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Results of Elections: Who Is Guilty and What to Do?

Results of Elections: Who Is Guilty and What to Do?
Grigory Makarov 27.03.2008

Three weeks passed after presidential elections in Russia. It's sufficient time to estimate quietly and objectively the result received on them by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and its candidate. Each sixth citizen of Russia, wished to take part in voting, voted for Zyuganov. It is a lot of or a little? A victory or defeat?

Comrade Zyuganov in the issue of "Pravda" from March, 4-5 estimated the result achieved as "quite satisfactory", having referred to concomitant circumstances: authority didn't give him TV-resource which value in political strike the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation recognized in the same interview being hardly the most deciding.

If Zyuganov was the beginner in such struggle, if he participated in presidential elections for the first time, it would be possible to understand and forgive such excuse. The matter, however, is that G.A.Zjuganov participated in presidential elections not for the first or the second time. Russia and its citizens had enough time during those years to look closely and listen to Zyuganov and to understand what he could and what things were impossible for him to be done. To play a role of a plug-ugly, to force the voter to vote for the candidate from another puppet "party in power" however pity and insignificant such candidate did not look - over and over again Zyuganov succeeded in fulfillment of the task excellently. To convince citizens of Russia that he is the national leader who is capable to show the way of development of the country which will rally and attract overwhelming majority - he fails.

Meanwhile last elections passed in conditions as never favorable for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and as never complex for "party in power". Right now, when price lists in the shops better than any teledebates speak about feebleness of authority and tariffs of natural monopolies and salaries of state officials grow with a speed outstripping inflation in times, when it is already impossible to hide that Russia has taken a disgraceful place of the political derelict and the supplier of raw material in the world and is just about to lose the rests of national culture, it doesn't become to complain on "dishonest elections".

Authority in opinion of voters discredits itself to the extend, it has never reached before. Already all cultural Russia deeply despises it and openly laughs in its face: watch TV more attentively. Traditional news spots with one and the same puppet personalities who are ceased to be taken seriously is the last shelter of authority on TV. Whether it is the best propagation for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation? What TV-resource does Zyuganov want more?

And is absolutely unimportant, whether someone had time to read last program of comrade Zyuganov «20 Steps to a Worthy Life» or last edition «Jokes from Zyuganov» up to the very end. The titles are enough - it's not lenin language. The leader of a party with more than centenary history, the party always applying for possession of the advanced scientific ideology should talk to the country not in such touristy language.

Lenin would never begin to make advances to religion and to give out for scientific ideology a cocktail from populism, Orthodoxy and badly acquired Marxism which was shared by comrade Zyuganov not one time during the last one and a half decades with televiewers and voters. The hardest, really tragic situation in which Russia finds itself today demands from the party pretending to real authority in the country and not to a convenient and pleasant role of decorative and irresponsible opposition - first of all the truth. The true and barefaced truth how the Russian Communist Party abased itself to such a life, how could it happened that the party met a centenary on ruins of the great country, in position of justified and powerless opposition. What happened with Soviet Union? Whether that group of dissidents, world offstage and intrigues of "democrats" became the reason of the deepest crisis of the CPSU which successor became the Communist Party of the Russian Federation?

Whether comrade Zyuganov has answers to these questions? If he had, we would have completely different results at any elections. Russia as the state is based on the fact that no abusing and juggling of authority fail to force people not to hear a voice of the TRUTH even if it sounds silently.

The main reason of the defeat of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and its candidate at elections consists in full failure of ideological work. When primary party organizations have to start ideological work from amateur Marxist circles - the things now in the party are like this - then the result in 17 % of voices is really a lot. Each sixth voice is - an advance, a sign that the name of the party, color of its banner, the Russian language at last - are still not forgotten in the country.

The Russians see that there is still no other political party without inverted commas in the country and now it depends on the communists, whether they will manage to master burden of the political responsibility for the destiny of Russia which is assigned on them by history. If we shall proceed to be engaged in the self-justification and make a merit of trifles - then we shall stay on the side of history. If we shall find wisdom and courage to revive the best traditions of Lenin's party - then we shall win every elections and in the first round.


From edition: It could seem that we somehow especially steadfastly follow misses and mistakes of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and its already permanent leader G.A.Zjuganov. It's absolutely not so - our readers and authors continue to comprehend a role of the largest Russian party, frequently repeating as "openings" those thoughts and forecasts which we have stated in the beginning of the last autumn. Then apologists of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (we mean sincere defenders and not those who are "at a post") were irritated. But the disgraceful result both of the Duma and presidential campaigns was predicted by us up to their official beginning. It was also predicted that Zyuganov's authority and together with him the party headed by him will start to disappear right after the 2th of April. It's happening now before our eyes.

Probably, 99% of our readers have not even noticed that Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has just taken place. Usually plenums and congresses of the Communist Party attracted enhanced attention of mass-media as well as a society as a whole. Today the "event" passed unnoticed even by many active workers of the party.

Really, proimperous mass-media could receive an order "not to notice" the plenum. Though such order would be justified during elections and not after them - but then the live of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation was covered rather detailed. Despite of the complaints of intellectual servants of Zyuganov, he was showed on TV most often than the others, except for Меdvedev, certainly. Whether they waited for something different?

If they have waited for something different, they are simply "boys in pink trousers", though it's difficult to say so by sight. If they did not wait, what measures did they take for independent overcoming of information block? De facto liquidated own media - resources on the eve of "epoch-making" elections?

It is natural, that on results of such "work" interest to any documents and statements of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in a society will be no more, than to the snows of yesteryear. Absence of this interest is evidently shown by attendance of the main Internet - resource of party. Usually there is a splash of interest in the days of plenums and congresses as well as on the nearest Monday - at least due to political scientists and political journalists for whom visiting of official site of the Communist Party during these days is "obligatory program". Today - it's not so. As a result the same flat curve of attendance as in usual days. "Intrigues of a mode" have nothing to do with it.

Who is interested in plenum which accepted Resolution in which is stated that "party considers that the official data on the results of presidential elections saying that 70,28% of voices are given to D.A.Medvedev, while 17,72% for G.A.Zjuganov do not reflect the valid results of voting".

So, what actions of the party do follow from such a statement? None! It's stated there and then, in the following paragraph of Resolution on a blue eye: "Over 13 million voters supported national candidate. The result of the party surpassed the result of parliamentary elections of 2007 on 5 million voices".

That is summing up elections, the party bases on those results of calculation of voices which it as though "does not recognize". It even manages to be proud of these results!

The summary give by Resolution sounds simply as a retort of comrade Ogurtsov from "Fancy-ball Night" or "Old Acquaintance": "Regional and local committees of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation should continue formation of a system of effective control over a course of voting and summarizing of elections. To provide improvement of professional skill of members of the election commissions and observers from among members and supporters of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. To consider formation of their wide body as important independent direction of organizational - personnel work, activity on strengthening of a personnel reserve of party".

Well, simply "Don't panic, escape in organized way!"

The author of the article stated above still has some illusions in relation to "revival of Lenin's principles" in Zyuganov's party. But what relations does this party have today to Lenin and that party of communists which the great leader led to October? No! It's absolutely different party constructed on other principles and placing absolutely different aims. Probably, rank-and-file members of this party are not informed about real tasks which are put by the leaders before themselves. But as comrade Jesus Christ, whom the party nomenclature of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation today refer to oftener, than to Lenin, said, "judge them according to their work".

Well, it's known what business Zyuganov's party has...

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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