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Non-Drifting Moscow. Soviet People against Luzhkov

Non-Drifting Moscow. Soviet People against Luzhkov
Cherny Dmitry 15.09.2010

Do you see how successfully two seria of my articles joined - about privatization and cultural vandalism in Moscow? Political moment united them. Radical realism forges arms on the field of fight.

Ice broke up, though only in Moscow. If somebody considers that it's achieved only by monarch's will and is additional proof of all-might of federal power - is wrong. We (Left Front and allies) with persistence of chimney-sweeper from year to year, from month to month carried out Day of Anger - at last we got it. We cleaned off doors for perception. It has resonance even on TV.

Natural question: whose conscience we reached? I also was among those who complained: say maximum non-system opposition with its today's forces could reach is attention of the Kremlin to those problems which it's interested in. System opposition on budget money is engaged in right the same thing. It seems that such situation exists with Khimkinsky forest - but who would say that it was the Kremlin which settled it all in a moment (even if the Kremlin PR-manager was mixed up in information campaign on struggle with cutting off)? No - just protest wave reached the level which is comparable with the height of the Kremlin wall. Not to react is impossible, otherwise rating will decrease catastrophically. We will proceed from it to explain fight for Moscow started by the president who lately mentions mayor with cursing, reliable sources say.

If that were not we who on the eve of elections carried out Day of Anger near to the metro station "Ulitsa of 1905 year" (all who want could see my speech in the middle of the film "Massovka") having accusing mayor's powers earning billions annual budgets in favour of their clans? So, now whether we should keep silent only because the war of clans touched upper layers? The Kremlin inhabitants again privatize - but already not social property but benefits of our protest, will they transform their political capital to achieve victory on elections of one of them? Will we give up and keep silent?

There are such moods - they were expressed in the Day of Anger either by Kryger, or Kruger from "Solidarity": say, if the Kremlin inhabitants pulled out a torch eliminating impiety and ugliness from our hands, we are already not against Luzhkov as, roughly speaking, it can't be arsed. It is their business - of authorities - to convict each other... We took offence and changed our mind to go to the meeting - it's not our business now, we will watch TV where there's conviction...

If it is non-system opposition? It's intellectual slobbering! As with destruction of the USSR: "take the tip, I don't need a coat». Then it turns out that there is no oppositional truth - there is only favourable or unfavourable to someone information? Only kiddies could be frightened by such Kryger. Liberal opposition really proved itself here - "our business is to inform our big brothers on belief in the Kremlin, further organizational conclusions will be made without us".   

However, misters liberals, if it's not that system crisis you were dreaming about? Well than - don't throw a hammer, knock a wedge down deeper! However it's for shirkers-liberals - to wave with ground, to travel in paddy wagons. I am not talking here about Lev Ponomarev, however his nonparticipation in the Day of Anger has already joined in certain position of liberals apropos extra snubbed mayor... Well, it's difficult to finish any business with such misters.

Probably, because it's not "up to the end" their ideology. Here they will recollect about vital importance to protect though fig but liberals in power - they would for sure get frightened to think about revolution in Moscow. Meanwhile, left before the mayoralty left representation members of Left Front, "Vpered" and ex-national bolsheviks from "Freedom of Nation" didn't think so and didn't stop their protest only because of the Kremlin kitch but completed what they started. Yes, at the cost of their freedom and safety.

Look at this photo - not on the persons detained but on those who create violence, fill up coin box of images of Putin, police, post-epoch Russia. Here you are attitude of the bourgeois power to us, to those who pay taxes including on alimentation of these mongrels. If we need such system, such laws, such taxes and collectors of these taxes in the name of the mayor authorities? No.

So get closer look at physiognomies of those who feel their force and think they have the right to create lawlessness even under present laws. After all revolution only begins - it's our business to clean Augean stables in which for twenty years of capitalism of lot of «cap» shit accumulated. To pour tons of dirt on those who made not bad fortune from plunder of the USSR without white gloves of liberals.

To continue information war against fortune-makers - up to victory, to full eradication of capitalism and returning of stolen into socialist property! No liberal snivels. Struggle doesn't stop - let's note we are being already attacked. So any actions of the mayor authorities (not only violence during these Days of Anger) should be estimated only as inadequate reaction to criticism, as the proof of correctness of those who criticize.

Reaction of the Duma representatives and every possible "talking heads" in the morning after Day of Anger was characteristic for the Postepoch: information, dirty laundry shown on TV isn't indisputable and primary for them, it's important whose interests it persecutes. That is - it's banal - whether it is already time to believe? Whether it's time to say "coo" and before whom. Here you are the portrait of people's elects - all these browned off with lobbyism Duma members and other misters. All of them for a long time depend on feeding troughs which they joined and the slightest noise of fighting disperses them to convenient open-air cages where they are fed by their owners.

Now the danger threatens to the one of the biggest owners. Moscow as the center of capitalist repartition of the USSR is hated by all other cities because 80% of all capital of RF are concentrated here - dividends from privatization of social property. We, Muscovites, are being treated the same way as browned off mighty of the world. Unfortunately, not without reason. Recently I've heard conversation in polyclinic: one granny from intelligency who voted for Yeltsin protected Baturina, say, all compromising evidence about real estate in London is rebut, she was saying to other old woman. Then for weightiness she added: "What's the extra Luzhkov pays to your pension?" A pier, you should sit and keep silent. Here you are - psychology of degrading Soviet inhabitants. Not the city budget - but personally the owner-mayor pays charitably extras to them from fairly earned on tenancy of all Moscow.

