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Yavlinsky Comes Back

Yavlinsky Comes Back
Baranov Anatoly 17.03.2008
"On March, 12th the chairman of Russian United Democratic Party "Yabloko" Grigory Yavlinsky met the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin", informs the official press release of "Yabloko", the way it's here, with a word "President" from a capital letter. Something has changed...
In a course of a meeting three themes were discussed in details: economic policy, modernization of the Russian economy and the property rights; political opposition in Russia; necessity Maxim Reznik's release from custody. Last time the leader of "Yabloko" met the head of the state on the 6th of December, 2006, - press-service of RUDP informs.
"Why do you want to put this message as the main news, - the chairman of editorial board of FORUM.msk Michael Deljagin asked the editor-in-chief, - two young political pensioners met, talked about the past, solved some private problems. Yavlinsky appeared among alive, Putin... To tell you the truth, I do not quite understand why Putin did it".
However, it looks as if it is not so easy and fluffy in the Kremlin after elegant transfer of authority by Putin to himself, if the leaving president send for such old horse as Yavlinsky from seeming already termless ban. Probably, unsteadiness of the construction "with successor" constructed by Putin himself began to disturb him. Меdvedev created by image and similarity of the liberal can not be kept only by means of "security officials" and the liberal public does not hurry up to throw the caps into the air. Certainly, Zyuganov even now will throw upwards to the utmost both budenovka and red underpants but Меdvedev has been moulded liberal and not social democrat. Zyuganov is "not the one".
Again Rexnik... Not to notice that without guidelines "Yabloko" public became friends with "Other Russia" can only a blind. Putin - is not blind, besides he is reported.
Actually, all liberal public fairly thinned, by the way, consist today of three branches - Union of Right Forces, "Yabloko" and "Other Russia". First two parties are obviously in a shadow of the third one which is even not a party. After Chubays's and some other democratic nomenclature's leaving the Union of Right Forces drifting of the Union of Right Forces aside socially, mentally, ideologically and whatever it is close to it "Other Russia" is obvious. Actually there is no one else in today's Union of Right Forces to meet with Putin. Do you want to propose Belyh?
It's different with Yavlinsky. It is possible to say he is the father - founder of what is called today the Russian Federation. It was Grigory Alekseevich one of three (together with deceased Volsky and then vice-mayor of Moscow Luzhkov) assistants to the prime minister of the Russian Federation Ivan Silaev in so-called "Interstate economic committee" - actually liquidation committee of the government of the USSR. This temporary body during few months of its existence laid down the foundation for the first independent government of the Russian Federation which feats were groundless attributed to one Gaydar. While Egor Timurovich had both teachers and predecessors.
Then Yavlinsky headed fractions in the Duma of three convocations, being exemplary representative of the new nomenclature. He run into disgrace because of own wastefulness - during formation of Primakov's anti-recessionary government (who, by the way, was suggested to a post of prime-minister by Yavlinsky - it's to a question of Grigory Alekseevich's nomenclature weight) he for some reason refused a post of vice-premier on social questions. Probably, he considered that post both too fine and too dangerous for himself. As Matvienko's brilliant career showed later - in vain.
Since then career of Yavlinsky and his "nominal" party obviously went under a slope. Firstly, the failure at elections to the fourth Duma - actually then the president Putin called, congratulated but then told that it was a mistake. By the moment of elections to the fifth Duma nobody in general consider chances of "Yabloko" seriously.
Meanwhile something happened and Grigory Alekseevich was recollected, greeted and allowed to come. What's the reason? The answer in what and how Grigory Alekseevich said at a meeting with Putin in a summary of a site of "Yabloko".
"Today extremists are those who organize any disorder using for this purpose atmosphere of impunity in relation to real evil. Nationalist propagation of any plan, attacks of skin-heads, tendencies to self-isolation of Russia which are popular in certain circles, regular murders on the ground of corruption, murders of political opponents of authority no matter who they were (by the way, circumstances of "suspicious" death in London are very similar to circumstances of a death of Jury Shchekochihin) - all these are displays of the most dangerous kinds of extremism. If a murder of the priest in Tver area will prove to be true, it will be in the terrible way show condition of a society" - the chairman of RUDP "Yabloko" Grigory Yavlinsky declared during a meeting with the president of Russia Vladimir Putin devoted to discussion of danger of political extremism.
So, it means that political extremism excites the leaving President from the capital letter.
G.Yavlinsky noted that "Yabloko" will never support actions, "directed on destabilization of our country, menacing to its territorial integrity, life, health, well-being of its citizens, this or other way limiting the rights of the Russians both in our country and abroad". "No matter what attitude there is to our position and our offers, we shall not act by a principle "the worse, the better" - G.Yavlinsky emphasized, his site informs.
That is, it is necessary to understand that under certain political circumstances Yavlinsky and "Yabloko" will not support "political extremists". Which ones? porbably, there's no worth guessing. Not skin-heads...
Hardly Putin today can suggest Yavlinsky to co-opt fraction "Yabloko" into the Duma already elected recently. Though, likely, it would be curious. Though the post in Public chamber at the president, obviously, will not satisfy Yavlinsky.
Only one suggestion is left that (in exchange for loyalty, i.e. nonparticipation in actions of "Other Russia" and other "extremists") Putin's certain offer in prime-minister quality, so to say, an opportunity to correct an old mistake can become a ticket back in the big policy for Grigory Alekseevich. As experts unanimously say about increase of a role of vice-premiers in the future Putin's cabinet - prime-minister will hardly go deep into economic questions himself. While the mere presence of Yavlinsky's figure somewhere on the way to a new court yard will mean presence of a liberal trend in a new Russian policy - it's possible to remain unseen without "indicator"...
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