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Why the Russian Federation Will Not Sustain Shock Therapy for the Second Time

Why the Russian Federation Will Not Sustain Shock Therapy for the Second Time
Каlashnikov Maxim 06.03.2008


Having sufferred full defeat in attempts to carry out industrial and innovative jerk of the Russian Federation the ruling clique is ready to return to a policy "a la Gaydar and Chubays".

But the Russian Federation will not sustain it. It can collapse in a heap.


Attempt to carry out «liberalistic experiment» in 90th years turned out an accident for the Russian Federation. Great losses of people, in industry and agriculture, degradation of science, education, running wild of the society, financial collapse of summer 1998, progressing backlog of the Russian Federation from other world, phantom of civil war and interethnic slaughter, deterioration of infrastructure - whether it is necessary to speak about all consequences of that sadism?

Nevertheless the Russian Federation managed to resist. Due to the enormous "safety factor" created by Soviet Union. In 1991 we had strong power with a reserve of capacities, "Gazprom", Uniform system of gas supply and petroindustry, deposits mastered at the Union, complex industry, army of qualified scientific and technical and industrial experts. The Soviet scientific and technological reserve was kept.

Sixteen years irresponsible and worthless Russian bonzes burnt all that, plundered and drank away. Now there is no safety factor. Everything is worn out, torn, exhausted. Backwardness of the Russian Federation became aggravated. On a threshold - the sharpest crisis because of shortage of capacity of power stations. All in all the Russian Federation is expected in the nearest decade two ten sharpest crises - payment for destruction of the USSR, Russian society and demolition of replenishment cycles.

Crisis of liquidity of bank system. Sources of "long credits" for the Russian Federation are abroad. Russia has no sovereign bank system. So - it almost entirely depends on foreign sources of long-term loans. With all ensuing consequences.

Food crisis (because of import dependence of the Russian Federation). Rise in price of provisions because of growth of the world prices for it.

Default on credit debts of large companies, fraught with disappearance of the Stabilization Fund and Gold and Forex Reserve. All these "gazproms" and "rosnefts" have debts in the western banks which overgone the sum of 300 billion dollars, surpassing twice the debts of the Russian Federation in 1998. If they cannot repay - the Stabilization Fund and Gold and Forex Reseves of the Russian Federation will be in the West having passed into the hands of the western capital on the lawful bases.



«State oil company "Rosneft" took a credit for the sum of three billion dollars from a group of international banks. These means are necessary for "Rosneft" to extinguish old credits, informs RIA "News" referring to press-service of "Rosneft".

Let's remind that great volume of debts is one of the basic difficulties of "Rosneft". In 2007 it took from the western banks 22 billion dollars for purchase of actives of "YUKOS" which were up for auction because of bankruptcy of the company. Within the framework of this debt 5,7 billion dollars should be paid in March, 2008.

The new credit of "Rosneft" is provided with export contracts on sale of oil. Among banks which agreed to give the credit to the company were such banks as ABN Amro Bank, Barclays Bank, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan... »

Breakage of inflated bubble of prices for the real estate (is connected with bank one).

Administrative default. Wreck of the Russian Federation because of inability of "Putin followers" to manage the country. Uncontrollably swollen, stupid and thievish state machinery will simply louse up management of the country.

Administrative default. Wreck of the Russian Federation because of inability "путенышей" to operate the country. Неконтролируемо разросшийся, the stupid(blunt) and thievish state machinery will simply fill up management of the country.

Split and intestine wars inside a ruling clique (it is observed already now). Sluts able only to divide and saw, will lock in a fierce fight. Everything is divided in the country. New repartition of profitable pieces will begin. All this is predetermined: in fact the authority does not have any clear target. To which it is necessary to lead the country. They mange simply for the sake of authority and robbery. And their words about great power - are only words. The fight inside a top is by definition inability of the authority torn apart by internal conflicts, to carry out consistent policy.

Crisis because of "ossification" of a ruling clique that does not let vigorous and talented people "from masses" enter its circle. Radicalization of youth of the Russian Federation. Its transfer to not parliamentary actions. Ripening of conditions for revolt against old toffs.

New war on Northern Caucasus. Terror against the Russian population.

Personnel crisis: the sharpest shortage of qualified employees in all spheres. The Soviet stock is exhausted, while the RF produces exclusively laymen who are not able even to reproduce that experts of 1980 were capable of. The Russian Federation will remain without qualified researchers, scientists and engineers.

Shortage of operatives, demographic crisis.

