dvedev Wants to Release Small Business but Not Russia

dvedev Wants to Release Small Business but Not Russia

On March, 27th elected president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev for the first time held a session of presidium of the State Council of Russia. It took place in Tobolsk. Development of small business in regions which, in Medvedev's opinion, is being prevented by administrative pressure became the theme of the session. Elected president suggested to forbid checks of small enterprises at all until there's no corresponding application from law enforcement bodies.

- Situation with small business has not simply ripened but has become overripe longtime ago, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - Actually, from appearance of small business as it is, since the times of notorious cooperative societies, the number of small enterprises in Russia was steadily reducing. There is a significant part of economists who consider that exactly a plentitude of small enterprises is a marker of free market. If it's so, then steady reduction of small business from year to year only specifies that capitalism in Russia does not develop but, on the contrary, promptly degrades. And if dvedev decided to pay attention to small business, probably, he understands regressing, degradation character of the Russian capitalism and as a person of liberal views in general wants to correct situation - but he corrects not the reason but its marker. It reminds very much early Gorbachev's initiatives, when instead of liquidation of a reason national struggle against its consequences was proclaimed.

However, there is an opinion that readiness of the state to help small business publicly announced has a character of propaganda campaign. Its purposes are obvious. On the one hand, the Kremlin shows readiness to struggle with corruption. On the other - it's let known to liberal public piously believing in private business that authority is ready for changes.

The most far-sighted publicists from liberal camp warn progressive public from a danger to run into illusion concerning intentions of authority "to ease off nuts". They are right doing so. The Kremlin, apparently, selected the Asian model of economic growth according to which the economic policy is liberal but political mode doesn't become more democratic from it, they consider on Lenta.ru.

- Actually market economy generally controllable by the state at absence of liberal political freedoms has the name - fascism, - Anatoly Baranov considers. - What is the reason for playing cunning? Fascism is a corporate society and president Putin repeatedly specified that corporate society's exactly his ideal. But not free society has one serious lack - it cannot be innovative. While only innovative society can be competitive in the modern world. It is not for nothing, I think, that dvedev his first message referred to small business - in fact small business first of all is based on innovations, large corporations in the West are surrounded with a plenty of petty firms working under orders and contacts from "giant" and first of all they are companies - developers. Our situation is different and stagnant character of large manufacture in Russia is not the last consequence of it. Meanwhile Medvedev's message is rather palliative - to limit checks, to give people opportunity to work. But it will be shortly clear that a degree of freedom, first of all internal freedom, is not a whim but a pressing need of a society which is going to generate new, that is to be innovative. The slave cannot be a source of a new in manufacture and other personally not free person cannot be as well. But Putin could not care of it - if they do not want innovations, let them live on profits from oil and gas. dvedev is in more difficult situation - he also, probably, would like not to care Putin-like but he received too problem inheritance. To refuse idea of progress, to recognize any progress evil he is not ready meanwhile, attempts to stimulate progress rest against necessity of wide freedom. Even in small business.

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