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Victor Jushchenko Made Arrangement with Rinat Ahmetov and Created Power Counterbalance to Julia Timoshenko

Victor Jushchenko Made Arrangement with Rinat Ahmetov and Created Power Counterbalance to Julia Timoshenko

The president of Ukraine Victor Jushchenko appointed Raisa Bogatyryova the Secretary of National Safety and Defence Council.

Raisa Bogatyryova - one of the leaders of fraction the Party of Regions in present parliament (the 2-nd number of the electoral list). She headed fraction the PR in the previous Supreme Rada. She has two higher educations - medical and legal and also a degree of doctor of medical science, professor. Since January, 1999 till January, 2000 Bogatyryova occupied the post of the Minister of Health.

In opinion of experts, Raisa Bogatyryova's appointment to the post of the Secretary of National Safety and Defence Council should be considered through a prism of rapproachement of Victor Jushchenko with a part of Donetsk command representing business-group of Rinat Ahmetov. Rewarding of the representative of the Party of Regions Boris Kolesnikov with "For Merits" medal of the II degree is another fact in favour of such assumption.


We shall remind that on November, 26th Victor Jushchenko dismissed Ivan Pljushch from a post of the Secretary of National Safety and Defence Council. According the decree №1145/2007 Pljushch was dismissed in connection with his election the deputy of the Supreme Rada. Pljushch occupied the post from May of the current year.


After that, on December, 21st, Jushchenko withdraw from the structure of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine former first vice-premier Nikolay Azarov, Minister of Defence Anatoly Gritsenko, secretary of the Council Ivan Pljushch, Minister of Internal Affairs Vasily Tsushko, prime-minister Victor Janukovich and Minister of Foreign Affairs Arseny Jatsenjuk. At the same time Jushchenko entered into the structure of the Council new Minister of Defence Jury Ehanurov, Minister of Internal Affairs Jury Lutsenko, Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ogryzko and Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko. Jushchenko also dismissed Jury Prodan from the post of the assistant secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine in connection with his appointment to the post of Fuel-Energy Minister.


Yesterday, representing new Minister of Defence Jury Ehanurov to the military men, the head of the state put before him and the administrative board of the Ministry of Defence an aim to raise fighting capacity of the Ukrainian army, to provide transition of army to a contract basis of acquisition and charged them to use financial resources which the state gave to the department more effectively. "I am convinced that exactly such head is necessary today to the Ministry of Defence", - UNIAN quotes Jushchenko's words. The president added that Ehanurov had high weight in the society, besides, he fulfilled assigned duties professionally and with responsibility no matter what post he occupied.


The president hopes that it would be possible to solve questions which did not move from place earlier. In particular, increase of a level of patriotic education at staff was mentioned among such questions.


Also the president is not satisfied that the quantity of efficient parts is reduced every year in the country. He noticed that he cannot give concrete figures at the presence of mass-media, but added that it is "the greatest reproach to the Ministry of Defence lately".


As he said, the renewal of battle readiness of each fighting division is the main task of 2008. The head of the state considers that complaints to shortage of material resources is insufficient argument as the budget of defensive department increases for third annually. Besides Jushchenko charged the Ministry of Defence to analyse within three days all unexecuted till now decrees of the president - and report about it in 10 days. Among unexecuted orders the president mentioned decrees related to the transfer of the military objects for realization of the programs within the limits of preparation of Ukraine to the championship of the Europe on football in 2012. The Ministry of Defence, according to Jushchenko, shouldn't make any decisions on the contracts. The contracts should be fulfilled, the president noticed.


In his turn, new minister thanked the president for trust and assured that all knowledge and experience acquired by him would be effectively realized in the defensive ministry. During representation the president suggested all assistants of the former Minister of Defence Anatoly Gritsenko to write official reports about resignation. Jury Ehanurov will form new structure in coordination with the president.


The head of the Ukrainian editorial board of FORUM.msk Vladimir Filin by phone from Switzerland where he is now, making comments on changes in the power block said: "I believed that Anatoly Gritsenko would become the new secretary of the National Security and Defence Council. Appointment of Raisa Bogatyreva surprised me. I consider this appointment exclusively through a prism of policy: Bogatyryova should become some kind of Julia Timoshenko's counterbalance, her new post is - Victor Jushchenko's step towards Rinat Ahmetov. Jury Ehanurov's appointment Minister of Defence I, on the contrary, consider not only and not so much an attempt to protect army from Julia Timoshenko, carelessly promised to transfer it on acquisition under the contract already from the 1st of January, 2008, but as a certain lifebuoy ring for Julia Vladimirovna who now could easily say everywhere that the transfer to the contract army is being tightened by the minister appointed by the president and not submitting to her.


On the other hand, military men treated Ehanurov's appointment relieved. In the same way employees of Security service of Ukraine are quite satisfied with the fact that the president has suggested the Supreme Rada to approve Valentin Nalivajchenko the chapter of the Security Service of Ukraine. Both these nominees allow to hope that the Ukrainian special services - Intelligence Department and Security Service of Ukrain - will be protected from risky experiments and incompetent intervention in their work from those officials and politicians who would like to involve them into internal political struggle in Ukraine".

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