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About Minimal Living Set of Democratic Values

About Minimal Living Set of Democratic Values
Oleg Sultanov 05.02.2008

The policy of "new boundaries" for our society, designated by Dmitry Medvedev on January, 22nd at II Civil Forum, in general consists in emotional appeals to create strong power with the strong economy, capable to improve life of people. But if Vladimir Putin during those 8 years declared not the same? We shall recollect, each his message to Federal Assembly if to trust to Edinaya Russia followers - is a part of some "Plan of Victory". It's widely advertised, but seen to nobody document, in opinion of a party "Edinaya Russia", ahs sharply changed and continues to change our once unexciting life to the best.


By December of the last year above-stated "Plan ... " if took on belief pre-election political advertising of members of Edinaya Russia, made in general life of the Russians a stay in stable social paradise. And suddenly, in my opinion, shocking show ring theses (Civil Forum passed in the central showroom "Manezh") of - for the present moment - the first vice-president of the government Mister D. Medvedev to respectable public. Why shocking?


Thus Dmitry Anatolevich directly specified that the main object of application of all forces of the state "should become not simply social branches but, first of all, citizen". Does it mean, all past eight years our governors developed branches having forgotten about people?


Well, it's clear thing, that if we elect Medvedev, each of us will become a concrete point of application of fatherlike care of the state headed by him.


It is necessary to note, that in general such words as "should" and "it's necessary", at that with powerful super-intellectual semantic meaning sounded often in his performance. For example, the future president (if someone doubts in it?!) informed participants of the Civil Forum that "the public health services and the demographic program should geared towards preservation and augmentation of the Russian nation". If, for example, I was the listener in a hall of Manezh, I would not check myself and would reminded the official that not illiterate fools were before him, but, let's call it, the toffs who understood without vice-premier's morals that the public health services should better the health of the nation and not worsen it.


However, I remove all claims to official's stylistics if the future owner of the Kremlin meant actions of the recent Minister of Health and Social Development Mister M. Zurabov appointed to that post by, if you remember, operating president... As once V. Putin, his protege now also complained on pensioner's burdens: " ... We need to build competently effective pension system which would really provide our people a worthy old age".


Well, then what were you together with Zurabov building those couple of years built, Dmitry Anatolevich? Meanwhile for "your people" (ministers, deputies, employees of administration of the president, the government) you already long time built actually very effective pension system which provided them with not worthy, but the most worthy old age! I shall not recite figure, you know them better, than I do, isn't it so? And this fact testifies that the members of your high-ranking Petersburg command think, first of all, of themselves and only then about people.


NOW in Manezh you promised to think of people of Russia. Well, Mister-comrade Medvedev, if you passed army service, you would know: a good commander, first of all, cares of soldiers and then - solves personal problems.


Excuse me, but it's funny to read the text of your performance, especially, when you spoke that struggle against corruption should become the national program. It's the same as to publish the Bible as the Criminal code. Sinners know and without the national program that to kill, steal, take bribes and plunder is a sin. And you personally and your colleagues know that corruption found in YOUR country official soul; a street cleaner or any other hard worker cannot be corrupted persons by definition. To transform the process of normal fulfillment of laws into the National Program - means to make a sight of oneself. Allocate money for the fulfillment of this "national program", so that "executors" steal them at once!


The main obstacle of development of democracy in Russia, in your opinion, is the mentality of its inhabitants who, the unreasonables, cannot combine national traditions "with fundamental set of democratic values" in any way. Whether it's so, Dmitry Anatolevich!?


Our national traditions, as the centuries-old history of the country testifies, always were perfectly combined with those moral norms which were pro bono to people and the state as a whole. Therefore, you would better specify, what you meant  speaking about "fundamental set of democratic values".


The severe facts are such that Russia is now, before elections of the new chapter, on a boundary which can become and a turning point. At that the voters, despite all efforts of the Kremlin, can give own - emotional characteristic and a real national evaluation of the forthcoming process of elections. It's not a secret in fact that during the period of election campaign of the last year its organizers chose political slogans which in March of the current year could fail. The closer is the day of presidential elections, the oftener should, I think, sound REAL THEMES from lips of applicants for the supreme post of the country. Meanwhile you, Dmitry Anatolevich, from Manezh broadcasts world-wide that in Russia there is already civil society, that your state will carry out strict rate on development of free society, that our civil society is an element of political life and so on and so forth.


Whence we received a civil society, moreover ostensibly being an element of a political life? Or you, Mister Medvedev, is not the realist? The Russians and all world know that the main element in today's Russia is not the civil society which is absent here, but absolutely different organization which representatives borrow the whole floors in the imperious vertical erected by your political instructor.


At the same time it's difficult to accuse you, Dmitry Anatolevich, of unreal estimations. As you, in my opinion, in fact objectively estimated concrete situation of the 90th years acting on the All-Russia civil forum: "We passed through great trials, made many mistakes, but the country wasn't ruined ... ". Thank you for that, Mister future president! Your social views "encourage" voters who henceforth, for certain, will be united with joyful confidence that their authorities will not ruin native state...

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