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Pozner Is Appointed The Main Fighter for Freedom of Speech

Pozner Is Appointed The Main Fighter for Freedom of Speech

The president of Academy of the Russian TV Vladimir Pozner considers that the freedom of speech is seriously limited in the Russian mass media. Known TV reporter made such application at a session of "round table" where questions of morals and ethic on the Russian TV and possible additions to the law on mass-media were discussed. Vladimir Pozner declared that the main principle of work of mass media was being trampled, BBC informs.

"The law on mass-media is not fulfilled in Russia in the main thing: I assert that there is no freedom of speech on our TV and not only on TV", - Pozner said.

He also added that during presidential and parliamentary campaign especially rigid restrictions on display of those or that public politicians were imposed.

"Therefore we discuss whether to give the patient a glass of water but the fact that he simply dies - becomes known only after. If to not speak about the main things, then all these talks - to feed the poor", - Pozner emphasized.

He was supported by the president of the National Association of Television and Radio Broadcasters Edward Sagalayev, having declared that "we have too little truth on TV and a lot of platitude". By his estimation, an information policy which de facto does not assume free discussions and the airs has been formed in Russia.

- I would agree with everything that Pozner and Sagalayev told, if they would not be involved in those "lead nasty things" which at last, after long years they decided "to expose", - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - For me it's the same that suddenly Goebbels would act on the eve of the 9th of May with exposure of information policy of the Third Reich. The journalistic community in Russia for already several years has been shouting about it and now BBC does not find anything better than to refer to the "authority" in the field of a freedom of speech - to Pozner! It turns out, Pozner is being pressed! A little bit more and Pozner with Sagalayev will appear to be the main fighters for freedom of speech in Russia. I remember how Pozner, not allowing me to say a word on the air where he has invited me to, shrugged shoulders as if saying I can not "you understand... " What unfortunate country Russia is, if the main fighters with communism here appeared to be members of the Political bureau of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the main fighters for freedom of speech - big television chiefs? It looks like Dmitry Medvedev's application against restriction of democracy is being awaited - he ahs already said recently that the term "democracy" does not demand definitions such as "sovereign" and so on.

"I would pay attention that it's BBC that "appaonyts" Pozner and Sagalayev the main fighters for freedom of speech, that is state British company, - Anatoly Baranov said. - Literally on the eve, on Tuesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Great Britain presented annual report in the field of human rights. According to this report Russia is in the list among 22 countries which condition of democracy causes fears. The Great Britain - is the country with enormous experience of colonial management and technique of promotion of "oppositionists" from among native "elite" with subsequent transfer of management to them is characteristic way of such management by dependent territories".

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