same American voter can become interested why "friend Dima" with whom Barack Obama eats hamburgers with such appetite is actually the head of the dictatorial mode almost completely abolishing civil freedom. Badly.

Americans are cynical and understand everything. Same McFaul, the professor from Stanford, speaking Russian practically without accent and knowing all and everything in Moscow perfectly understands that it's not intellectual and aristocrat siting before him but petty cheater who studied less than five years in the institute of culture and grew up due to the Kremlin goblins. Problems of civil freedom interest him no more, than cultivation of penguins in a polar region.

Position of our legal experts believing that for some reason our problems are specially close to the Americans. Actually, it's just a small splinter interfering with running further business with friends Volodya and Dima. Though America acquired ability to run business with goblins already at the time of Somoza. However, legal experts simply grasp at a straw.

Here you are - right at the time of without that inconvenient meeting of McFaul with Surkov press conference of organizing committee of party "Native Land - Common Sense" takes place. It occurs at the really wrong time as refusals in registration of new political parties within 10 years and "castration of political space" is also a problem which though hasn't been declared at the meeting but could emerge with all its indecent evidence.

Situation, actually, from the point of view of the American voter is more intolerant, than the one connected with interdiction of cultural events and even freedom of speech. It is a question of refusal of Putin Russia of base principles of democracy - from passive suffrage, from realization by citizens of possibility not only to elect but also to be the elected. Very painful question as it can arise also in the USA with their two parties ruling one after another.

However nobody forbids parties in the USA - there are a lot of them there, more than two, simply places on the top are being divided between republicans and democrats. These two parties after all represent rather clear groups of citizens. While whom does "Еdinaya Russia" present in our country? Corrupted bureaucracy? What about LDPR - patients of psychiatric clinics? "Fair Russia" - Serega-commando and his friends?

It's even more unpleasant that the question about registration of new political subjects was taken up with results of the poll carried out on FORUM.msk which is being read both in the Kremlin and in Washington. It looks absolutely indecently for "demiurges from the institute of culture" which now "our all".

If elections take place this Sunday, who you would elect?:


Edinaya Russia (59)


LDPR (50)


Communist Party of the Russian Federation (375)


Fair Russia (31)


Yabloko (59)


Patriots of Russia (48)


Right Cause (7)


ROT Front (329)


The Other Russia (58)


Native Land - Common Sense (1245)


Solidarity (133)

It is evident that beyond the will of the Kremlin not even the party but the whole alternative political space appeared - left, right, centrists and own game rules are present there - the only problem is that they are not allowed to enter so-called "legal policy". They are not allowed by that nimble mister who is discussing with Michael McFaul problems of the civil society.

Attempts of semi-official mass-media "not to notice" this so untimely appeared circumstance look funny. For example, the former newspaper "Izvestia" now playing a role of a drain tank for the Kremlin administration writes: "... former journalist and former editor-in-chief of official site of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Anatoly Baranov. Baranov declares, referring to the data of some independent social poll, that if parliamentary elections take place next Sunday, the majority would vote for new "Native Land".

It's another feature of "civil society" in the Russian Federation - there prohibition on mentioning of some names, title, etc in mass-media. In this case it is impossible to name FORUM.msk. If to mention it, becomes clear, from whence "certain independent poll" appeared - everybody knows that polls on FORUM.msk are carried out on objective evaluation, i.e. one IP-address - one voice, we never play up. If so, what the post of editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk has which is impossible to be mentioned? That is how I became "former journalist" - a joke is that I am familiar with all named above... Absolutely awkward.


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