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The West Plays Up to the Kremlin Closing Oppositional Mass Media in Russia: "Russian Newsweek" Died

The West Plays Up to the Kremlin Closing Oppositional Mass Media in Russia: "Russian Newsweek" Died

Political magazine "Russian Newsweek" stops publishing in Russia. "Publishing house "Axel Springer Russia" reconsiders structure of its portfolio and media brands making it. Being guided by economic reasons, the company made decision not to prolong the license contract with Newsweek Inc. operating since 2004 including the rights to publish Russia magazine "Russian Newsweek". Edition of magazine from October, 18th, 2010 is the last", - is told in the message transferred on Monday to "Interfax" by press-service of "Axel Springer".


Editor-in-chief of magazine Michael Fishman confirmed information.


  • - It's a sign event which shows that the West is not so terribly interested in political transformation of Russia as it seems to us from within, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - The mode of "Putin Russia" quite suits the West, it is their real strategic partner and the decision has been accepted in its favour and isn't reconsidered by anybody. Imaginary confrontation with the West is only one of propaganda counters of the mode used only for the internal use. Actually all long-term plans of "elite" are connected with the West, even such "statesman" and "patriot" as Luzhkov funneled assets to Austria and now he sits on a small bench in the Viennese suburb and spit with a crumpled blotter therefrom in direction of "Kremlin people" offended him. We will note that he went not to the "Russian Sevastopol", not to Belarus but namely to Austria. The main grant-receiver in Russia is still..."Еdinaya Russia" and all conversations about some "jackaling on embassies" oppositionists - is a dodge of management of internal policy of Presidential Administration. It is enough to look how many time officials spend in embassies and to compare it to rare visits of oppositionists, not speaking about property, bank accounts and families of "people from the Kremlin" living, as a rule, constantly in the West. One more sign step - closing of "Russian Newsweek". A little more and they will start closing technical platforms of oppositional resources which are situated in the West "for technical reasons".


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