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The Main Secret of the Russian Military – Industrial Complex

The Main Secret of the Russian Military – Industrial Complex
Alexander Steklov 19.02.2008

In the beginning of the current year there was an event almost unnoticed in the Russian mass media. In vain. If to look closer to what happened, it is possible to open "terrible secret" - the main secret of the Military-Industrial complex of Russia. What happened?

The event is actually unprecedented in a world practice of arms traffic. The government of India after almost fortnight expectation withdrew a crew of the Navies directed to a factory "Zvesdochka" to Severodvinsk from Russia. The Indian seamen should accept after radical modernization diesel submarine "Sinduwidzaj" (the project 877 Electric Contact Manometer, class "Varshavyanka".) the Reason?

Despite of full payment for a boat modernization by the Indian side and assurances of representatives of a factory in full performance of the order, absolute unavailability of a boat for operation as fighting naval unit came to light. We shall say, the boat is equipped with rocket complex "Club-S" with rockets ЗМ-54 for defeat of the surface targets. From six trial start-ups no rocket hit the aim. None!

Directors explained it by the fact that the Russian missile launcher doesn't suit to the Indian electronic system target detention applied by a boat. Generally speaking, strange explanation. Discrepancies for different types of equipment on such complex objects to which the underwater ship belongs exist now and always existed. Intellectual and production capacities of the ship-building enterprise exist actually exist to transform these "discrepancies" into "connection". And, anyway, self-respecting seller should not try to make the trustful buyer get a product which is impossible to use for a full cost!

Besides, alongside with idle rocket complex "Club-S" (range of defeat about 220 kilometers on above-water and ground targets), the accepting side found out so many subquality work and spoilage on "Sinduwidzaj" that their list made up multisheet appendix to the Act of Refusal of Acceptance of a boat to operation. "Perhaps, it's only a separate sad case? - careful reader will ask. - Everything could happen in life, both successes and failures". Well, really, different things happen. But, that's just the point that the discomfiture with submarine "Sinduwidzaj" is not at all an exception in a life of the Russian Military - Industrial Complex but quite a typical case.

Well, for example, shortly before it India (having paid over 40 percent of a sales volume of the Russian export of arms) refused to accept from the Russian side anti-submarine plane IL - 38 SD with a complex of investigation "Sea Snake". The reason is the same - incompatibility of the Russian instrument equipment with electronic systems of the Indian origin installed on it and numerous cases of factory spoilage and subquality work. A scandal around of modernized for the Indian Naval Forces aircraft carrier "Vikramadja" (in the past the Soviet ship - "Admiral Gorshkov") accrues. India has already paid in total more than 3,5 billion dollars for the aircraft carrier and its modernization hoping to include the ship in structure of its fleet already in summer of the last year. So, what of it? The ship till now stands near the wall of "Sevmashzavod", not ready for operation and it is not known when it can happen in general.

The total quantity of the claims directed to enterprises of the Russian Military - Industrial Complex by the armies of the countries bought the Russian aviation technical equipment annually grows with speed of a fighter on rise. Moreover, complaints of foreign buyers even on such thing, as well-known Kalashnikov automatic device which till recently was honored considered as superreliable and practically trouble-free weapon appeared. It is impossible to say that all these facts remain without attention of modern heads of the Russian Military - Industrial Complex. Commissions are created, the state of affairs at the enterprises and in design offices is studied, reports are being written, there "objective reasons of negative tendencies" are specified, the main of which, certainly, is - "insufficient financing"...

The main reason of obvious decrease of technological level of the present Russian Military - Industrial Complex - is not this one. The main reason different. What makes its most strictly protected secret. This secret is that the Russian Military - Industrial Complex - is dead. No, no, certainly, metal-cutting machine tools continue to hoot in its shops, flaming aurora of argon hand fid sparkle on building berths, spinners of еру checkpoints still turn letting industrial personnel pass here and there. And even the goods - let them be not too qualitative - are produced.

Nevertheless, the Russian Military - Industrial Complex - is dead. Both its attempts and gestures reminding alive substance are only - movement on inertia. As not buried "zombie" or the car sliding under a bias without engine has. As though everything as real person or serviceable car has but to observe closer you can see - zombi. Moulage. A model of a true essence. The main element giving it life disappeared in the huge mechanism of the Russian Military-Industrial Complex. This element - a man. A unique substance on the ground capable to make clever things of a dead materia.

"But how could it be? Who passes every day the checkpoints of defensive factories? - the reader will scream. - Whether it's not people? "People but not the ones that went to the Soviet factories. Not those ones, even if physically they still are the same Ivanovs and Petrovs... How can it be so? It can.

Yes, then, as well as today, people went to the factories to produce tanks, fighters and aircraft carriers. And also, as well as today, they received wages in factory cash departments. What changed then? A lot. More precisely - everything.

Today, a worker of "Sevmashzavod" monthly receive only money. Then, together with money he received the whole country into his hands. No matter how strange it sounds. The worker of the factory understood well, that tanks, planes and ships created with his hands and head would help to protect from every enemy his country which he considered not the most comfortable but the most fair in the world. Which really was such. That is why he loved his factory and his work, showed interest in it and spared no efforts. His children operated tanks, planes and ships, they did it to protect him and his family, families of his friends and all his enormous family under the name the Soviet Union. Therefore, having noticed a spoilage or "discrepancy", he went to the technologist and told "Look, Vasilievich, there is something wrong here, let's put it in other way, it will be more reliable... "

That one, already disappeared factory worker, was confident the future. He knew, that his children would not fall into the hands of drug sellers, the son wouldn't become the gangster and the daughter - the prostitute. He knew, that if his children had abilities to mathematics, then he would be found by the scientists from special mathematical school of Academgorodok and would make the scientist of him no matter where he was. And, if the daughter would decide to be an actress and she had abilities, the stage would open also for her and not only for children of Boyarsky and Mikhalkov. He knew that, if - God forbid! - something would happen to him or his relatives, - his country would cure, feed and nurse him, not asking whether he had money and paid insurance.

What is the reason why today's machine operator - versatile or the technologist on the instrument equipment should work hardly over aircraft carrier "Vikramadja"? So that it protected other, not his country? And the money received from the sale of the aircraft carrier dexterous guys will use to built summer residences on Rublevka for themselves, flied to Courshevel and spend nights in a night club "Dyagilev" turning with easy hand his children or children of his comrades on shop into drug takers and prostitutes? That is the reason? At the best, today factory worker is indifferent to his work, in the majority - hates it seeing in it only unpleasant and heavy way to earn his living. The main secret of once famous Russian Military - Industrial Complex is that it's - dead. Though, it still quite vigorously strikes out on place and twitches all conjunctures simulating alive substance. Absolutely as "zombi" which, as they say, are made from the corpses by malicious African sorcerers and whom naive people by inexperience can accept for alive people.
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