dvedev in China: Neznajka against Stalin

dvedev in China: Neznajka against Stalin

"We should together care of memory, memory of future generations supposing no distortion of historical events, we should defend truth about events of that war as there is a force which tries to change this historical truth", - Medvedev said to Chinese people.

The president thanked veterans for what was done by them and also for that contribution which they brought in relations between Russia and China. In their turn the Russian and Chinese veterans shared memoirs about events of World War II, about how they struggle with Medvedev.

"We admire the Soviet supreme commander in chief comrade Stalin but never had possibilities to see him and the more so to take photo with him. Now, when we already lived long life we met the president of Russia and we are inexpressibly glad, we would like to take photo with you", - one of the representatives of the Chinese veterans told at the end of the meeting.

"You represent the Russian people and you are for us a symbol of the country which gave us Marxism and Stalinism", - she added...

Editor of FORUM.msk Dmitry Cherny sums up:

- The conflict of estimations of history amazingly brightly highlighted first of all ideological backwardness of Russia which is reigned now by Medvedev. It's long time since such capacious images reflecting real state of affairs in Russia and a role of Russia in world politics were condensed so much in political digest. Not only that Neznajka-modernizator became a symbol of RF at exhibition in the Peoples Republic of China (even our politically correct humorists wouldn't think it up) but also the president bowed with pathos to veterans-communists (Red Guards among them who can't be suspected of revisionism) walked smack in unexpectedness. It turns out that Chinese people know and honour history of the Soviet Union better, than dear Russians headed by Medvedev. On May, 9th, 2010 in commemoration of 65th anniversary of Victory he publicly crossed out Stalin from the list of winners and in general ignores his historical role in dissident way, liberal-like.

Well, Chinese people don't keep up with changes in estimations of the past of the USSR from the part of anti-Sovietly adjusted power oligarchy! Veterans studied to build socialism, industry, army on example of the USSR are incapable to understand how the country which once became super-power at Stalin could start so quickly hating leader-creator and now actually continuing movement back, regress still mutters something about modernization. Modernization? Well, Medvedev - then rehabilitate the only consecutive in the history of XX-th century modernizer - Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (subjected to repression in the literal meaning of the word, no trial, no record by congress of revisionists in the CPSU), that generalissimo of that very Great Victory which Chinese people admire.

Poor Medvedev... Simple liberal is incapable to make such historical decisions. He still wears diapers, nothing could be to be done about it. He wanted to play with Iphone here - instead he is being told about Stalinism. Veterans will tire you up everywhere.

Who is younger here - on belief, according to XX-th century - our petty Iphone or the Chinese veterans? Certainly, they are, Chinese people, Red Guards - for the main thing for them in history of the USSR is the one that reclaimed the country from an agrarian plowed land into the space opened by us. Marxism which became in practice Leninism-Stalinism. Everyone who is afraid of such understanding of history of the USSR - is irrevocably old and Iphones won't help him to rejuvenate. "Stalin - is our youth flight".

It is possible to forgive to old men misunderstanding of that present shameful RF is not even a parody to the USSR, not its successor in the ideological plan. It is its simply geographical rest with bowels being devastated by present power. So desire to take photos with the president of "that country" which they respected, were afraid, were going even to fight - is explainable though amusing to us. Though we are more ridiculous with such power at the head, than veterans lost political orientation in the Russian changes-reorganizations.

Joining my newspaper chief Maxim Kalashnikov, I confidently declare: real modernization is possible in the new USSR only at unconditional rehabilitation of Stalin and all his epoch. Stalin's mausoleum (I suggest to erect it in Stalingrad) - necessary attribute of communistic in its essence modernizations the same way as the State Commission on Electrification - attribute of electrification. Then even China which is ahead of us long time ago will take off a hat - it will be estimated by all, they will feel strong palpitation of the strong country instead of a playing games with Iphones in hands of power oligarchy. Spontaneous returning to Stalin's precepts begun in the first five-years period of "zero" years - has highlighted public moods. To head them - a task for the politician. Previous president made it for short time following sordid and political motives but soon "he came off".

Russians wanted not Putin stabilization at the beginning of millennium but returning the rights of the socialist property, deposition of oligarchs as class, returning of participation in control and inevitable modernization of the country - after all it is necessary to get out of a recourse funnel not to die at last. Alas, now Medvedev, continuing demagogical PR policy begun by Gorbachev, only deepens recourse speaking about progress. Once this schizophrenia will turn into epilepsy of power. We should be on call "together care of memory".


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