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Dmitry Medvedev Will Reject from the Role of Vladimir Putin’s Puppet and Will Follow His Own Rate

Dmitry Medvedev Will Reject from the Role of Vladimir Putin’s Puppet and Will Follow His Own Rate

Discussion about the inheritance which Vladimir Putin leaves to Dmitry Medvedev and that policy which the new owner of the Kremlin would begin to carry out proceeds in he Western press. As Martin Woolf writes in the British newspaper "Financial Times", "The country is corroded with corruption, Putin also speaks about it, by the way: "Today's state machinery is substantially bureaucratized, corrupt system which is not motivated on positive changes and furthermore on dynamical development".

It's inevitable when so much power gets into the hands of one person and he shouldn't retoprt. Having destroyed independent institutes, the state crippled itself: today that giant became blind and lame".

"In 2006, - "Financial Times" continues, - Russia occupied shameful 96th place from 175 possible in index of the World Bank "Ease of Business Dealing" - it's its lowest position. In 2006, measuring efficiency of the government, experts of the World bank put it on the 38th percentile. On a parameter of leadership of law it was put on the 19th percentile - by the way Ukraine was on the 27-th and Poland - on the 59-th. If to judge about efficiency of the state from the fact, whether it is capable to serve people and to protect them from arbitrariness - including own - the Russian state in no way can be named effective. The fact that such state suits a huge number of inhabitants of Russia in no way belittle the true nature of this statement. It only adds tragedy to it".

"Financial Times" comes to conclusion:

"Putin - is not a successful politician. Putin is - a loser. Besides, he is dangerous loser. The mode created by him is unpredictable. Nobody knows, how duumvirate formed in Russia will work after elections, but in any case it will hardly bring its people stable improvement of well-being.

The coordinated policy is again necessary to the West. Firstly, it should resist to attempts to bring in split between the Western countries; secondly, it should be insured against excessive dependence on the Russian energy carriers; and, thirdly, it should make so that revanchism of Russia will cost it a lot.

All this time it should repeat undeniable truth: the West is - not the enemy to the Russian people. On the contrary, nothing would be so desirable for the West as active Russian democracy confidently occupying a place appropriate to it in the world of the Western values. And such Russia - yes - should be accepted to the NATO".

Let's remind that one of those days the candidate for presidents of the USA from the Republican Party John Makkejn accused Vladimir Putin in going to become the puppeteer at the new leader of the country. "I think that Mister Putin tries to restore former Russian empire. It is obvious, that he wishes to remain at authority in Russia practically forever. For this purpose he has put forward his protege - a person who will carry out his instructions in the rank of the president while Putin will hold a post of the prime minister", - Makkejn said acting on a pre-election meeting in state Wisconsin. "We knew that doll representation was played out but did not know who was a puppet", - the candidate for presidents from republicans declared.

At the same time Makkejn assured people who came that he didn't see such threat which once was represented by the Soviet Union as Moscow, in his opinion, now had neither means, nor opportunities to compete with the USA.

As it's known, John Makkejn is the consecutive critic of the Kremlin. So, once he declared that he saw nothing in Putin's eyes except for three letters: "KGB". Earlier the candidate on a post of the USA repeatedly called to exclude Russia from G8. In his opinion, Moscow cannot enter the club of the advanced democratic states.

During pre-election campaign Makkejn threatened to stop using force way every provocations of the Kremlin. In particular, he promised to force down the Russian bombers which one of those days flew by above the American aircraft carrier, if he would become the president of the USA. "Russia should not think that its provocations above the waters of Pacific Ocean in relation to our aircraft carriers will remain without answer. The USA is the most powerful military empire of the world and we shall find a rigid way to stop the flights of the Russian planes above Pacific Ocean which is a territory of the USA".

Makkejn rejected opinion that Pacific Ocean is international zone. He declared that 65% of the territory of Pacific Ocean belonged to the USA. "Therefore America is the biggest country in the world including territorially, bigger, than the Russian vampire empire", - Makkejn declared.

As the head of the Ukrainian editorial board of FORUM.msk Vladimir Filin specified on the matter, "Makkejn has reputation of a person who trusts in what he is saying. Thus other candidates for presidents of the USA, including, Barrack Obama, are not better for the Kremlin, than John Makkejn. One of those days there was a resolution passed in the Congress of the USA to support a membership of Ukraine and Georgia in the NATO, Obama acted as one of the authors, Zbignev Bzhezinsky was also noticed I the group of support".

"At the same time in perception of many experts in the West, Putin is one thing and Medvedev - is a little bit another", - Vladimir Filin speaks. Ouen Mettjus writes about it in the American magazine "Newsweek": "In spite of the fact that they are friends for about two decades, Medvedev till now addresses his chief using formal "You". One Kremlin official who worked with both of them in the past but not wishing to offend anybody from them, said that imperious mutual relations between them hadn't changed since Petersburg times: "Putin will stay for so long, as it will be necessary to get convinced, that his boy will not be eaten alive".

"Whether it means that Putin's third term - even it will be not official - awaits Russia? - "Newsweek asks." - The Russians, apparently, would not be against - Putin's rating reaches 76% - from the very beginning Medvedev will hardly arrange any cardinal changes. Nevertheless, though there are a lot in their joint career that pushed both upwards, if to look more closely at the roots of their friendship, it is possible to find there a lot that once can lead them by different ways.

... Medvedev, as well as Putin, does not trust free capitalism: being in "Ilim Palp", he once addressed former officers of KGB and military investigation for help to resist to unfriendly absorption. He also approves that new position which was won for Russia by Putin, applying both diplomacy, intimidation and even military threats. In one of January performances he said: "Russia returned itself an appropriate place in the world community".

At the same time, true improvised of Putin accurately avoids displays of Putin's self-satisfied nationalism. Putin recently has promised to aim the Russian rockets at Ukraine if it will agree to place objects of the American anti-missile system on its territory. The state secretary of the USA Kondolisa Rais named the application "rhetoric worthy regret".

In one of his last performances Medvedev promised to promote power interests of Russia in the Europe "easily, without hysterics". Last week one of the correspondents of "Newsweek" managed to peep into Medvede's editing of speech with which he should make public speech before public and cultural figures of Moscow. Medvedev deleted two paragraphs: that Putin's future work - it's one of the versions - in parliament will promote "strengthening of party system" in Russia and that the West tries to arrange in Russia revolution similar to the Ukrainian "orange revolution" of 2004.

Instead of it Medvedev recognized that "Russia is a country of legal nihilism. No European country can boast of similar general neglect to the law". Well, we'll admit that Medvedev has such propensities. But, even if it so, it will be difficult to reconstruct the Russian political system. A great number of the ones from Petersburg spread across the Kremlin with Putin in power.

"Medvedev will have to struggle with this clan of former KGB people, - Cyril Kobanov, the head of the Russian National Anticorruption Committee says. - Otherwise all political structure will collapse under a cargo of corruption...."

As our interlocutor earlier working in the Kremlin said us, there were bases to hope for the best in long-term prospect. "Remember, all of us spoke that Putin would be a puppet of Yeltsin's clan which put him at power? But he very quickly went by its own way. The post of tsar in Russia was always slightly magic. You will see, Medvedev will surprise all of us. Whether he will surprise the former tutor more than others?"

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