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Julia Timoshenko Came to Power Seriously and for Long

Julia Timoshenko Came to Power Seriously and for Long

Yesterday the Supreme Rada of Ukraine by open voting by 226 voices "pro" approved Julia Timoshenko as the prime minister of the country. «There is nothing surprising here, - the head of the Ukrainian editorial board of FORUM.msk, political scientist Vladimir Filin commented on phone from Minsk where he is now, - that Julia Vladimirovna becomes the head of the government, it was clear in the evening on September, 30th, when the results of exit-pools appeared, we wrote then about it on FORUM.msk».


In Vladimir Filin's opinion, "Julia Timoshenko has come to power seriously and for a long time. Those who consider that it will be possible to get rid of her and her cabinet in half a year are mistaken. On the contrary, it will be she who in half a year will get rid of enemies and begin to rule individually, even authoritatively. And in two years she will be elected as president and all imperious powers will be preliminary redistributed in her advantage".


Vladimir Filin expects "a series of antioligarchical and populist steps" from Julia Timoshenko. Nevertheless, "her historical mission - to overcome the split of Ukraine on the West and the East, to form uniform Ukrainian nation, to introduce Ukraine in WTO and NATO and to advance to the introduction into the incorporated Europe". "The time will show, whether she will cope with this target. But nobody from the holder of present Ukrainian politicians will cope with it", - the political scientist is convinced.


In the government formed by Julia Timoshenko and approved by the Supreme Rada Vladimir Filin noticed Minister of Defence Jury Ehanurov offered by the president: "He is skilled reliable person who will not admit pernicious experiments with army and will competently carry out military reform".


Vladimir Filin said about new first vice-premier Alexander Turchinov, that he changed his former negative opinion about him on positive one some time ago: "Turchinov - the nearest associate of Timoshenko, now he is a writer, but in fact he is cleverer and more persistent than many thinks of him. His position of the first deputy of new prime minister in the present situation is absolutely natural".


"Minister for Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ogryzko - the adherent of the president, - Vladimir Filin approves. - His approaches to key foreign policy problems in most cases correspond to today's needs of the country".


Meanwhile, ex-prime-minister Victor Janukovich declared that Julia Timoshenko's election on a post of the head of the government by all means should lead to political instability. He said about it acting from a tribune of parliament before resignation. In particular he stressed that "Timoshenko's election the prime-minister will deepen political instability and will unfortunately assist to confrontation in the society". Besides he noted that it would negatively effect social - economic development of Ukraine".


"People of Ukraine should know that, to our great regret, citizens cannot rely on improvement of life", - the leader of Party of Regions emphasized. Janukovich said that the Party of Regions "will support common sense in parliament and will not allow anybody to go by populism". He informed that Party of Regions passes to opposition. "Party of Regions passes to opposition. We made the decision and we emphasized it", - ex-prime-minister stressed.

Meanwhile the government of Julia Timoshenko already in the nearest future will approve the program of its activity for its next introduction for consideration and confirmation in the Supreme Rada. Alexander Turchinov declared.  


"It is the governmental program, therefore the session of the government should pass and approve it, only after that it can be brought in parliament", - Turchinov said and emphasized that the program was already prepared. "It is especially technical question", - he added.


Turchinov also expressed the assumption that session of the new government could take place today, on December, 19th. He also noted that the new government would concentrate on stabilization of economic situation and admission of the budget for the year 2008".


At the same time he admitted that the budget would be accepted "in extreme conditions". "Tow weeks remain before the new year and the budget hasn't been even proposed. It is a new situation for the country and the Supreme Rada therefore I think that the budget will be in preparation both in the day and at night in the nearest days", - the first vice-premier added.


Turchinov told that new government would not use the project of the state budget developed by the government of Victor Janukovich as a basis: "They have put in the budget false base, in particular, price for energy carriers and inflation index".


Meanwhile, Julia Timoshenko already in a rank of prime-minister touched upon gas question. "My position remains invariable: there shouldn't be intermediaries in the gas market. There is NAK "Naftogas of Ukraine" which we shall return to a normal financial condition. We shall stop all processes of bankruptcy and all processes of destruction in NAK "Naftogas of Ukraine", - she declared.


"On the other hand there is RAO "Gazprom" and there are two governments - the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Nobody needs intermediaries in this business. I think we will carry out negotiations with the RF in this key", - Timoshenko underlined.


Timoshenko also assured that Ukraine would carry out faultlessly its obligations on transit of gas in the European countries. "Ukraine as transit state for natural gas, will carry out its obligation on transits faultlessly", - she said.


According to Тimoshenko, Ukraine will not break obligations, both on volumes and on terms of transit of gas. She also assured that Ukraine would be reliable partner for the EU countries in that question. As Timoshenko said, the government was going "to examine gas questions thoroughly". "All agreements which were secret before will be examined. They were not made public, they were not taken to the government for examination", - prime minister noted.


Тimoshenko also informed that the government "will for sure initiate a meeting with our Russian colleagues to find out all the questions which relate with provision of Ukraine with natural gas as well as realization of transit of gas through territory of Ukraine".


As it's known, on results of negotiations of chairman of board of the Russian gas concern Alexey Miller with already former of Fuel-Energy Minister of Ukraine Jury Bojko taken place on December, 4th in Moscow, Ukraine will receive in 2008 import gas at a price of 179.5 dollars for a thousand cubic metre. In the current year Ukraine buys gas at 130 dollars.


The parties also agreed about increase of the rate of the tariff for transportation of gas on the territory of Ukraine and the tariff for transportation of gas on the territory of Russia for Ukraine up to 1,7 dollars from 1,6 for a thousand cubic metre on 100 km of distance.


In the meantime the People's Deputy from the Block "Our Ukraine - National Self-defense" Taras Stetskiv on December, 17th declared that the fraction "Our Ukraine - National Self-defense" would insist on elimination of company "RosUkrEnergo" from the number of gas intermediaries. In particular, answering a question, whether the fraction will insist on elimination of company "RosUkrEnergo" from the number of gas intermediaries, Stetskiv answered: "Categorically".


Besides, as he said, it is "especially necessary to lose "Ukrgas-Energo" - Joint Venture which belongs to "RosUkrEnergo" and "Petrogas". "This intermediary earns at least ten dollars on each thousand cubic metre. There is a table, two secretaries and millions - out of nothing. We shall insist on direct contracts with "Gazprom", - Stetskiv declared.


In her turn, leader of BJT Julia Timoshenko named the price for gas for Ukraine in 179,5 dollars for one thousand cubic metre the consequence of "brainless policy", at which "RosUrkEnergo" is an intermediary in the deliveries of gas to Ukraine.


"It's the consequence of absolutely brainless policy when "RosUkrEnergo" was admitted as intermediary", - she said to journalists making comments on gas arrangements between Russia and Ukraine.


Timoshenko reminded of presence of long-term agreements between Ukraine and Russia connected with transit of gas, Black Sea Fleet and other questions. As she said, compromises were reached on those questions. "Only one arrangement was broken off unilaterally - the price for gas", - she emphasized having added: "There is no logic here, it's - corruption".

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