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Old Square Creates Prerequisites for “Orange Revolution"

Old Square Creates Prerequisites for “Orange Revolution"
Juliana Krysanovskaya 05.12.2007

That is an opinion of the Director of the Institute of Problems of Globalization, Doctor of Science Michael Deljagin.


Question. Michael Gennadevich, as you understand we call you directly from Sevastopol.

Answer. Why not from Kiev?

Q. Well, our site is still the Russian one though with compelled time Ukrainian registration so it is decided that we shall physically settle down in Russian - at least, on spirit - city.

A. It is correct. Though, as for me, call even from Magadan.

Q. Thanks, Michael Gennadevich, you, as always, are kind.

A. You are welcome. Is this all? Or you had some business?

Q. Well, yes, thanks. You pleased us very much with application that "Edinaya Russia" has not executed "Putin's Plan". Why do you think so?


A. Strength and, I would say, hysteria of official propagation were aimed at attributing voices of more than half of Russian voters to Putin. After that he could recognize that his legitimacy exceeds legitimacy of the law and he could rise above it. As a matter of fact, there was a firm feeling that he stood in elections not for the post of the deputy of the State Duma but of the autocrat - a person whose desire is the basic source of any law in force.


Moreover: in his speechifications on November, 21st and 28th he evidently showed that he entered the category of people to whom "as the fool thinks, the bell clinks", imposing in advance to the Russians qualitatively new reality. It is his firm style: during elections of 2000 he in the same way imposed to the Russians a new reality, driving all over the country and flogged into the heads the unique idea: "I am already here, I already control you, if you vote for me, you will simply agree with already existing order".


The same way the plans on presence and voices per party of "a blue bear" which they managed to received go into this concept.


Q. But the fact that "Edinaya Russia" despite of monstrous volume of falsifications, usage of packs of bulletins and throwing out of observers from polling districts, it didn't manage to attribute to itself voices of half of voters, gives up the script as a bad job?


A. Why? It will be more difficult for realizing but it's possible all the same. Bad business is not artful. However, the way Putin will try to use to remain at power, is not so important.


Q. Why? Why it is so?


A. The ruling bureaucracy made one essential mistake - having gambled on these elections on deceit, violence and diasporas, it pushed away from itself the main social base, new middle class of large cities.


Pavel Svjatenkov paid attention to it at once after elections and it is very important.


The middle class of large cities - the main really mass profit-taker of Putin's stability - was its social support. But these people possess certain level of culture and consciousness. It's necessary to correspond to their level - it appeared to be an excessive problem for degrading bureaucracy. De-legitimation of elections is the result and it directly conducts to de-sacralization of authorities.


Q. What's that?


A. People who treat the results of elections with trust are perceived now as conscious liars or simply fools. The softest that was stated in my presence in their address was an assumption that they smoked notorious (and already forgotten by official propagation) "Putin's Plan".


That is the ruling bureaucracy has deprived elections of legitimacy, having finally transformed the State Duma into a laughing-stock. In 3 months there will come the turn of the president - and the Russian society already understands well that it won't elections but appointment under the pretence of elections.


The Russians will not recognize the power of this appointee above them. They will recognize only force by which this authority will be supported, - but it's known that it's not possible to survive on bayonets for long.


Q. Well and to whom this middle class is necessary? They will be frightened by "nashists" from Lubetsy or the Chechen OMON and gangsters from ethnic OCG - and will by its own will in detention cells stay as it has no other way to rescue the skin.


A. Well, "nashists" were already let out. It was forbidden to them to communicate with Muscovites and allowed to beat only those whom they would consider "provokers", - as a result they lost the way and in pity frozen groups wandered in the center, begging passers-by to allocate them to their owners in administration.


Q. Today you were begged today in Moscow and tomorrow you will be beaten - because you are Muscovites. What, have not you deserved?


A. It's already different question, though it is felt that you are from under Kemerovo and have not got used to Moscow. But another is important: whether terror described by you will strengthen or weaken the authority?


Q. For the first time it will strengthen. And then... yes, perhaps, you are right.


A. Certainly. But, most likely, they would in general beat each other - within the limits of war between «the Kremlin towers». In fact their owners perceive them as «active storage».


Q. Well, I can imagine in colours attack of «young guards» on headquarters of "Nashy" and pickets of RUMOL against "Local"...


Q. And as to the middle class of large cities - it plays the same role as technical officers and intelligency in the Soviet society in general. It is an environment which supports and develops key for the development of society senses. What they discuss today, all country will feel tomorrow.


This "tomorrow" has already become today in many respects. In fact Zhirinovsky's b-roll - "Not to Say Lies and Not to Be Afraid!" - maintains already quite formed hatred to "Edinaya Russia" and Putin, at that the hatred is not liberal but normal one. Also this b-roll is directed against those tools - against lie and fear - which public consciousness perceives as the basic attributes and sources of authority of "Edinaya Russia" and Putin.


It already perceives, it already has happened - both monstrous impudence and rudeness of ruling bureaucracy on these elections have fixed this perception.


The following stage - discredit of authority on presidential elections.


Now the dirt is thrown in the State Duma and carrying out of presidential elections under the same script will finally defame the president - both the future and present one.


And to obey to what causes loathing is very difficult.


So there is no sense to revolutionaries to be engaged in destruction of this authority: they cannot compete with it, it destroys itself more reliably and more quickly, it is necessary to be engaged in questions of future organization of life, to get prepared for creation instead of destruction.


Q. Wait, so, what do we have - the authority destroys itself?


A. Well, you've got it even in Sevastopol at last. Sorry.


Q. It's ok. Then it means that the Kremlin itself prepares "orange revolution" in Russia?


A. It's possible to say so, only not the Kremlin but the Old Square. The cores can-do men sit there. And, I think, they already today try - every for own owner - including to deprive Putin of opportunity to return to authority after his short-term transfer it to some Zubkov.


Q. And if to Sergey Ivanov?

A. And Sergey Ivanov will not return it. Character - «Nordic», not convenient to return on a place.

But the matter is not in it. The main thing - these gambling games by themselves in addition to boorish, shameful elections will destroy any rests of trust to a mode.

Q. And then - revolution?

A. And then system crisis. So that it doesn't turn into all destructive revolution, we should by the moment have a capable Russian party of common sense, capable to accept fallen authority and to direct on forcing modernization of the country.

And there is little time for its creation though ruling bureaucracy, "thanks to Putin", helps us in it.


Q. Yes, they evidently "downed" collaborator Zyuganov.


A. The matter is not that they "downed", but that the collaborator would not protect people who gave him their voice which was then stolen and given to the same "Edinaya Russia". He would not seriously protest, would not reveal falsifications, would not arrange real scandal - and thus he once again would betray those who believed in him.

But why do you "crocodile Gena" offend? The same concerns both Javlinsky, Chubajs's Union of Right Forces, Kasyanov and all other lumps of the 90th years.


And so it's high time to us to get engaged in the near future alongside with current organization work with open all-Russian discussion of the program of the future party. It can not fall from the sky and not be imagined by some clever guy, but it should ripen in the environment of our supporters, let even in deadlines.


Q. If there is some basis already?


A. Yes, just the comrades from the Sevastopol branch are in the process of its completion, so you are closer to them to hasten, than me. As there is such a feeling that it were they who had elections, not we. And that "the best is the enemy of the good" they are somehow not in a hurry to understand.

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