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Deliveries of the Russian Gas to Ukraine Won't Be Stopped Today

Deliveries of the Russian Gas to Ukraine Won't Be Stopped Today

But they can be stopped even tomorrow. The official representative of "Gazprom" Sergey Kuprijanov late at night on February, 11th rejected information about achievement of some agreement on gas with Ukraine as it was earlier declared by the Ukrainian government. Earlier the government of Ukraine informed, having referred to the results of negotiations of "Gazprom" and "Naftogaz" in Moscow, that on February, 12th deliveries of the Russian gas to Ukraine will not be stopped.

"It's not so, negotiations are not finished and there are no agreements to the present moment. The only thing that is possible to say - we grant an additional delay on results of today's negotiations up to the end of tomorrow's day", - Kuprijanov said.

It is declared that "Gazprom" wants to receive payment of the Ukrainian debt for the Russian gas already delivered. On the data of "Gazprom", now 1,7 billion cubic metre of gas of the Russian Federation "settled" in Ukraine and the debt for it comes nearer to 500 million dollars, while the general delayed duty for the deliveries of gas to Ukraine has reached already 1,5 billion dollars.

However, as the first vice-premier of Ukraine V.Turchinov quite fairly noticed, his country has no debts to Russia, all debts - consequence of mutual payments through intermediaries who are appointed by the supreme officials of both countries.

- If a certain debt is a result of economic activities of the intermediary which is imposed actually to both countries by the first persons of the states, why the responsibility for the result is on anyone but for the originators of this remarkable negotiators? - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov is perplexed. - On the contrary, both president Jushchenko and "Gazprom" not even hint but directly specify that if the government and parliament will dare to touch a finger of this remarkable intermediary, someone will feel up to here. Actually, if tomorrow gas will be disconnected, it will really will not seem. Actually, a lot is said on that theme, except for, perhaps, one inconvenient question - how new "gas war" will be coordinated to the intention to choose "successor", by the way, till last days nominal chapter of "Gazprom" Dmitry Medvedev the president of the Russian Federation in 19 days? How such pre-election PR as switching-off of gas to the friends and relatives in Ukraine will be treated by some tens millions citizens of Russia which have these friends and relatives? What if it will in few weeks come to the mind of the new president - to settle things with those who played such a dirty trick on him before elections? What if it will be found out that position of prime-minister of the adjacent state will be more understandable to the new president, than position of the local president and his Russian goes? Yes, certainly, they didn't play a dirty trick on Medvedev before presidential elections but absolutely on the contrary put victory over the obstinate neighbour. But it turned out to be the reverse...

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