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State Lottery of March, 2nd

State Lottery of March, 2nd
Baranov Anatoly 27.02.2008

On the eve of the presidential elections of the Russian Federation I was unexpectedly honoured by attention - I was sent two letters. In both of them I am tried to be "deceived into parting" - in one obviously with money, in the second, probably, also with money, but not so directly as in the first.

The first letter came from some «State Reception of Lotteries» - we have more trust to the word "state" but here, in the letter some respectable kind of a man (photo is attached) introduced as «Huber Hennes, the State Inspector of Lotteries» on behalf of some company NKL suggests to take part drawing of lottery of remarkable prizes - houses, cars and trips to exotic islands. For this purpose it is offered to send «the state inspector» Mister Hubert the number of the credit card and its verifying number. What could you be afraid of, the company is "state".

Though it is not quite clear, whence Mister Hubert has got to know my home address as well as the fact that it's me - Baranov Anatoly Jurjevich - who lives there, as letter has quite personal reference. Certainly, it's not a problem in Russia to obtain personal data of everybody but illegal reception of such data entails responsibility. I'm absolutely sure that I haven't given any Mister Humbert personal data as well as consent to send me letters with such a "proposal".

I was not lazy and called Moscow phone specified as of "a hot line" (495) 363-60-49 - I was answered in Russian but with accent, it was found out that from Germany (redirect on office in Saarbruecken). I was explained that they simply... "bought" my address from a company engaged in post dispatches. At that it that were not they who bought it but the French company specializing on dispatches (return address was really French), it got a database in Russia. Now they write letters of an ordinary content: «Dear Tolya, send us, please, some money, it will be better if you will send us your credit card, we shall get from it as much as we need by ourselves». They heard for the first time about illegality of such activity.

But the letter which was beside was from other dispatch and appeared to be even more interesting. It was stated on it by large letters: «Sender - J.M.Luzhkov». Neither posts, nor return address - what for? Everyone knows it. How it appeared in my letter box as well as in boxes of all other tenants of my entrance and, as it's possible to guess, in letter boxes of each inhabitant of capital?

I didn't find neither executor, nor traces of similar actions, say, in the budget of Moscow city for 2008 year. The letter with a color photo of well recognized person in a cap simply, in addition with facsimile familiar stroke to me signature appeared "by itself" in my letter box. It happens...

What is that mayor of the capital wants to tell me in such confidential way, directly into the box? As far as I remember, even the judicial claim to me about protection of mayor's honour and dignity great town governor sent not personally but with the help of authorized representative owing to my being insignificant and negligible respondent. By the way, the claim was rejected by the court, it was time when to win a case against authority was possible.

So what "made" Luzhkov to do it now"?

«All of us have dream», - thus Luzhkov began the letter to «dear Muscovites» including me, otherwise why he addressed me through a box and not with help of TV?

It looks in a way familiar... «A have a dream» of Martina Luther King. Then a remake in Russian: «I have a dream» of Anatoly Sobchak. And now Luzhkov was honoured, though as true collectivist said "all of us" - and it turned out to be rather silly. Because all of us cannot have one and the same dream if, certainly, not to enter known from «History of the City of Glupov» project about introduction of agreement of opinions in Russia.

Though, if to think a bit, it's quite possible - to declare «common dream», naturally, to coordinate this dream in all necessary instances so that something unseemly was not imagined. Then Russia will be - a Country of Dream!

Certainly, it is better, that the dream was formulated for all by some leaders.

For example, the current General dream of the Russian people - all 100 % of the Russians come on polling districts on March, 2nd and give their voices for The One - Who - Is - Necessary!

Actually, Luzhkov's letter is about it if someone didn't guessed at once.

For some reason the greatest major "said nonsense". He wrote: "It's necessary to create new quality of the country and new quality of life for all people".

Actually why the old doesn't suit?

It's clear why this and that doesn't suit me, but what doesn't suit Luzhkov? That is what is interesting!

For already 16 years Jury Mihajlovich Luzhkov has been quite authoritatively supervising the capital of our native land, city - hero Moscow. As they say, he achieved a lot. Anyway, Moscow after those years seized to be as it used to be. But it's not enough - it is necessary that Russia was not as it used to be before and so that all quality of life of people was - different?

It, by the way, is very interesting reasoning. Till now the concept of «quality of life » included only two coordinate points - "worse - better". And what the word "different" means in the application to quality of a life?

It reminded me, for example, very vividly the European left on the Moscow meeting with traditional slogan Another world is possible but translated in Russian: «Иной мир возможен». It cast at once ideas of something spiritualistic...

But more interest represents, certainly, by the first Luzhkov's appeal - about «new quality of the country».

So, Luzhkov as one of leaders of "Edinaya Russia» and one of those people who has been personifying authority the last one and a half decade is not pleased with what they here have constructed after 1991 and 1993? As well as with  what Putin built during 8 years of boarding?

It is said extremely clear - the question is not about separate lacks, illnesses of growth, etc., namely about necessity of new quality. Does it mean that Jury Mihajlovich is now the revolutionary who calls to fundamental change in a life of society, as classics defined revolution?

No, it appears that slightly, with bear grace having touched the general discontent of citizens with a state of affairs in the country, he speaks that «the time of quiet, confident development» is necessary. And, as the main dish allocated by special font it presents: «I call you to support long-term strategy of development of the country which is realized by Vladimir Putin».

Probably, "Putin's Plan" is meant, about which nobody told us anything in details. Evidently it's not our business.

However, apparently, there are a lot of unexpected things in "Putin's Plan". For example, «new quality of the country» will be created. What kind of, it's interesting to know? It's not our business again!

There will be some «new quality of life». Better or worse, than the former one? Or in general «other world» have been subscribed? Again they didn't explain!

But, as in the previous letter from «the state lottery», they offer not only give them an access to personal account but to relax in general and everything that will be done with us latter to consider a pleasure in advance.

I think, Luzhkov's letter will brought special pleasure to the teachers of the Russian language, especially a phrase: «I call you, dear Muscovites to came on March, 2nd to polling districts... » Probably, it is necessary to attribute it to the signs of "new quality" of life...

I don't ask purposely, as far as such propaganda which obviously has not been paid from election campaign fund of "Edinaya Russia" to which big chief J.M.Luzhkov belongs, corresponds or contradicts to laws on elections. Any unbiassed court should answer simple logic connection between Vladimir Putin's successor and the offer "to support" on elections continuation of Vladimir Putin's strategy, in addition, stated by one of the heads of the party which set up the successor.

It's a big question, whether such unbiassed court can be found in Russia?

Judging from the fact that recently well-known capital court adjudged the known writer to payment of million indemnification for a phrase that mayor had influence on courts, impartiality of capital judicial system's simply obvious and shouldn't be discussed at all.

On the other hand, after natural results of elections which, I hope, will cause only envy on the part of Ramzan Kadyrov and Murat Zyazikov, the new president will evaluate titanic efforts of mayor of Moscow and will allow him to get, at last, «new quality of life» - of the beekeeper, the merit pensioner and there, who knows, other prospects will appear.

But what do we, compelled participants of "the state lottery", should feel?
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