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Image of Victory: the Roman Legionary Tramples Prostrated Opponent, the Corpse Is Plundered

Image of Victory: the Roman Legionary Tramples Prostrated Opponent, the Corpse Is Plundered

Completeness of evaluation of «strategy of Russia till 2020» presented on 08.02.08 demands bringing to light not only that was discussed before on the 23-27.01.08 at the World economic forum in Davos (expectation of global financial crisis) and, in parallel, at conference on safety in Munich (expectation of a wave of instability) but also what remains in a shadow of propagation.

Observations over "superpower" stayed in proud loneliness under the name the USA showed that the following was left in a shadow of propagation: white Anglo-Saxon Protestants in power in that country were seriously frightened for their destiny. By a natural course of things they are pushed aside from authority by Hamites and Semites: you can see on stage - Negros (Barrack Obama, Kandolisa Reis, Powell) and offstage - the Jews (Kissenger, Allbright, Gor, Liberman).

As you know, Negros don't write verses (the white - write verses rather selectedly and China people - in the mass order). Meanwhile verses are ability to equip private to the whole, to cover logic with image, to appeal not to a stomach but to the heart. That is defeat of "superpower" at the cultural front with leaders - Negros is provided for the USA. Hollywood products gradually lead to this defeat: there will be no films with Negro - negative hero if he will not be defeated by positive Negro or by the white but with the help of good Negros.

Moreover, the American army has already become mainly black and it guarantees defeat of the USA in any overland operations (even in Africa: let's recollect a shame of Somalia). For the present Negros in the American army carry out auxiliary tasks of maintenance, equipment, repair and the white keep superiority in management and fighting application. However by 2015 there are a lot of reasons to believe that there will be 90% of Negros in the Air Forces of the USA. It means crash of confidence of force of America on the ground and inevitable militarization of space.

On this background both Bushs, Clinton, Blair, neo-conservatives, all former Ministers of Defence and Ministers of power of the USA as well as the top of Saudi Arabia (including relatives of Ben-Laden) have gathered in a board of «Carlyle Corporation» (Washington) and sell shares of Military - Industrial Complex. It means only that after the crush of share markets in 2007 the UNIQUE firm speculative income on immediate prospects is expected only from chesspieces of "the program of arms». As soon as consumption of products of Military-Industrial Complex is shots, bombings, start-up, then a firm income from the stake on shares of Military - Industrial Complex can be guaranteed only by WAR!

There are bases to believe that big war can begin from impact of the USA across Iran long time ago promised by Bush-junior. Now, probably, in September, 2008 local war, similarly to the Russian-Japanese war of 1904, will start ripened process of repartition of the real and virtual property of the period of industrial society which will be not simply global but uncontrollable.

Impact across Iran in 2008 in foreseeable prospect (after 2010) is capable to involve into «Battle of the End» (Armageddon) all «great, average and small» states from Nile up to Euphrates of Bible-Mediterranean oecumene, including Russia. War tactically (for approximately 10 years) will pull out the USA and all West from the global financial crisis declared in Davos. But will strategically push the USA to the split of federative state created by white Protestants in 1776.

As to Russia, in the Battle of the End of industrial society it has the role of "a paper tiger" and "cardboard empire of evil" which it has already (for a long time copying all "examinations" at the West: no matter who it is - Byzantium, Voltaire or Marx) undertaken to execute by demonstration of military force lost for years of liberal reforms. There's still some potential but it is enough only for imitation of force.

Renewal of demonstrative (without weapon) flights of distant aircraft in areas of fighting application was followed by asymmetric information - psychological volley about ostensibly intention de jure still being in condition of war Japan to win "the Northern territories" and prefecture Karafuto (Sakhalin) from Russia. While demonstration of "firm step and precise distance" on Parade of Victory on the 9th of May was accompanied by "thousand of arrows of dense criticism" of revival of "totalitarian bureaucracy of evil" in new Russia.

It's possible to plunder only rich, there is nothing to be taken away from poor. So ACTIVES with technological riches of the USA and natural riches of Russia are appointed objects of a power robbery. Riches of these two former "superstates" make a control package of real actives of industrial society. Capture of a control package of real actives of the world is a victory of economic globalization - a guarantee of success in postindustrial society.

The robber - is revanchist old - European aristocracy which lost the status of the lord of the world with arrival of capitalism (we shall recollect prince Albert in Tuva bath in summer, 2007). An image of victory: the Roman legionary tramples prostrated opponent by foot, the corpse is plundered.

The task of maintenance of robbery on commodity front with reception of its share is carried out by China. On financial front the world financial oligarchy (financial internatiaonal of the Jews) provides crash of paper USD as uniform measure of cost and reassessment of world riches in new registration units of natural costs.

False target distracting attention from direction of the main impact - terrorism with a face of radical Islam. All the rest - legends for guising: strategic masking, strategic disinformation, strategic sabotage.

Holy Penis,

Academician in especially large sizes,

Winner of the quarter premium

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