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The End of Pu Epoch

The End of Pu Epoch
Baranov Anatoly 03.03.2008

After processing of 60 % of ballot papers by the CEC surprises are hardly possible. Actually, they were impossible already before declaration of the results by the CEC. So, on the 02.30 a.m in Moscow Меdvedev had 68,65%, Zyuganov 18,44%, Zhirinovsky 10,31%, Bogdanov 1,33%. It is difficult not to agree with Stanislav Belkovsky who noticed that there were at those elections those who lost. There were only those who won more or less. Меdvedev, for example, got the first prize - if someone doubted?

However, under the remark of the same Belkovsky, there is one more winner - Putin. It is true, he has carried out rather painful and dangerous process of transfer of authority very competently. Actually, there was one dilemma before him for two last weeks - to transfer authority to Medvedev with "Uzbek" result, with approximately 80% and by that to lead him in a string of impossibility to recognize such result anywhere in the West. Or to have more modest result, less, than he had at the last elections and by that to show that Medvedev's election is based entirely on his, Putin's authority.

We see that Putin chose the second way. However from now the main choice will be already made by other person no matter how dependent he was on Putin. Moreover, the more the dependence, the more desire to make independent decision which will allow to be released from this dependence.

It is thought that closer to September when negative sides of "Putin's inheritance" will begin to show themselves, first of all it concerns finance and external economic situation, to get emancipated from this inheritance will become for Medvedev already simply a problem of survival. No matter how strange it would seem but today there are no political forces in the country which can serve as support to the new president. First of all he cannot rely on "Edinaya Russia" and "Fair Russia" which have promoted him. Most likely, by May some indulgence will be already designated in a way of assumption of registration of new parties that it has been frozen last two years. But own "presidential" party does not fulfill task by itself - while re-elections in the State Duma, getting of new legitimacy by Medvedev through formation of new parliament already under his and nobody's else patronage is rather real. Under the law the Duma cannot be dismissed in the first year of existence but to 2009, I believe, the question of extraordinary sixth convocation will ripen.

The second winner - Zyuganov - has already let know that he will leave a post of the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and all left opposition only feet first.

- We will have Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in March, - G.A.Zjuganov answered a question of TV of Slovakia about further political plans. - In April we shall present to the party and society new program of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. The next congress of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will take place in second half of the year.

"As the leader of the largest party, the leader of opposition and this political status have been one more time confirmed by the results of presidential elections, I am obliged to think of new generation, - G.A.Zjuganov declared. - During the last years we have accepted 70 thousand of young people to the party. We have recreated pioneer and Komsomol organizations, building groups. We led the whole galaxy of young, sensible guys who were 25-30-35 years old in to the Duma".

Answering a question about possible "successor", G.A.Zjuganov noted: "Those who are not confident in their policy think of the successor. I put before myself a task - to update and prepare strong change of the party staff".

Zyuganov promised new program 2 years ago but it's no the main thing - it's important that as the chairman of program commission he's going to put it into practice. He is lying, of course, about 70 thousand of young members of a party as well as about "a galaxy of young, sensible" - it was promised on the last plenum that 10 % of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation would be the youth under 30 years, in reality there're about three persons... While the phrase about updating of the staff is already direct threat to those who on the sly began to try for size red underpants of the leader. Gennady Andreevich will wear them for some years more. If, certainly, he will be quite successful on extra parliamentary elections.

Zhirinovsky who fell in the beginning of presidential campaign was more tremendously vigorous at a final briefing and promised that wouldn't ever leave politics. That is true - Vladimir Volfovich improved average party result, confirmed his famous rating and the general utility for the Kremlin.

Young man Bogdanov became the politician of a federal level. Probably, for a short while but all the same it is success.

Certainly, at all these remarkable successes of the best representatives of political beau-monde there are those who lost. It's first of all those who remained offscreen of presidential campaign. In the Kremlin, having stressed above mentioned result, precisely let know to society - they don't want any changes. The ones that are not necessary to the Kremlin - simply don't exist, do not exist in the nature and they have no names. It's a question - whether such position will remain for long. But it is a question of objective reality and in the Kremlin the reality is extremely subjective and completely depends on a sight of the observer - eyes are open, there is reality; eyes are closed - there is no reality.

There are also so-called people who are seldom recollected. It is considered that they in the Kremlin control people that, certainly, is not so. They control deputies, governors, officials of significant rank and also policians, journalists, political scientists and other functionaries. While control of people directly is carried out only to that extend to which citizens mentioned with them, with people adjoin. While people are more or less fat, put on and hot, while they don't kill in streets everybody and nobody attacks outside - everything's quite. But this calmness depends on some external circumstances which have no relation to the Kremlin management.

Circumstances will change - and everything will change at once. As it happens in Russia we still remember on own experience.

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