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Iraq. Edited

Iraq. Edited
Аlexey Khromov 17.03.2008

... Suffocating heat, pressing weight of regimentals, importunate dream, sticky closing eye-lids and this damned scorching sun indefinitely long floating above us: when this day will end at last? What do we do here?!

Bryan De Palma's film "Edited" is interesting in its own way. I used phrase "in its own way" not for the sake of a witty remark, everything is much more prosy: we are doomed to have worse script of occupation, than the one of intrusion into Yugoslavia, Afghanistan or Iraq. In the film with a high degree of reliability is shown not only position of citizens of Iraq under direct American occupation but also - the life of the American soldier in the foreign land: their sufferings about own families and at that - indifference and contempt for death of local residents; cultural and household conditions of soldiers' lives grown up on "traditional American values" and entertaining themselves with tortures of local population. The tape embodied executions of peace city dwellers, explosions of mines established by Iraqi soldiers and falling fragments of human bodies before objective of video camera lying on the ground. On a course of action awful figures accompanying actions of the American units are named and a series of photos is resulted many of which have not been published before.

From the title strip to the film:

Film is made in a genre of a documentary drama. The plot is based on the real events which took place in 2006 in the city of Mahmudija in Iraq when the group of the American soldiers confessed in a rape and murder of the 15-years-old local girl and also - in killing of her family. The court sentenced one of participants of a crime to 110 years of imprisonment. Whether it will return people to life?

The film caused sharp criticism among true American "patriots". In particular, popular broadcaster Bill O'Rajly named the director "villain in our country".

As the director Bryan De Palma speaks, - he screened such Iraq that you would hardly frequently see in releases of telenews. The film in which borders between real and invented events are removed.

Horrors of war, to be exact - the American presence in Iraq, - were not only screened but also and taken from the Internet that added feasibility to the film.

It - a "film" not for respectable Americans.

Screen time: 90 minutes. Colour..

Almost in each vignette the American fighter drops deeply philosophical phrase - upper level of his reflections about what is going on around: "We are soldiers, we should not think of it".

- What did you do before? - a sergeant asks the recruit.
- Got drunk, - he answers, - tried to avoid getting into prison.

This small dialogue shows us what for similar humanoids the army is, it is literally: dizziness from false feeling of permissiveness. So, one of key scenes of the film is the stage of the rape of Iraqi girl (in my opinion, in the film it looks senior than 15 years old) in front of whose eyes impudent vermins coolly shoot her family. Having satisfied hots bastards kill the girl and then try to burn out her body. Doesn't it remind you of anything? If your grandfathers had no time to tell you about horrors of Hitlerite invasion, it would be quite good to get acquainted with Alexander Djukov's book "What Did Soviet People Fight For?" coopted numerous certificates of evil deeds of one known "top race" on our ground.

The scene of kidnapping of one of the American soldiers - shoot the most part of the film frames including the scene of rape, - and also a scene of his execution by Iraqi insurgents..

A bit earlier the same soldier in conversation with investigator exclaims crying:

"I cannot endure it any longer. I cannot see it. I have no relation to it. Everybody simply look and do nothing. They shoot video but do n-o-t-h-i-n-g".

Probably, he began to see, felt non comilfo of his actions. Well, never so. He started weeping only when information about "campaign for hot Iraqi asses" became known outside. Now you ask: what did he do at the moment of the rape? I shall answer you: he was standing and shooting all with camera fixed on a helmet. You will say: he did not participate in the rape! I shall answer: you - are simply a stupid bag of meat if you dare to justify inactivity of this damned "man - abstinence". Yes, the most mean, most harmful, disgusting and mean creatures on the world are - "contemplators", it's-none-of-my-business guys, pieces of sheet adhering to a neutrality! But there are no "neutrals" - in this cut there are only humanoids waiting: who will win?

Whether they are better than the vermin majestically stretched in an armchair and concluding with a grin:

"We made for them everything that we could: we took away Saddam, built democracy, gave our lives away so that they lived in safety. I do not ask gratitude but it's not also possible to kill us. I shall tell you so: we did our work, protected territory from bad guys to be confident that America was in safety. Now you accuse us. In fact they were terrorists".

Familiar song? That is! Therefore, following this logic, when become impudent Yanks (or their henchmen) will - "for the sake of your benefit!" - rape your sister - do not dare to interfere with it! They will kill your mother - lick their boots! They will stretched the guts of your father along a room and will hang out posters of "legends of the Russian rock" on them - obediently prepare your ass... And when cold hooks will be stuck into your neck and your Adam's apple will be tore - sing acathistos to devil's children, servants of nasty and caustic feeling of possessiveness, belch "glory" to invaders by runny-blood clots!...

What, don't you like it? So why then you make nothing to prevent similar?! Don't you try to enter the system? - whether you have not understood yet, what system it is? That all this tinsel, all these "serious" firms and corporations - a toy in the hands of enemies! Trying to enter the system - you hand over your life to them! In exchange you will receive n-o-t-h-i-n-g - they have the right to rush into your dwelling at any minute, in any day, in any weather and whatever the outcome: whether you pay taxes or not, whether you sleep with the secretary, whether you get drunk after work or play computer games - they come not for it, they - gather lives!

It's necessary to think not how to sell the life more expensively but - how to protect it!


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