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Luzhkov Will Bequeath Cancer to Russia

Luzhkov Will Bequeath Cancer to Russia

Mayor of Moscow Jury Luzhkov declared that Moscow can build 5 million square meters of habitation annually during next several tens years. In opinion of Luzhkov, it is possible due to reforming of capital territory, industrial zones and destruction of old buildings. However capital officials and businessmen - builders engaged in building complex of the capital criticize mayor for insufficient scale and heap of plans - in their opinion it is necessary to build not five but 10-12 million square meters. They are not interested what city will appear as a result...

- Actually, - editor-in-chief of FORUm.msk Anatoly Baranov believes, - leading persons in a capital management and business do not live in the capital. When they have desire to be not abroad, they live in the other subject of the Russian Federation, in the Moscow area, more often in Odintsovsky area, in country estates. There is a little bit different ecology there, there children and grandsons go to the protected closed educational institutions, can easily walk near the house being not afraid of street criminality. There are no usual city problems with transport and other objects of infrastructure there - as personal driver releases from necessity to waste nerves standing in Moscow jams or trampling of feet in the underground. That is for them Moscow is not the city where they live but a huge object of developer activity, business - park, land rent and so on. It's not a place for them to live. It explains their approach.

Now Moscow market of habitation grows in prices but stagnates in areas. Therefore 5 million is not a due growth but 40-50% from necessary volume of habitation, outstanding Moscow developers consider. More than 5,4 million sq. meters of habitation was built last year, it's planned to build approximately the same this year. Muscovites are shocked, almost each construction becomes a field of fighting between inhabitants of neighboring quarters and builders. Nevertheless it's not enough for a business!

- 12 years ago I wrote that capital building complex is a pyramid which to remain afloat should necessarily grow, - Anatoly Baranov continued. - Then Resin had legal proceedings with me but didn't win. Because it's - an obvious and arguable thing. Today, by estimations, each third Muscovite works in building complex, plus enormous number of Gastarbeiters is involved. But even this army of the ones who, as a matter of fact, build without purpose and consumer does not cope with the volumes which are necessary to business. Whether all 10 million Muscovites can build and build for Luzhkov and Resin working as ants and doing nothing else? If somebody counted what all this army of new Muscovites which will inhabit new 5 million meters will be engaged with? On social norm it's approximately 300 thousand new Muscovites annually - if according to Luzhkov. And more than half a million, if according to the appetites of the building complex.

"The matter is that, - Anatoly Baranov explains - that capital building complex "is aimed" on the construction of large-scale microdistricts of panel houses. But there are no such sites as Mitino, Butovo or Zhulebino in Moscow and dot building was forbidden in the last year. Therefore the basic place of application of building initiative becomes re-development of industrial territories and the program of removal of shabby and emergency habitation. Here there are two huge problems - the first one is that social and infrastructure objects obviously n-th order lag behind rates of input of new habitation. Already today it is impossible to leave a car near the house, even in surburb of the city, it is difficult for a child to get a place at school and so on. And now let's imagine that population of Moscow in the same borders which it has now will be doubled twice? This life will be simply a hell and no summer residencies situated near Moscow will help, as already in the last season it took 2-3-4 hours from an average Muscovite to leave the city. Moscow officials have understood it and have constructed an administrative complex of the government of area behind Moscow Ring Road, plus with an alternative variant of entrance on the Moscow - river from Odintsovsky latifundium. "Petersburg" pull federal structures to the Northern capital. Large business examines questions of output of administrative structures from the capital where it is already impossible to work having left here only representation offices".

- Actually, it's already a part of the second problem which is even more serious, - Anatoly Baranov finished. - A number of people occupied in real sector has sharply reduced in Moscow. With the program of developer developments of industrial areas hardly will remain an enterprise in the capital, as well as no branch scientific research institute, nothing in general where people would be traditionally busy with something. Where these millions both of old and new Muscovites will work? And the main thing - who they will be? Who these people in general will be? In fact population of Russia has been reducing and proceed to reduce, despite of vigorous official reports of the "successor" - if he has achieved something, it's only moderate decrease of death rates. That is the country is being reduced one million a year, while Moscow - grows on half-million? Certainly, to serve this crowd, a lot of doctors, yard keepers, militiamen, sanitary technicians are necessary. But whom all of them serve to? Such quantity of stockbrokers, bankers, prostitutes and bookkeepers is not required obviously to the disappearing country. So, it will represent a megacity with the 20-million population without certain occupation in the country with the general number of citizens in 100 million?
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