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Developments of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Rocket-Nuclear Sphere Were Financed by Iran

Developments of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Rocket-Nuclear Sphere Were Financed by Iran

The prime minister of Israel Ekhud Olmert is afraid of active intervention of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Near-Eastern policy. It was declared by the head of the government on February, 26th at a meeting with Minister of Defence of Japan Shigeru Ishiba, NEWSru Israel informs referring to France Press. Ekhud Olmert declared that Iran and Democratic People's Republic of Korea made "an axis of evil" menacing to stability of Asia and the Near East.

According to the Japanese sources, Olmert transferred Japan secret information about sales of North-Korean ballistic missiles to Iran. At the same time, the Israeli official sources do not make comments on the message on possible cooperation of investigation services of Israel and Japan on Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea. In particular, it was informed, that the countries would exchange prospecting information.

Local newspapers cite the words of not named assistant of the prime-minister of Israel: "We are afraid that Northern Korea carries out export of the advanced military technologies to the countries of the Near East. Our concern has concrete bases which we shall share with the Japanese government".

Today Olmert plans to meet the prime minister of Japan Yasuo Fakudo. According to the Japanese mass-media, Оlmert is going to show Fakudo photos of the North-Korean ships going to the Syrian ports. The Israeli leader also will try to convince Japan to stop buying the Iranian oil or to reduce volumes of purchases.

Let's remind, in the beginning of September the Air Forces of Israel destroyed by bombing secret object in Syria. On the informal data, the nuclear object which was under construction in cooperation with Korea was destroyed. The last month messages about beginning of works on restoration of the destroyed object appeared.

Making comments on possible cooperation of Israel and Japan in sphere of exchange of prospecting data about Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Iran, political analyst of FORUM.msk Ruslan Saidov by phone from Pakistan where he's now said:

"An intensive exchange of rocket and nuclear technologies took place between Iran and Northern Korea until recently. Actually Iran financed North-Korean developments in the given sphere, in exchange it had an access to all that was created and developed in Korea, including ballistic missiles of average range which in the disassembled condition in unknown quantity were delivered to the Iranian territory by sea way.

Pakistan which rendered essential help in promotion of rocket and nuclear developments and China which purposefully allowed dosed out outflow of technologies mainly to Pakistan participated in technological interchange besides Iran and Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Now, apparently, Israel and Japan will monitor together the Korean - Iranian cooperation. However they will hardly do something more than monitoring, in particular military actions. As the USA, especially, in case of victory of the candidate from Democratic party over elections in November, are going to turn off, on the contrary, military activity in the Near East and in Asia. Without America Israel will hardly attack Iran and Japan - Democratic People's Republic of Korea".


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