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Cow - to Poleaxe. And What to Do with Power?

Cow - to Poleaxe. And What to Do with Power?
Robert Soloviev 29.09.2010

Cow - to poleaxe. And what to do with power? Recently I has learned that Sofia Ivanovna decided to poleaxe a cow. Ivanovna is acquaintance of mine for quite a long time - from 1990 year when I bought a piece of land in a small village of Labushino that near village Sretenye, since then I am engaged there in gardening. All these years Sofia Ivanovna always has cows, sometimes one, sometimes two. Moreover there were goats, sheep, pigs, not to mention hens in her in her farm. As you see - great Russian worker. Last years the quantity of the poultry decreased but she always has at least the cow with a calf (till winter time). Now she decided ... to poleaxe the cow. What's the matter?

The main reason is that mixed fodder has considerably risen in price. It became not profitable to have the cow. She says she wanted to sell the cow, announcements hung long time but no interested persons appeared. It's no wonder. Few cows remained in the district.

A number of owners had cows in the neighbouring village of Kolominskoe, there was even a farmer there, now - none! The same situation in other nearby small villages. What's the need to talk about cows in personal farmsteads. Till last years there were two farms of horned livestock in the village near to Sretenye. One in the village of Filisovo - the native land of our well-known fellow countryman general Pavel Ivanovich Batov, other in the village of Zapolye. Now they don't exist - they are destroyed.

I read communiques - quantity of cows in Russia for years of Putin reforms almost three times reduced. The same situation is in our Rybinsk area. I will note that Rybinsk area on variety of indicators is today one of the best in Yaroslavl region and exposition of the region presented at regional exhibition recently passed in Yaroslavl "Yaragro-2010" was recognized the best. Though there's long way to reach indicators of the Soviet period, all honor to peasants of Rybinsk area.

Really, many of them work selflessly, initiatively, in the grove in difficult conditions. In particular, milk manufacture is constantly growing last years. It happens even at decrease of quantity of cows. It means that yields of milk have considerably increased. I'd like to say the following. After all cows, as it is known, give not only milk but also meat. If the quantity of cows decreased three-four-five times, it means that the quantity of calves and consequently the quantity of domestic beef will be produced the same way less.

Whether our governors don't know about it? Certainly they know. They don't follow the way of domestic agricultural manufacturer. Say, they will help. While they - from abroad - don't help us, they make profit at our expense. They thank Russia that it supports foreign agricultural manufacturers. Instead of increasing of a number of cattle Russia last years in large quantities (more than 20 million tons annually) exports fodder grain - say, there's no need for the Russian men and women, different sofia ivanovna and victor mihajlovich, to work, let foreign farmer work and then we will buy meet at not decent price.

Thus dear Russians have to buy ten times frozen beef and not only beef but also buffalo and kangaroo. They import from far abroad what could be freely produced in considerable volumes in Russia. In general the country thanks to Putin worthless policy has lost food independence and now half of foodstuffs that Russians eat are products of foreign production. Peasants are being cornered also by the price policy which is carried out in the country.

In one the Soviet period one liter of diesel fuel cost five times less, than 1 kg of grain bought from peasants. Now it's different - one liter of diesel fuel costs five times more. Who establishes the price on diesel fuel and other energy carriers? Well, Putin government, that's it!

After all the cost of everything produced, including agricultural products, depends on the cost of energy carriers. Whether governors don't know about it? Certainly they know. But they persistently continue the policy of destruction of Russia.

Despite some, seemingly reasonable statements of Medvedev and Putin, in practice they are not going to change this policy. Personally I draw this conclusion at least after such statement of Putin published in the newspaper "Businessman" on August, 30th, 2010. I quote: "As a whole the country develops steadily and I don't see big problems". Here you are. While you, dear readers, complain about ruin of industry and agriculture, about unemployment, about degradation of culture, about expensive medical treatment, about growing prices for the goods and services, etc. While "the leader of the nation", the head of the party in power "Edinaya Russia" doesn't see any problems and considers that the country develops steadily.

To tell you the truth I have no decent words to comment V.Putin's statement. What to do?

There are a lot of answers. But I result the simplest, the one which could be realized best of all and effective at the same time. All Russian voters, all Ivanovnas, Pavlovnas, Petroviches, Nikolaeviches, etc., etc. should participate in all elections being carried out - municipal, regional, federal. Thus not to vote at all for candidates of the party "Edinaya Russia" and the more so for V.Putin and D.Medvedev.


City of Rybinsk

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