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Moscow Road Will Eat up Pensionary Extras?

Moscow Road Will Eat up Pensionary Extras?

The structure of the budget of Moscow will undergo changes as it "has sputtered out" due to inefficient expenses. The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin declared about it in interview to the program "Vremya" on the First channel which record was broadcast on Sunday in the Far East, new agency RIA News transfers.


"Practically all budget of Moscow - huge budget - one of the greatest budgets not only in Russia but also in the world - has practically sputtered out. It became exhausted due to the great volume of very inefficient expenses. Practically all has been wasted on simple eating up, no more than 10% of the budget remains for development", - Sobyanin told.


The head of the capital informed that it would take time to restructure the budget and therefore this year it will be confirmed with delay.


Sobyanin said that the size of expenses on road building will be among prime moments which will undergo changes. "Well, for example, it is planned to allocate 3-4 billion roubles on all roads of Moscow. I don't agree with it. I consider that at least 100 billion should be present in the budget for such purpose", - the head of Moscow added.

Earlier at a meeting devoted to organization of traffic in the capital the governor said that special commission consisting of representatives of authorities of Moscow and Moscow regions as well as Ministry of Transport will be engaged in solving of transport problem in Moscow. Change of work schedule of 25 thousand capital officials was named by the head of the city as one of measures. They will come for work to 8 a.m. to stretch rush hour.

Among other measures - reduction of pendency time of road accidents on the roads of Moscow, putting work of community services which are engaged in repair in order as well as restriction of stream of trucks moving towards the capital. Key problems in the given sphere - development of public transport and network of parkings.

From editorial board: By and large, there's no sense to make comments on decisions of Sobyanin who was appointed without consent and even on the contrary against the will of 10-million city. A person is appointed as satrap to a post of satrap and behaves accordingly. If they'd like to have high-grade city governor - they'd carry out adequate appointment procedure, having changed all system of representative power in Moscow. To begin with having re-elected the Moscow City Council representing today deification of idiocy - in the city where it's basically possible to reach each citizen they created Duma consisting of 35 people, about 230 thousand voters fall at each of them, that makes personal meeting of the deputy with each voter even theoretically impossible. Whether we need such deputy whom I unequivocally won't reach?


By the way, the party "Native Land - Common Sense" carried out the whole set of meetings of voters of Moscow with the requirement to dismiss illegitimate Moscow City Council and to carry out open and fair elections and only after to appoint new mayor - by new, fairly elected structure of capital parliament. What of it? Nothing. Mr. Sobyanin is confirmed god knows by whom - if it doesn't turn out that he now is "god knows who" and not the mayor of Moscow? Though, of course, it's possible to appoint "answering machine" the mayor of Moscow at "sovereign democracy".


If there's sense in general in this comedy with PR-revelations of the new mayor of the capital? If they didn't care a damn for the right of Muscovites to elect the power publicly, why do they bow and scrape now? Stay satrap further on without looking back.

After all it's enough to think - each prefecture of the capital is actually separate million city! This million city in general doesn't have any representative body, the head of this city, that is prefect, is being simply appointed and dismissed by capital satrap. If he wants - he dismisses, if he wants - appoints... This prefect doesn't report to anybody - only to satrap.

More than that, city council also, in its essence, isn't elected, though the head is being elected even in the simplest rural settlement. While in Moscow - he is appointed.

What do we need this ridiculous measure with shifted schedule of 25 thousand capital officials for, if million cars creep in rush hours along city streets? It is somehow reminds Yeltsin of times of his management City Committee of the CPSU - to enjoy journey by tram, to come into polyclinic... Probably, 25 thousand is a big sum for a settlement Kogalym where Mr. Sobyanin gained experience of municipal management, while in Moscow it is average figure of day visiting of shop "Аuchan".

Sobyanin decided to restructure city budget. It is clear that when there's almost nothing instead of legislative power in the city, it's possible not to confirm the budget. It will satisfy without it. Though it's a question to the State Office of Public Prosecutor. The budget, for a minute, has law status and it's forbidden to break the law. Or it is possible for satraps?

Well, what's the meaning of remaking of city budget? It is clear in fact - 3-4 billion will not be enough for the roads, one needs 100 billion. it is possible to tell, "family" interest of Mr. Sobjanin to road building we wrote even before its appointment. 100 billion roubles are more than 3 billion dollars. New city governor has good appetite, even enviable, but to find 3 billion dollars even in the huge capital budget is not so simple. It is necessary to take away them from someone. At that budgetary process never was very transparent if not to tell more roughly, now it seems that it will entail pure "division", What does it mean?

No, for sure we need good roads, but it's not so simple to find free 3 billion dollars. For comparison - 96 billion roubles, For example, it was meant to spend the same sum on pension payments to Muscovites. Well, in fact all capital budget makes about 22 billion dollars. It is impossible to imagine where Sobyanin would get such sum in case of emergency. But the most important thing - they will find, they will necessarily find!

Looking in the next list of magazine "Forbes" Muscovites will be happy as children having found out instead of Baturina absolutely other surnames.


Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk


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