Oh, bourgeoisified pettiness! Oh, impassable darkness, dullness of competent and sharp-witted before citizens of the USSR - we need to open eyes to so many people!

However, for some reason when month after month I published articles from series "Nondrifting Moscow" - all nodded but were not shocked. Yes, all these acts of lawlessness take place in Moscow, yes, architecture monuments are being ruined - but what can we do? Evil reigns, evil... The prophet of despondency Radzihovsky - colleague-psychologist by training - look at it with sad smile. Alas, Marxist psychology gave nothing personally to him, it only taught him sadly make helpless gestures behind the back of the collective Kremlin-bourgeois.

Well, it's necessary at least to fix an event informing those who even more strongly hammered in the doors of perception! The majority in a regressing society is down with this very illness: it decided that there's no truth henceforth at all, there are only interests of the customer. When the state customer only confirmed on TV tons of compromising data including ours accessible to everybody in the Network - actually nothing started changing.

Well, to begin with: if someone considers that while kings go mad, people should stay aside as Kryger - they are silly, cowardly and unworthy historical tasks opening after overthrow of the group of oligarches of Moscow and all Russia. After all only imagine - what truth about privatization, about decades of ruling of the Moscow neofeudal lords hasn't been revealed yet! Here it will become clear - how Soviet, that is public, national power differed from that one it was transferred into through counterrevolution. Than it will be clear what's purely methodological difference between the Moscow Council and the mayoralty. Yes, oppositional Moscow Council exists not for nothing and in certain situation it will be ready to take the Moscow reins in hands completing fondly begun by the Kremlin inhabitants on TV. Neither power officials, nor oligarchs will remain on the Soviet land. We will find those who will go too far.

By the way, about the mayoralty and personnel. Luzhkov and Baturina hold the blow, they decided to use "judicial resource" up to the end and bring an action universally to all who dared to say something bad about nasty things they do. One'd like to say "there's not enough to go round" but till now Luzhkov won all cases in Moscow, unless in 1995 he lost one to Anatoly Baranov, it was related to some information published by him, then developed in the book "The Mayor. Contemporary History of Gluhov City". Such small book - it gather dust for 15 years and after all it turns out that it contains all that is today shown on TV - also with documentary episodes, for example, about attempt on Moskovchenko - Moscow deputy at the time.

So: organizational conclusions regarding TV-dolly-in were made in the Moscow branch of EdRa - instantly. If the Kremlin inhabitants were going to knock mayor over the knuckles at least on a party line, they are already late: the secretary of the Moscow branch hastily retired as further fights approach. A person with loud surname but mild nature Karabasov doesn't suit for them. At last he is just a little connected by that main thing - vested, financially-material which "families" use to hold "true party members" near.

Mister Karabasov comes from Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, already in the USSR he was prominent functionary - secretary of the Moscow City Council CPSU, such kind nomenclature daddy. However he, namesake of the mayor, had also to retire on command. He was replaced by Elena Panina who is 61 years, she has Nordic shape and character, possibly, she lifted as she looks vigorous and young. She had nomenclature career behind her, she was the secretary over the Moscow industry, she even kept this post nowadays at businessmen. She was close to Luzhkov already in the late eighties, at Yeltsin - when the mayor supervised building of cooperative societies and climbed not only CPSU party ladder but also capital one as cooperative societies - as first indicators of capitalism, its first-borns and messengers... However, her husband, Panin, was closer to Luzhkov - he also supervised cooperative societies in the Moscow Council. He did it so successfully that earned attempt at his life directly within the precincts of Moscow Council, opposite to the office. It happens only if a person is near to some impressing sums of money.

So personnel shifts bear evidence to very serious military preparation of the mayor for stay on the post till June of next year. The day before yesterday one person told that when his chief - only managing financial department of one of military regiments - was ill for three months he managed to become the millionaire. Can you imagine how this wall-kick-back system of the Moscow camarilla work?!

The main thing in it is that there are no interdictions on demolition of building for a long time - as all is in one hands. In connection with it continuing theme "Nondrifting Moscow" I again pay attention of readers to the house on Karetnaya street which already in spring was prepared for a fire. They will not dare to demolish it - it's obviously modern, while it's quite possible to write it off on vagabonds - this system is worked out ideally.

Now it's crisis - it doesn't allow the builder to form situation - even Donstroy object remain not revetted for more than a year as even own banks don't give credits.

Really, this modern small house becomes a symbol, certain indicator, situation thermometer in Moscow. It's one of images of the capital - unique, unforgettable, low storey house in the style of 19-20th century. If it fires and I predict it for the second time (its destiny is very much alike the destiny of the house of Kekushev on 2nd Brestskaya Street, near to sign Triumphal Square, opposite to Institute of Ecology of a City - well, it's such ecology, they have burned down building before their windows!), it means that power of the mayor - is boundless and one can use the Kremlin megaphone sounded what was already known by all only as a funnel for oil. To pour cod-liver oil into the throat of whimsical large-headed I-phone...

Future You think, Moscow "family" will get dirt on the first person and first lady? It's hardly possible - future "pension" life is dear to them, they grabbed enough for lives of several generations in gold billion. However, let them fight - more truth will come to the light, to our, red, infra-red ruthless light! For it's impossible to place this gin back into the bottle - as we will start to convict, revolution steam locomotive won't stop till the time of establishing of communism. For we have no other way to go. We have accounts with the mayor power from the very beginning of a millennium, since May of 2000 year.

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