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Ukrainian Officials Would Be Compelled to Keep within Means

Ukrainian Officials Would Be Compelled to Keep within Means

The cabinet at the session led by prime-minister Julia Timoshenko on Wednesday assumed the program of activity under the name "Ukrainian break: for people, not politicians" as a basis. According to Тimoshenko, basic messages of the reference of the president to parliament which is expected on January, 15th will be considered in the document. Only after that the document will be approved and transferred to the parliament.

Timoshenko's program symbolically begins with section "A Man and His Development", that reechoes with fashionable in a current political season references to post-industrial economy, "economy of knowledge" and "human capital".

Ukrainian judicial system is threatened with reform. Economic courts will be "modernized" into special courts on consideration of commercial affairs. Introduction of institute of a jury court as well as creation of independent appellate court for recertification of all judges and checks of conformity of their incomes to financial position is planned. Timoshenko's government plans to strengthen the criminal liability for bribery and also cancellation of all paid services which are given by the authorities.


- From the point of view of normal state position Julia Timoshenko's offers are very logical, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - In Russia where corruption has turned to a state policy and high-ranking officials of the state openly speak about "status rent", the offer to check up conformity of legal incomes of the officials to their material position looks simply as "extremism". Because if you enter similar position in Russia, it will be necessary simply to enclose all Rublevka with barbed wire because none of the inhabitants could explain in his tax return where he has got everything he has. At that the first in this list is - president Putin who can never explain, whence he has got such watches, such suits and such brilliants for his wife. And Kudrin cannot. And, by the way, Jushchenko as well. Meanwhile Тimoshenko - can, here is a tidbit. Consequently at each corner they hang up "a terrible sin" on her - populism. I want populism! I want populism very much also in the Russian policy so that the president and prime-minister stand in a doggystyle before the voter and think in what way to please him! Because I am sick and tired to stand in a traffic jam, because some turd goes to the Kremlin or the House of Government by the same route I use. I am sick and tired to see that pieces of gas-and-oil pie pass by my mouth. It makes me tired to see "Porsche" with state plates and to read in the society column about people who deserve to be mentioned in the column "from the court". It is offensive, certainly, that the Russian language will not receive the status of the official in Ukraine. But Julia in fact never promised it - Janukovich promised but the status of the Russian language didn't change after his promises. It is offensive, that veterans of war now will be equal to the mongrels from Ukrainian Rebel Army but in fact it was not our war. We lost our war and now - vae victis. If we in Russia could show free and democratic mode, social justice, triumph of law and other pleasures of life, other will turn o us. Now - we are pointed with finger from abroad, children are frightened by us. If only to live just to populism... But as sure as death Julia will be eaten away by jushchenkos with ekhanurovs. They will wait till she will lose her footing - and will be as Johnny on the spot. May be to invite her then to us instead of Kasyanov? Very prospective idea...
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