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Victor Janukovich Supported Julia Timoshenko Against Victor Jushchenko and Rinat Ahmetov

Victor Janukovich Supported Julia Timoshenko Against Victor Jushchenko and Rinat Ahmetov

The president of the country Victor Jushchenko entered Raisa Bogatyryova into the structure of the National Security and Defence Council Ukraine. It's written in the Decree "About Modification of the Decree of the President of Ukraine of the 11th of September, 2006 №749 "About the Structure of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine" of the 25th of December, 2007 placed on official site of the head of the state.

Yesterday, on December, 24th Victor Jushchenko signed the decree about appointment of Bogatyryova the Secretary of the Council. However, the party of regions, from which party she is the deputy of the Supreme Rada, doesn't agree on this appointment. The leader of the Party of Regions Victor Janukovich told about it to the press after his meeting with the Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko.

The presidium of the Party of Regions didn't agreed with the fact that Raisa Bogatyryova occupied a post of the Secretary of the Council, People's Deputy Vasily Khara confirmed the words of ex-prime-minister. He noted that Bogatyryova should get defined with her position. As Khara said, "she has made the decision to occupy the post in the National Security and Defense Council by herself and has time to think till morning". Now all depends on her personal decision, the deputy added. As he said, by situation, Bogatyryova all the same would agree with appointment but "it would seem that she asked for the time to agree her decision with political force".

In his turn Victor Janukovich noted that he considered inadmissible representation of opposition in the state bodies. As he said, Bogatyryova hasn't made the decision yet on the transfer to the post of the secretary of the council.

At the same time the leader of the homonymous block and fraction Vladimir Litvin supposes that Bogatyryova agreed to her appointment the secretary of the National Council. "As much as I know, Bogatyryova agreed to the post", - he said. Litvin emphasized that it is difficult to imagine that the president of Ukraine makes decrees without beforehand meeting with the candidate to the appointed post.

Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko in her turn declared that she is going to have constructive cooperation with the president of Ukraine Victor Jushchenko and not going to object to his personnel decisions. In that way she commented an appointment of the representative of the Party of Regions on the post of the secretary of the National Council.

"In our two commands which create coalition there is an arrangement on differentiation of responsibility in relation to these or those levels of authority. According to the Constitution it's obvious that appointment of the Secretary of the National Council is in president's competence and he doesn't need any agreements and visaing for it", - Timoshenko said. 

Prime Minister noted that she is going to have cooperation with all heads which will be appointed by the president of Ukraine. "I wish to stop any oppositions between various branches of authority", - she said.

The head of the Ukrainian editorial board of FORUM.msk Vladimir Filin, making comments on a situation by phone from Switzerland where he is now, said: "Raisa Bogatyreva's appointment had the double purpose for the president. Firstly, Victor Jushchenko tried to create on behalf of Bogatyryova a counterbalance to Prime Mnister Julia Timoshenko.

Secondly, with the help of that appointment he made a step forward to that part of the Party of Regions which's oriented on the deputy of the Supreme Rada Rinat Ahmetov.

Naturally, neither Timoshenko, nor Janukovich are glad to such appointment. The decision of the Party of Regions not to support transfer of Bogatyryova to the National Council substantially debases Victor Jushchenko's plan: it's one thing if when the largest parliamentary fraction is behind Bogatyryova and absolutely another - when she represents only herself.

Meanwhile, ex-minister Anatoly Gritsenko whom till last moment was tipped for the Secretary of the National Council declared, that the president of Ukraine Victor Jushchenko didn't understand either armies, or reforms which took place in it. He said it making comments on Jushchenko's words about decrease of a level of military combat readiness in army.

In particular, Gritsenko noted, that "if it was a question of professional discussion, I could result tens arguments which confirm increase of combat capacity of Armed forces and system character of changes for the best". "But there is no saying about professional approach, I shall be limited to the short remark", - he said. According to ex-minister, "unfortunately, for three years the President failed to understand either army, or maintenances and depths of those reforms which have been carried out in it". "Probably, that is the reason why the level of confidence in army in the society is higher than the level of confidence in the Commander-in-Chief", - Gritsenko stressed.

Let's remind, that on December, 24th Jushchenko declared during representation of new Minister of Defence of Ukraine Jury Ehanurov that "the point of falling of combat readiness of Armed forces has been reached" and that "combat capacity of the Armed forces will not fall lower than it any more". However, a little bit earlier, on November, 10th the president, being in presidential regiment, approvingly characterized activity of the management of Ministry of Defence of the time, having noticed that there's order in that department.

Vladimir Filin believes that "there is an insult both in critical estimations of the president and in the words of ex-minister. However, the level of combat capacity of army is really low. On the other hand, intended plan of actions on reduction of a number of Armed forces of Ukraine and their transfer to acquisition under the contract will allow APU to fulfill the targets  problem in the structure of collective forces of NATO at an acceptable level.

Anatoly Gritsenko's remark, that Victor Jushchenko doesn't quite understand the problems of army, hardly requires discussion. Such presidents as George Bush and Vladimir Putin understand in military affairs even less, than our president, while armies of their countries, unlike Ukraine, carry out real fighting antiguerrilla actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and on Caucasus and, moreover, are armed with the rocket-nuclear weapon".

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