Кто владеет информацией,
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New Themis

New Themis
Eugeny Liskin 08.03.2008

Now it's not only blind but also deaf - Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications officially recognized clauses 23 and 24 of the Constitutions of the Russian Federation which guaranteed the right on inviolability of a private life, personal and family secret, secret of correspondence, telephone conversations, cable and other messages void. The touchstone in public opinion is thrown. Actually there couldn't be any other end: "vertical of authority", "sovereign democracy", "enemies from the West", "orange danger", "agents of influence", "we shall not allow to destroy thousand-year originality of Russia", "stability is better than freedom"... Now FSB can officially, by-passing the law, uncontrollably (i.e. without decision of the court necessary under the Constitution) to listen phone calls, to read electronic correspondence, to trace transfers of money, etc

Farther there will be everything as in 70th - "we do not have any problems, all blossoms and smells sweet, only enemies from abroad bear us malice and say that we break rights and freedom but it's nothing - in fact we'll put jammers now, chop off cables and nobody will hear them... "Total conservatism of authority amazes. It tries in XXI century to pupate, tries to return into the days of XVIII century - with its closed state - national enclaves, "enlightened" minority and millions of serfs who are violently driven into economic, political and social backwardness. It tries to build monolithic and completely controllable and supervised pyramid of society on principles "let everything change but only so that everything remain as of old" and neo-liberal, wild-fascist to the majority of "economically inefficient" population obscurantism.

Well, if to distract from this philosophy of capitalist society and to proceed with more practical things it will turn out that FSB will raise profitableness of activity of "knights without fear and blemish", "night watchmen of the state" and "fighters of invisible front" in times. What wonderful prospects of economic wars (giving of compromising information to the competitor (for material compensation) or direct and independent blackmailing, expansion of a field of corruption with usual providing front up to unimaginable scales and so on) this innovation offers.

We try to create publicity and dictatorship. But only not of proletariat but of "security officials". In the best traditions of Pinochet, Stressner, Suharto, families Somoses and Duvaliers, Моbutu Sese Seko at other not less picturesque persons of already left century. It means that in the process of "constructions of the light, independent and original future of Great Russia" they will start to pull out any sprouts of active civil society under every pretext. No, not that one which "is created and supported by the state" and "is represented by Public chamber" (it will be in this case replaced by chamber №6) but the society in which people by themselves, at own desire "will not explain (and justify) existing one but actively change it". The time will show, who will come out the winner from this fight of "free association of free people" and reactionary bog of capitalism.

Meanwhile we need as soon as possible to decide from what side of barricades our place is. And to start to bring cartridges.

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