Shock from establishment of the European prices for gas. Opportunities for realization of the state program on energy supply are missed in "zero" years. They say that the problem will be solved due to the independent manufacturers of gas separate of "Gazprom". But they should be created already now - meanwhile there are no signs of such work.

Shock from shortage of natural gas with passing of the Turkmen «blue fuel» filling "RF" deficiency to China and (it is possible) in the European Community on Transcaspian gas main round about the Russian Federation.

Crisis from the fact that all incomes of oil and gas will go on development of new deposits of hydrocarbons instead of exhausted ones. Western - Siberian sources grow scanty: huge expenses for development of deposits in Eastern Siberia are necessary. At the same time "Gazprom" will demand huge capital investments.

Crisis from rise of tariffs for electric power in 2014 - because of shortage of gas and liberating of tariffs.

Possible crisis of the Russian Federation from unreasoned, not estimated and unprepared introduction of the Russian Federation into WTO. Nobody simply counted how many enterprises will be ruined, how many people remain without work.

Crisis of ethnic discord inside the Russian Federation because of inflow of migrants favourable to business, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to officials.

Shock from crash of the worn out systems of housing and communal services, residential properties.

Possible shock from deterioration of a railway transportation, shortage of a rolling equipment.

Crisis from deterioration of electric capacities.

Shock from mass going unserviceable of a park of old civil aircraft.


New liberal course of Putin - Меdvedev will not solve any of these problems. I am afraid that soon we shall see it on example of crash of Chubays's «liberal reorganization» of electric power industry. The country enters «new 1980-th». All is aggravated with world system crisis which threatens the Russian Federation with impoverishment of external crediting (today enterprises are financed in the western financial market), an aggravation of competition on a world scene, increasing attempts of the West to transform finally the Russian Federation into a zone of "raw degradation» and backwardness. Here the Russians need mobilization, scheduled model of going off crisis that combines in itself scheduled mechanisms in key spheres of economy and social construction - and market mechanisms, private initiative in all the rest. The model similar to Roosevelt's «New rate» and partly - to practice of red China today is necessary (I'll stress - it doesn't mean simply copying!).

Attempt to make «shock №2» a la Gaydar - Chubays will end with a collapse of exhausted, depleted Russian Federation. With a chain of tehnogenetics and social disasters. With destructive revolution half-and-half with civil - ethnic war.



The most dangerous happened: the toffs of the Russian Federation finally came off us and turned into «separate people» indefinitely hostile to us. Into «the lowest form» of life, rather aggressive and haughty, ready to extirpate us, the reader, as slaves. "Elite" of white - blue - red - is twice historical bankrupt. It shitted itself trying to carry out «liberal experiment» with us in 90th, it went bankrupt also at attempt of «Putin's modernization» now. The third bankruptcy of "elite" can coincide with collapse of the Russian Federation.

Henceforth the question is not about politics but about our national survival. Politics died. We are awaited by war with own toffs: they are incurable. They push the country to revolution - and now we have nothing to do about it. We should not perish resignedly from hands of idiots and maniacs. Info on this theme is stated here <http: // bratstvo.su/journal/? fl=415*sn=1422>.

I was and remain to be basic opponents of the union with some kasyanovs, hakamadas, kasparovs and nemtsovs. Authority with their faces - the same liberalistic chaos, as in 90th, the same corruption and non-development. Buffoonery of "multi-party system", "free elections" and "free press" will not help us. All experience of mankind says that quit ruin was possible with the help of dictatorship, let even temporal. But it should be not shameful dictatorship of thieves and chicken shits, as we have now but innovative dictatorship, aimed on the development, basing on structures of the network organizations and self-management of citizens on places. Democratic dictatorship - instead of bureaucratic. Dictatorship aimed on updating of ruling class due to worthy people from masses. Such dictatorship should begin construction of a new social order instead of gone bankrupt «developed socialism» and market capitalism suffering crash in front of our eyes.

No «Dissenters Marches», alas, will change anything. Criminal bureaucracy for the sake of preservation of authority will not stop before effective fire. And our people are weakened, apathetic. It is a bitter fact - but it's necessary to consider it. We need to prepare to sharp crisis that will burst in few years when ruling bosses will lose control over situation, when a heap of crises will lead to loss of their control both over the Ministry of Internal Affairs, army and FSB. When «people with a gun» will feel themselves what terrible poverty, cold and darkness in cities mean. In fact complex technical systems will be the first "to ruin" - such as electric power industry, housing and communal services and transport.

At this moment it is necessary to be ready to wrest the Russian Federation from the grasp of gone bankrupt fools.
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