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The USA “Stabilizes” Pakistan and Iran

The USA “Stabilizes” Pakistan and Iran
Roeva Natalya 29.12.2007

Benazir Bhutto, former prime-minister of the country, was killed yesterday in a city Rawalpindi in Pakistan after a meeting of opposition. Benazir Bhutto died from the wounds received as a result of act of terrorism of the suicide - bomber. At that he first shot at a breast and neck and then undermined himself.


Right after Bhutto's death in a number of cities of Pakistan mass disorders started. Scale collisions of police and oppositionists took place in administrative capital of a province Punjab the city Lahore. According to TV reporters, collisions were accompanied by skirmish, there are wounded persons. According to some data, one person is killed, several police cars are burnt.


Serious disorders took place in the largest city of the country Karachi where Benazir Bhutto traditionally had big popularity. Crowds on the streets smashed show-windows, burned down tire covers and partitioned off streets. Hundreds supporters of the Party of Pakistan People which Bhutto supervised arranged massacre in a building of hospital where the leader of opposition was delivered after the wound. The president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf at an emergency meeting condemned the murder of ex-prime-minister and called population of the country not to organize disorders, keep cool and continue the struggle with terrorism. According to his words, if the country "remained peaceful", "the plan of terrorists would be overcome".


It was not the first attempt on the life of Bhutto. Right after her arrivals to the country from long-term emigration in city Karachi two bombs came into action on a way of a train. Then nearby 140 people died, however, Bhutto escaped death. In the further she continued to receive threats from terrorists from "Al-Kaida".


On forthcoming parliamentary elections on the 8th of January Benazir Bhutto intended to oppose supporters of the president Musharraf. In opinion of legal experts, elections will not be fair and honest - oppositionists of authority will not manage to carry out full-scale election campaign. However, Musharraf assured beforehand that voting would pass without infringements.


The murder of Bhutto occurred just in a couple of weeks after cancellation of state of emergency which was declared by authorities on November, 3rd. Then the action of the Constitution was suspended, not state information telechannels were disconnected from announcement, army entered the capital of Pakistan Islamabad and some other cities. Authorities explained introduction of state of emergency by the growth of quantity of acts of terrorism and activization of the armed groupings on border with Afghanistan. The opposition accused authorities of infringement of the constitution, a number of oppositional parties and movements declared that they were going to boycott forthcoming elections.


Making comments on the tragedy occurred, observer of FORUM.msk Ruslan Saidov by phone from Istanbul said:


"It is doubtless that behind the murder of Benazir Bhutto there is one of the fractions of the Pakistan special services, at that the tacit consent for liquidation, probably, was given by the Americans.


There was a pressure upon the president Musharraf in the autumn that he should allow Bhutto return to the country from emigration and, moreover, would appoint her prime minister. It kept within the concept of the American neo-conservatives headed by Vice-president Richard Cheney proclaimed universal planting of democracy following the western sample in the Islamic world. In concrete conditions of Pakistan democratization inevitably would lead to the general chaos fraught with loss of control over the nuclear weapon.


However, now moderate opponents of Robert Cheney whose informal leader became Minister of Defence Robert Gates have stronger positions in Washington. Proceeding from pragmatical reasons Gates proved to be the opponent of use of rough military force, the supporter of transactions and compromises all over Near and Middle East from Palestine up to Iran and Afghanistan.


Those trends didn't bypass Pakistan. It was necessary to reconsider considerably already started script literally on the move. First the USA closed eyes to introduction by president Musharraf of the state of emergency. And when it appeared to be insufficient, they, it is not excluded, gave carte blanche to the Pakistan militarians and special services on elimination of Bhutto, naturally, with the hands of radical Islamites".


Meanwhile, as "Inopressa" informs, international mass-media continue to discuss activization of the Russian-Iranian cooperation in the military and nuclear spheres took place at once after the publication of the known report of the National Investigation of the USA in which it's affirmed that else in 2003 Iran curtailed all works on creation of a nuclear bomb.


After delivery of the Russian nuclear fuel in Busher, the western press informs, there was an acknowledgement that Russia would deliver also antiaircraft-rocket complexes S-300 to Iran. It's the freshest reminder that the Iranian course of Bush's administration is not affective, observers write. Military experts note that S-300 are capable of making considerable damage on the American and Israeli forces, if they attack Iran.


Modernized S-300, British Guardian informs, attack the American and Israeli military planes. Yesterday Iran confirmed that Russia agreed to give rocket-antiaircraft complexes S-300 to the country. This step for certain will cause irritation of Bush's administration as it will additionally confirm that the strategic partnership between Russia and Iran goes deep, Luk Garding believes.


The Russian experts on defense confirmed yesterday that that system of antiaircraft defense initially developed in the 1970th years would considerably improve opportunities of Iran to incapacitate aircraft of the opponent. According to the experts, the range of the complex S-300 is more, than of the American system Patriot, at that it's also capable to force down cruise and ballistic missiles.


"It is magnificent system. It, certainly, will lift Iranian air defense to a new level, - some Russian expert on defense wished to be unknown said. - It's purely defense system. But it's very effective. It's much better than the American one. It's equipped by good radar. It's capable, though with some effort, of bringing down cruise missiles flying low".


The sale of antiaircraft-rocket complexes was carried out after a while after the president of Russia Vladimir Putin in October visited Iran to participation in the summit of the states of Near-Caspian region. It was the first trip of the Russian leader to Teheran after Stalin's participation in a meeting at the highest levels with Churchill and Roosevelt in 1943, the correspondent reminds. Putin precisely declares that he opposes the rigid attitude of the USA to Iran and defends the right of Iran to carry out peace nuclear program. He also repeatedly derided plans of Bush's administration on accommodation of system of antimissile defense in the Europe for counteraction to potential starts of rockets with nuclear warheads from Iran or Northern Korea. President Bush, New York Times writes, is reluctant to start the next quarrel with the Russians. Therefore last week he acted dimplomatically and declared: it's good, that Russia at last delivered fuel for reactor of the Iranian atomic power station in Busher constructed by the Russians. Do not trust to this announcement, it's written in the editorial clause "Fuel for Busher". The risk that Teheran can use this fuel representing low enriched uranium for manufacture of the weapon is rather insignificant; but political importance of these deliveries is not possible to call insignificant in no way. It's the freshest reminder that the Iranian rate of Bush's administration inefficient. Moscow - it would prefer to sell to Iran some more nuclear reactors - obviously decided that now all constraining mechanisms were disconnected as Intelligence services of the USA informed that Teheran in 2003 stopped its secret developments of a nuclear weapon. This week Teheran informed that Russia would also deliver it powerful new system of antiaircraft defense. New York Times names new position of Moscow - "everything is allowed". And Russia - is not the unique country interested in expansion and not in curtailing of trade with Iran, the edition writes, expressing fear that not only Russia will apprehend the new report of National Investigation of the USA as "green street" to give in to this temptation.


Making comments on reaction of the western mass-media, Ruslan Saidov noted:


"For the moderate fraction in administration of the USA the deliveries of the Russian air defense system and nuclear fuel to Iran is one more way to let everybody know that there couldn't be the American impact across Iran. For this reason so languid reaction to the deliveries limited only by verbal condemnation followed from Washington.


On the other hand, actions of Russia caused rigid criticism of the western and especially Israeli press and politicians. Undoubtedly, they will even more strengthen a negative to Russia in Israel that will inevitably affect not only the Russian-Israeli but also, for clear reasons, future Russian-American relations".
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