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Where and Why Do the Russian Money Go to?

Where and Why Do the Russian Money Go to?

Net capital outflow from Russia for January - February, 2008 made 18 billion dollars, the first vice-president of the Central bank of the Russian Federation Alexey Uljukaev informed at the Russian economic and financial forum in Switzerland on Sunday. It is a lot or a little? Good or bad?

The member of Safety Committee Michael Starshinov is indignant of these official data: "18 billion dollars! Figure, we shall say, impressing! The lion's share of these billions leaves Russia through postal orders which are sent to by Gastarbeiters home from near abroad. For example, incomes of Tadjik guest workers are equal to two national budgets of Tadjikistan and the sum of the remittances sent by the Georgian migrants from Russia makes 30% of gross national product of Georgia! The part of monetary stream which leaves our country illegally could be called monetary traffic. Whether this money are used for organization of tulip, velvet and other revolutions? It is right time Federal Migration Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs pay attention to these problems".


- Misunderstanding of processes taking place in economy of own country is rather typical for the deputies of the State Duma, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - The model of dependent economy has formed itself in Russia and to speak about any regulation of capital outflow is simply ridiculous having such a model. At that dependence of the Russian economy is multilayered - we depend also on conjuncture of the world markets on basic article of our export - energy carriers and raw material, but at the same time we depend on the deliveries of food stuffs as we produce less and less. We also depend on "import" of labour. Let's say, the number of constantly working citizens is approximately the same in Russia with the number of alien ones, mainly labour migrants from CIS republics. We have proficiency of the budget which bourgeois government is so proud of but it is formed also due to the fact that the salaries in budgetary sphere are rather low and citizens of Russia refuse to work for such compensation, while the need for known kinds of works does not disappear. Look at the fighters with illegal immigration - whether many of them work in real sector? That is the reason of appearance of Tadjiks - yard keepers, Armenians - road workers and so on in Moscow. Everybody are within call - Tadjiks sweep the streets for pennies, while fighters with illegal immigration march along these streets with slogans "Off Tadjiks!" Well, what then - the deputy wants guest workers be absolute slaves - carry out their work and poor compensation for it leave to the owner? It is very unpleasant but today bourgeois Russia cannot refuse mass attraction of guest workers - the balance will not be drawn up. Well, what bourgeois will agree to pay more if it is possible to pay less? It is very strange for the deputy who belongs to the "left" fraction of parliament to address for support of restriction of export of money to power bodies when there is completely normal way of struggle against superfluous labour migration - it is necessary to demand that guest workers receive precisely same monetary compensation and precisely same social guarantees as workers with the Russian citizenship. Then economic sense to import labour will disappear - it will cease to be cheap. But to approve that the main reason of capital export from the country are remittances of Gastarbeiters - is simply ridiculous. We devour 80% of the foodstuffs imported from abroad - whether it is necessary to pay for it? More and more foreign trading networks appear - "Aushan", "Ramstor", "Ikea", "OB", "Lerua-Merlen" and many others - should their profit go somewhere? We import cutoff of import cars and we shall import even more, as we start up on the market foreign car companies - they are also forbidden to get earned money in Russia? We buy more and more import aviation technique - where does money for it go to? We import even oil-and-gas equipment - it's necessary to pay for it. One shouldn't forget that such conditions are created for business in the country that export of capital is natural way to keep and increase it even for domestic bourgeois. Proofs? Even the government of the Russian Federation has nothing to invest "superfluous" incomes in and is compelled "to sterilize" them in Stabilization Fund. What could be said than about individual businessmen? So it is necessary to change economic model instead of rules of post remittances for guest workers...

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