"dinaya Russia" Got the Majority of Voices "You Know from Where"

"dinaya Russia" Got the Majority of Voices "You Know from Where"

Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation summed up the first results of elections which passed today in Legislative Assemblies of six subjects of the Russian Federation: "Edinaya Russia" confidently leads in four regions.

In the Republic of Tyva "Edinaya Russia", by data after processing of 7,53% of reports, gets 80,36% of voices, in the Magadan Region - 55,79% of voices (64,89% of reports has been already processed), in the Novosibirsk Region - 43,16% (20,8% of reports has been processed), in the Chelyabinsk Region - 59 % (bulletins from 500 polling districts from 2,234 thousand have been processed), in the Belgorod Region - 61,75% (after processing of 0,48% of bulletins).

On last elections in the Magadan Region in 2005 members of Edinaya Russia received 28,7% of votes.

On elections which took place on Sunday "Edinaya Russia" essentially improved its result in comparison with last voting in the same subjects of the Russian Federation and taking into account results of different members of one team it gets more than 50% in all regional legislative bodies.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, according to all available information, received in Tuva 3,15%, in the Magadan Region - 14,34%, in the Novosibirsk Region - 26,61%, in the Chelyabinsk Region - 10%, in the Belgorod Region - 17,83%.

For now Liberal Democratic Party gets 1.93% in Tuva, 13.06% - in the Magadan Region, 9.75% - in the Novosibirsk Region, 9% - in the Chelyabinsk Region, 9.92% - in the Belgorod Region.

"Fair Russia", according to all available data of Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation, got in Tuva 9,98% of voices, in the Magadan Region - 8,15%, in the Chelyabinsk Region - 16%, in the Novosibirsk Region - 17,09%, in the Belgorod Region - 5,31%.

There's no data about results of voting in the Kostroma Region.

According to the available data, parties which are not presented in the State Duma don't pass into regional parliaments.

"Patriots of Russia" in Tuva gets 0,99% of voices, in the Magadan Region - 2,57%, in the Chelyabinsk Region - 0,93%, in the Belgorod Region - 2,6%.

"Right Cause" in the Magadan Region - while receives 1,58%, in the Chelyabinsk Region - 0,72% of voices.

The party "Yabloko" on elections in the Chelyabinsk Region, according to all available information, gets 1,56% of voices.

- Unfortunately, Medvedev board remains the same theater of absurdity, as well as Putin one, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov notes. - On apt note of Boris Berezovsky, we are regularly shown horse ass and asserted that it causes national love. While what is the reason we should do it? They don't explain it - say, we don't see straight when we are in love... For example, we today each schoolboy knows that "Edinaya Russia" is the party in power and everything that occurs in the country, happens at its direct participation. The president can't even name the candidate for mayors of Moscow without presentation from the party in power. People are not allowed to choose the mayor, while "dinaya Russia" - does it with full right. One more question appears - hardly after 10 years of Putin board someone else can make advances to this power as it was when we first time voted for Putin - teetotal. Now it's necessary to do something to gain sympathies of voters. Her you are a question - what good things has "dinaya Russia" made that it improved its indicators at once in all regions where elections take place? For example what it has done in the Magadan Region to improve indicators more than in 2 times there? If there's nothing to answer, where voices from? The answer "You know from where!" should be considered complete.

"There is such simple analogy, - Anatoly Baranov continued. - In any decent country if you wish to buy a country house, a castle or some business, local authorities will necessarily take interest, where you get such money? God forbid to answer: "You know from where!" You could be even imprisoned. In our country everybody can get everything - if you have money, you are solid client without dependence of money origin. Moreover, it's considered indecent to ask: "Whence?" Well, apartments and country houses - are petty things - here, near to the Moscow Ring Road there's a huge city, in comparison to which Parisian region Defans - a pity hand-made article. I'm talking about "Crocus-city". After all it's really city, even with own metro station. Only economists whom I addressed with a question, whether they see sources of income which could justify so serious investments, answered me: "No, it seems that it pays off". As explanation they informed that the owner is the son-in-law of the president of friendly republic. That is inefficiency of investments and opacity of investments is easily justified by such irrational arguments - well, it's clear, they deduce from own republic and launder in our, because it's impossible to do in France or Great Britain so easily - there it will be asked: "Whence?" In our country nobody asks question - it's clear from where. The same logic with voices on elections - irrationality of the result is being easily extinguished by the answer: "You know from where!" Why have they suddenly voted for "Edinaya Russia" in the Magadan Region? Because they trust very much to the prime minister Putin. Why do they trust Putin? What has he made? He is our national leader, that's the thing he made. "Duh..."

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