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Uzbek Lioness Is Ready for a Jump!

Uzbek Lioness Is Ready for a Jump!
Sabir Karimov 18.01.2008

Recently an article of Akram Asrorov "January Castling. Personnel Rearrangements in Uzbekistan Strengthen Rustam Azimov" appeared on a site Centrasia. In this article the question of the successor of authority in Uzbekistan is being brought again. The author "slightly" lets know that the campaign on transfer of authority to reliable hands should have been started long ago in Uzbekistan. It chooses as one of the candidates in such "reliables" Rustam Azimov.


If to track Rustam Azimov's state career, his so-called "rises" and "falling", it is possible to draw conclusions that he always used to be a "toy" in someone's big game. Not a pawn but not also a queen. Most likely he was necessary as an expert on the international financial questions and no more. To give authority in charge of the native from Tashkent, more powerful clan - "Samarkand-Dzhizak" won't let also.


The president trusts only to his family. And if it is necessary to search the reliable successor, then it's necessary to do in the family. No matter what they say, the senior daughter of Islam Karimov - Gulnara Islamovna in greater degree corresponds for this role. Who ever the successor is, he should pass "face-control" in the most powerful organization of a present mode, i.e. republic SNB. Or to have influential person, so-called "top storey" in it.


The chapter of SNB Rustam Inoyatov could be such a person. But by hearsay aged chairman of SNB is not absolutely feeling well for some time past - physically. So, most likely that in this organization also in the nearest future the "successor" will appear. It's possible to note Shukhrat Gulyamov from vice-presidents of SNB - he is comparably young, moderately arrogant, has no slanderous communications, his character is if not Nordic than sufficient for these breadthes. He could be a kind of certain pendulum between two most influential clans of the republic. Tashkent-Fergan and Samarkand-Dzhizak.


It is necessary to consider one more side, the successor should satisfy the Russian imperous circles. Rustam Azimov is being considered by everybody, including in Russia, more westernized than proRussian. And it speaks to the profit of Gulnara Karimova.


Gulnara Karimova began promptly to attract to herself necessary people. Except for above-named vice-president of SNB this circle has soaked up also the general public prosecutor of the republic. Despite of the influence of these two persons, Mirodil Zhalolov - the chapter of the concern "Zeromakh" - is the main in the environment or in staff of Gulnara Karimova. Earlier twice condemned for a swindle Mirodil flied up as a bright meteorite in economic and political orbit of the republic. His breath-taking career in the environment of Gulnara Karimova became the biggest puzzle for many.


Not the last role in this environment is being played by prominent "authority" and businessman Salim Abduvaliev. Recently, in a restaurant "Versailles" an opening of that elite institution was celebrated, under applause of the ones present Salimbaevich overstrewed the heads of dancing Gulnara and Mirodil not one or two thousand dollars but 100 thousand. Here you are appetites.


Concern "Zeromakh" was always considered as the main object in financial empire of Gulnara Karimova. The concern recently has sharply flied up, started wining all competitions and tenders of large transactions and contracts in the republics. The shares of the company flied up sky-high. The company started to carry out 95% of all projects of the oil-and-gas industry of Uzbekistan. There are rumours that the Russian Gazprom invested in the development of a large deposit of gas in Uzbekistan the sum of 1 billion 250 million US dollars. According to Uzbek documents that "bargain" passed as for the sum of 250 million dollars, the rest 1 billion dollars went to the "bank" of the command "Gulnara - Mirodil".


The concern once was registered in America. But Gulnara Karimova became persona non grata in America and thye had to re-register it urgently in Switzerland. But there were in Switzerland people who could spoil the so-called reputation of the organization. It appeared to be one of the sons of once influential and mighty chapter of concern "Shark" Shoguljamov. He was once "chucked steak" by Mirodil Zhalolov for a big sum. The Shoguljamovs "helped" Mirodil to get to the prison for a swindle. Naturally no one from them forgot anything.


The son of Shoguljamov who once left for Switzerland started to merge some information about injust affairs of concern "Zeromakh" to the Swiss bodies of justice. Naturally neither Gulnara, nor Mirodil Zhalolov liked it. A subject for revenge was found at once. The command amicably started to work, Ganisher Shoguljamov - a brother and another son of Shoguljamov - was imprisoned. He is demanded 10 billion sums as indemnification.


The great role in his arrest was played by the general public prosecutor who received, as they say, 3 million dollars for it.


But Ganisher Shoguljamov is not the last victim of the command which began preparation for the capture of authority. Cleaning off of a "path" has gradually started. Both average layers of businessmen and officials and high began to get under it. Tashkent judge Zakir Isaev who began to expose "loudly" some influential people who interfere with the command "Gulnara-Mirodil" also dances after the pipe. Most likely in this game with Isaev not everything was thought out to the end and it hang in mid-air.

So, the command has begun the game, all this speaks that it has ambitious plans. The main goal - presidential post. It is clear to everybody that Gulnara Karimova wishes to be the president, Mirodil Zhalolov - prime-minister. The command extends, new well-tried members are being involved in it. They even have taken care of the future, about 40 young children are directed to prestigious western educational institutions, it seems that in the future they should pull out national economy from a deep bog where it's brought by premature and dull reforms of the current mode of the republic. People of Uzbekistan have only to hope and rely on better future.
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